Summary: Hermione Granger, Arithmancer extraordinaire, is sent to America to handle the business dealings of a successful wizard. What she expected to be a boring business trip turns out to be quite the opposite.

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Here Comes The Sun


I squinted at the sun. They were glaring without pause. I stretched languidly. A cool breeze ruffled my curls. I suppressed a yawn and took a sip from my frozen iced tea. It was a perfect day to be at the beach. Los Angeles was definitely growing on me. I watched the waves crash against the shoreline. A small boy with pale blonde hair was sitting twelve feet away building the sand castle of his dreams. He lifted a hand and waved. I waved back.

This is the life.

Three girls in skimpy white bikinis paused mid-stroll to stare at a man walking towards my direction. He was the epitome of perfection. Tall, blonde, chiseled, and dripping saltwater from a fresh swim. He had a smile that could melt the entire North Pole. The girls giggled behind their hands, batting their eyelashes in flirtation. He took no notice of them. He continued on his path, and towards his destination.

Which just happened to be me.

"Hello gorgeous." He said huskily, planting a sensual kiss on my lips.

"Those girls are staring." I said in between his kisses.

"Let them." He replied. "They know we look good together."

"Do we?" I asked playfully.

"Everyone knows that two people in love look perfect together."

And that was when I realized that, even though I didn't weigh less than a hundred pounds and my teeth were far from excellent, Draco Malfoy loved me. And that, was simply reason enough.


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