Blood will Tell

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Notes: Spoilers for Season 1 and 2 of True Blood. Possible spoilers for Books 1 - 9 of the Southern Vampire Mysteries as I have read them all and who knows what may seep out of my subconscious.

Chapter 1

"Do you love me, Sookie," he said.

She looked at him with wide eyes. "No," she said in all seriousness, "I love Bill."

"What about when I do this?" His hand trailed down between her breasts, over ridge of her sternum and across the flat planes of her stomach until it reached the junction between her legs. He slid his fingers down into the slippery wetness there.

She gasped.

"And this?" He dropped his head down to her breast and took her pink nipple into his mouth. His fangs grazed at the soft skin of her breast. She arched into him as he teased her nipple with his tongue. His fingers between her legs began to work their magic against her flesh: swirling, stroking and dipping in and out in rhythmic motions.

"Oh Eric..."

"You love it, don't you?" he asked between licks and suckles. "Say you love it, Sookie. Tell me you love what I do to you."

She groaned, her breaths coming more and more rapidly, her hands clutching at his hair.

"Tell me, Sookie," he growled. In a flash his hand was gone and replaced by the length of him. He leaned over her and teased her entrance with his warm, hard tip. With fangs bared and his intensity radiating from his face, he said, "Tell me what you love."

"Eric, please..."

He pressed into her, sliding home with ease, and pushed against the very base of her. She gasped. "Say it, Sookie." His voice became soft as he bent his head into the contours of her neck. He licked the spot he had chosen, making goose-flesh appear.

Her arms twined around him and she pressed him closer. She arched her neck and adjusted herself to give him better angles. He was so deep, he was going to split her in two. He pumped once, then twice and she let out a low moan. Her tension was nearing breaking point as her walls tightened around him. The feeling was unparalleled.

His motions reached a glorious rhythm and now it was his turn to groan into her neck. "Sookie, Sookie, Sookie..." he repeated the refrain with every stroke. Then, just as she clamped around him, just at the point where she broke apart, he raised his head one last time. "I love you, Sookie," he said. He buried his fangs deep into her neck and throbbed inside her with his release.

But, instead of a mouthful of her sweet blood, he only tasted dirt.

Eric spat what he could out of his mouth and tried to get his bearings. Of course, he had gone to ground before the sun rose and buried himself in the Bon Temps cemetery, the one located near Sookie's house. Now he was awake and shuddering from the after effects of the dream. For a moment he could do nothing but lie there, the ground pressing in on him from all sides, while the last aftershocks of the orgasm faded.

Fuck. What the fuck was that, he thought when his mind finally returned to him. He couldn't remember the last time he had dreamed of... anything, really, let alone sex.

Eric climbed out of the dirt and into the warm night air. He stretched and shook the soil from his hair and his long, lean body. The night smelled like decaying meat and burnt flesh - the stench was definitely coming from the direction of Sookie's house. The Maenad, Eric thought, the one Merlotte had come to him about, to bargain for his help . If he remembered correctly, she had taken up residence in Sookie's house. In a second he found the jeans and t-shirt he had stashed behind a tombstone and slipped into them. He hated to dress while he was full of dirt and loam - what he really needed was a good shower but somehow he doubted he'd find what he needed at Sookie's place, even though that's where he was headed.

He slunk through the night until he came to the dimly illuminated yard that belonged to Sookie's house.

The stench was overwhelming. It didn't bother him and scanning the yard, he quickly found its source.

Fucking Maenad, he thought as he looked at the edifice of rotting meat and other things that had been constructed in Sookie's yard. Some of it had already been destroyed and parts of the yard looked like a tornado had come through, but there was still a fair amount of clean up to take care of. Another sniff of the air told him that there were humans in residence but he was sure he would have smelled the Maenad if it was still about. No, his brief glimpse of the situation told him that somehow the residents of Bon Temps had managed to either run the Maenad off or dispatch of it entirely. He hoped it was the latter. He wasn't exactly eager to confront the bitch personally.

Eric strode up to the house and a quick glance through a window showed that the Maenad had created as much havoc inside as it had outside but someone had already begun to put the interior of the house to rights. He smiled to himself as he thought how pissed Sookie must have been to find that the creature had created a nest out of her home. He wondered how they had managed to take care of the problem. Sophie-Anne had not given him any information - and he had assumed that Bill had left with all her knowledge on the subject. Once again Compton had upstaged him but no matter, he had gleaned other, more intriguing information from his Queen that would set the balance of the scales to rights. Not that he had all the pieces of the puzzle quite yet. But that was why he was here, wasn't it?

His face settled into a smirk as he knocked loudly on the door. After a few moments, Sookie opened the door and greeted him as if she was expecting someone else. Swiftly the look of joy was replaced by consternation as took him in. "Eric," she said. "How nice of you to drop by." Her tone said it was anything but.

"Sookie, you look... edible." And she did. Her skin was scrubbed clean and pink, her hair swept up to emphasize the gleaming column of her neck and she was dressed in some frothy purple confection that only begged to be ripped to shreds so that every scrumptious inch of her skin could be admired and possibly tasted, too.

"Why, thank you." She gave him and odd look. "I am expecting company, so if it's not important, you can just shoo." She made a sweeping gesture with her hand that would have been offensive if it wasn't so ludicrous. You do realize that I am a thousand year old vampire, my dear, and I could sink my fangs into that neck of yours and drain your body its entire supply of blood in the instant that it takes you to blink? Obviously she didn't - or rather, she didn't care - and that's what made her so hard to put in a little box and label 'inconsequential human'.

"I see you've managed to get rid of your Maenad infestation," he said, locking his hands behind his back to keep from wanting to touch her inappropriately. Although it would have been fun to see how she would react if he did. Not in his favor, he thought regretfully.

"No thanks to you." Her hands were on her hips, now. "Sam told me that he asked you for help."

"Ah yes. And did Bill tell you that I ran into him trying to track down the information needed to get rid of your little problem? It appears we had the same idea. I figured your boyfriend would be able to handle issue himself - besides, he didn't seem to want my help." Several emotions flitted across her face, some of which were confusion, then resignation. When she wasn't thinking about it, she was an open book. He leaned forward a little. "May I come inside?"

She twisted to look at the state of the house behind her then shook her head. "Look, Eric, whatever it is that you want, now is not a good time. Bill and I... We have a date. He should be here any minute and..."

He nodded, understanding. It probably wouldn't be a good idea for Compton to find him here. It was too early in the game to play the ace up his sleeve. "Very well, Sookie, another time. You and I have things we need to discuss." She blushed a little at that and it made his eyebrow shoot up. He hadn't been trying to insinuate anything, however, this was intensely intriguing and equally promising. She had only had a drop of his blood, two at the most. Not enough to affect her that strongly, hardly enough for him to sense how she was feeling. But with her heightened color he felt the rush of an ache in his groin that wasn't completely his own. His fangs began to throb and it took every ounce of will to keep them sheathed. With an effort, he stepped back. "Don't forget to call Pam and give her your banking information so that we can transfer your payment for Dallas."

She nodded. He didn't wait for her to say good bye, but sped away faster than her eye could see to the periphery of her property. In a moment he had hidden himself and watched as she took a deep breath, then returned to the house, closing the door behind her. It was only a short while later that Compton showed up. Eric smiled as he watched the younger vampire knock on Sookie's door and present her with a bland arrangement of flowers. Compton was no match for this one, he thought. Bill was nothing but the spineless puppet of Sophie-Anne LeClerq and Sookie, once she understood this, would not tolerate him. But before he could lead her to the truth, he needed to discover a few truths of his own - for one, he wanted to find out exactly what game Sophie-Anne was playing at.

After an affectionate greeting, Bill lead Sookie down the steps of the porch to his vehicle. For a moment, Eric considered following them to their destination, but then he shrugged. It really didn't matter what they got up to tonight. He would set up his own appointment with Miss Stackhouse, perhaps on the pretense of paperwork required for her Dallas payment, and then he would pick her brain at leisure. As the car rumbled down the long drive, Eric shot up into the air. He planned his next move, and several moves after that, all the way back to Fangtasia. It always helped to be ahead of the game.