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Sequel: This is a sequel to "Awakening"

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Katsura Hoshino owns it. I just enjoy twisting her ideas for my own warped amusement…

Warning: This was written before anything was really known about the Fourteenth. Also Guy x Guy stuff. You Don't like, please don't read!

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Timeline: Set sometime after Amine Episode 103 "Resounding in Long Morning"

Pairing: 14th (Neah) x Allen

A dark skinned hand the color of ash ran up a pale white arm. Touching the one before him like he was made of glass, a silver and white porcelain doll, beautifully broken; perfect excepted for the left arm, but it was beautiful in its own way, he supposed. The skin was black as the darkness with a blood red cross on the back of the hand. The black of the arm met the shinning white at the left shoulder, the darkness forming designs that looked like arrows pointing into the white.

His dark lips slid into a dangerous smirk, his white teeth a striking contrast to the darkness of his person. His golden eyes drank in the sight of the boy before him. The teenager had been stripped of his black and silver exorcist uniform, leaving him in only his white dress shirt and black pants. His shirt was in tatters and stained red with blood. His pale white skin bruised, broken and bleeding. His dark grey eyes stared blankly forward, no longer seeing. Allen Walker, a beautifully broken silver angel with one blank wing.

His dangerous smirk widened as he brought his ash colored hand up to cup a white cheek. He leaned forward over the unmoving body that was restrained to the heavy metal chair. He tilted the face up and brought his face within a few inches of Allen's still face. His black wavy hair mixed with the snow white of Allen's strait hair, as he moved that much closer to the pink lips.

"Hiding now are we?" he spoke against those warm lips. "That's okay, hide in your mind all you want, my poor little nephew. I'll take care of everything for you, just like I took care of these dirty humans that broke you..."

He pushed his lips all the way forward and then pulled back, standing. There was a groan from his right and his smirk slid from his lips as he turned unforgiving cold golden eyes to one of the bodies. Someone dared to still be alive?

One of the humans had managed to push himself up against a wall that was already soaked with his blood and the blood of the three other interrogators that had been in the room. The human groan painfully again and opened blue eyes to look at the monster that was standing at the center of the interrogation room. The pool of blood that was underneath him was slowly growing.

"Noah…" the human rasped out between his cracked bleeding lips. "W…wal…ker…?"The Noah tilted his head as the smirk return full force, now holding a dangerous insanity. His golden eyes turned molten and almost glowing with a sickening glee.

"Walker? No, I am not Allen. My darling nephew is sleeping right now, but that's okay." He said as he walked forward stopping in front of the man and crouching down to be at eye level with the human.

"I am the Musician, the 14th Noah, and you and your Black Order are going to pay for breaking what is not yours..."