This story serves as a sequel to my story, "Endless Love" (Jeremie X Aelita story). This takes place shortly after Aelita told Jeremie how she felt for him. There is some good drama in this story, and of course a great message as well. SPOILER: This story takes place after X.A.N.A. is destroyed. Note: I do not own Code Lyoko or anything affiliated with Moonscoop Productions.

(Part one)

(Normal P.O.V.)

Ulrich walked into his dorm room feeling a strange combination of both encouragement and doubt. Encouragement from the thought that if Aelita could confess her love for Jeremie, why couldn't he do the same for Yumi? Unfortunately, doubt instilled the thought that she may not react positively. The two had originally promised each other they would be just "good friends" and nothing more, but after X.A.N.A. was destroyed, both then promised each other they would explore and share their feelings more. However, both could still not bring themselves to say those three all important words, "I love you."

(Ulrich P.O.V.)

I lay back on my bed and immediately came face to face with Yumi; well it was actually a picture of her, but not just any picture. This was a personal portrait of her she gave to me for my birthday last year. What made it even more special was as she handed to me all wrapped up, she whispered in my ear, "Now you'll always have a part of me with you." I couldn't ever remember another time when I got a chill down my spine like I did that day. To me, spending time with her makes life not seem so hard. When I'm with her, I feel like I can do anything, like anything is possible. So why is it I can't seem to tell her how I really feel?

(Normal P.O.V.)

For about an hour, Ulrich sat on his bed and reflected on all the deep moments he and Yumi shared together. Some threatened to break them up, while some made them closer than they ever imagined. He found it ironic how much the great memories he had with Yumi outweighed the many painful experiences he had with his father, and yet even though his father had put him through hell and back, deep down he believed all these experiences were meant to lead him to his Japanese vision of beauty. It was then he remembered a Bible verse taught to him at a Catholic school he attended before Kadic. The verse talked about strength bestowed by God, "God is my strength, and He maketh my way perfect… - 2 Samuel 22:33." By remembering that verse alone, something or "someone" moved inside of Ulrich and brought the troubled boy to his knees. With tears forming in his eyes, the boy lifted up his hands and shouted, "God, please help me!" While it wasn't visible to him, Ulrich began to feel the spirit of the Lord surround him and let Him claim him in His warm embrace. Wasting no time, Ulrich entered into a deep state of prayer, asking God to give him both the peace of mind and the strength to forgive his father for all the cruelty he dealt upon him. He also prayed that God would show him if Yumi was supposed to be his one and only, and if she was to also give him the confidence to tell her how he really felt. During his prayer about Yumi, he said, "Lord, I love Yumi with everything I am, and I would do anything for her. She gives me a feeling of love that I've never felt before in my life. Please Lord, I know we're both young, but help me show her how much I care about her." Once he finished, Ulrich felt filled with a newfound sense of confidence that could only be bestowed by someone higher than himself.