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The room was dark, save for the small lamp that was on the table. It gave off suitable light for its size. The light shone of golden eyes as they stared, unblinking, at the only other occupant of the small room. His dark grey skin looked almost black even with the light. He wore a dark blue short-sleeve shirt that fit his toned body perfectly; his black leather pants also fit him flawlessly.

The 14th Noah sighed tiredly and slouched in his chair. He ran an ash colored hand through his black wavy hair, revealing the black crosses on his forehead. He tilted his chin up and left his fingers tangled in his hair as he fixed his amused golden eyes on the man on the other side of the table. "Is this going to take long?" he asked in a bored tone.

The human's eyes narrowed as he laced is finger in front of him, his elbows resting on either side of a tan folder that had been placed on the table. Slowly a smirk spread over the man's face, and the musician found it somewhat amusing how it looked under his half mustache… thing… Whatever you wanted to call it, the 14th was already very bored with the man. "That depends on you, 14th…"

Maybe he should just kill him and get it over with? He knew his darling White hated this human, so maybe his White wouldn't be too angry if his Noah entertained himself for once?

Maybe he should really just stop thinking about killing and for once follow through?" Why don't we start with something simple, like a name other than a number?" the man continued. The human was still smirking. Still looking at him like the human was holding all the cards. Like he was the one in control.

Stupid human.

The 14th's hand that was still resting in his hair fell to cross with his other over his chest.

His White wasn't in the room. The humans probably placed him somewhere else, somewhere away from him… and that was the only thing that the 14th really cared about at the moment. The musician might not care if he was placed within one of the Order's interrogation rooms, but his darling nephewon the other hand…

Allen still had nightmares about the few hours he had spent in the last interrogation room he had been in. "Where is my darling White~?" the 14th sang out, his voice laced with curiosity, golden eyes sliding around the room.

The human's smirk widened just a little. "I'm the one asking the questions here. Whether you see him again depends on whether you answer my questions to the Order's satisfaction or not. That is part of your deal with us, or do I need to remind you?" The tone in the man's voice made the musician frown.

Stupid, stupid human.

The 14th Noah made a show of sitting up in his chair, his own grin breaking out on his face. Golden eyes flashing at the man sitting across from him. "Oh then please, ask away~" he sang again. The human's own eyes flashed in annoyance, at least the human was smart enough to know he was being mocked.

"I hate repeating myself, what is your name?" The human spoke through his teeth. Yes, the 14th was most definitely pushing some buttons. The human would be lucky if that was all he would do. Seriously where was his beloved White? Were the humans truly that stupid?

Did they forget what happened the last time they tried to take his darling White from him? Not that the humans had known he existed at the time, but you'd think what the 14th had done to those humans would keep the others from dragging his darling, sweet White into these things.

"My true name no longer matters. 14th is just fine..." the musician answered the human, his voice reflecting some of his irritation. "Now where is my beloved nephew? I'm getting rather lonely without him." the 14th Noah added with a tilt of his head. His gold eyes demanding an answer one way or the other.

The human sat back in his chair and that smirk seemed to widen even more. This human it seemed wasn't afraid of him. "Allen Walker is also being questioned for information."

The human didn't even flinch when golden eyes narrowed at him. The human just simply continued on speaking. "If you won't tell me your name, then way don't you tell me everything you know about the Millennium Earl and the Clan of Noah per your original agreement with the Order?"

The 14th's grin slowly grew, a little bit of madness bleeding into it. He slowly pushed his chair back from the table and slowly, very slowly stood up. He made a show of running one grey hand through his black hair again, and sighed. "I must be going. My darling White can't be away from his Noah for too long. You see, he gets so frightened without me." The 14th drawled out as he made to leave.

The human had the gall to step in front of the door. "We're not done yet, it would have been easier for you and Walker if you had just…"

The filthy human didn't get to finish as a grey hand wrapped around his throat, cutting of his air supply. The larger man was slammed against the door hard, denting the metal. The human's hands flow up and tried desperately to pull the one grey hand way from his 14th grinned insanely up at the human, his molten golden eyes burning with his fury.

His hand tightened just a fraction as the man struggled. The Noah pulled the human down so they where almost nose to nose as his gold eyes narrowed dangerously. "You don't understand, human. You think you are in control? Well, I'll let you in on a little secret…"

The 14th Noah turned and threw the man into the table behind them. The human desperately gasping for air as he crashed into the table, knocking it over and the folder along with it – its contents scattered on to the floor. Dark angry eyes looked up at the Noah from the floor. The human still struggled to suck air into his abused throat between coughs. The musician almost giggle as he finally saw fear creep into the man's eyes to join and mix with the anger.

"I am in control, human. And I'm only going to say this once, Allen Walker is mine…" He took a threatening step toward the human, but then stopped as his foot made a soft crunching sound. Golden eyes turned from the human to the small piece of paper that was now under his boot. The 14th moved his black booted foot to the side; his golden eyes widened just a fraction at what he saw.

Soft kind eyes stared up at him from the floor. The photograph was an old picture of a young woman with a hauntingly familiar face and eyes. Her face was round; still so mush a child's face. Her eyes were beautiful with long lashes and her dark hair was long and pulled back into a soft braid. Her hair, it parted and fell around her face just like his hair…

"Ah yes, a Finder found that buried in the Orders old files. She is quite an interesting young woman… from what I've been able to find. Though there was not all that much, it's like someone tried to make her disappear…" the human wheezed out from the floor rubbing at his bruising throat. The fear that had been in his eyes fading away now he thought that he had power over the Noah.

He was in control.

"She was deemed mentally insane by the church when she was seventeen. Do you know why, 14th?" The human painfully stood from the floor, one hand still rubbing at his aching throat.

The Noah slowly picked up the photo from the floor, barely listening to the human now. Oh the musician knew all too well why she had been locked up by the church. She had been heavy with child when she had gone to the church all those years ago…

She had claimed some very interesting things about her unborn child.

"Did you know that she gave birth before she and the infant went missing? Do you want to know what his name was recorded as..?" the human continued as his smirk returned to his face. "I have to wonder, do you think Allen Walker would be interested in learning the child's name..?"

The 14th's eyes narrowed at the old yellowing picture. His fingers curling around the paper has he crushed it within his hand. The woman was dead, dying shortly after giving birth. Her life being drained from her by the Innocence that her child bore. "Mana and I," the musician spoke in a soft voice, the voice that he reserved only for his White to hear. "We should have done a better job at making her disappear. I didn't want to have to resort to this so soon, but her identity and that of her child's, must never be known."

The human frowned as gold eyes turned from the fist that held the photo to look him in the eyes. Something within those eyes, the human almost could swear they were glowing. And the Noah's voice, there was something underneath it, something about the pitch…He tried to open his mouth again, but couldn't seem to get it to move. His body was starting to feel numb and as hard as he tried he couldn't seem to move. He couldn't even flinch."But you'll fix that for me wont you, Human?" The 14th's voice purred out from dark smirking lips, the golden eyes half lidded as the Noah looked back to his closed fist. The human continued to look at the Noah, but now with blank and empty eyes.

Nothing but a puppet for the musician to control.

"You know, fate is truly something. I think it was fate that brought that child to me all those years ago. It had to have been fate for the child to come to me when he did…" The 14th dropped the crumpled paper back to the floor. His gold eyes flashing as he continued to crush it even more with his boot. The musician's grin filled with a possessive insanity."Yes, even fate knew that my darling nephew belonged to me."

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