So this is just an idea I had so I decided to try it out. Hope it's well enjoyed. :D

Think of all the stories that open at a funeral. This is just another one of those. This is nothing more than a story about people who were randomly thrown together to form something called a family. Well, more or less randomly. There is some choice to it. You can feel free to leave, to not take part in your predesigned family that you seemingly had no choice to pick out. But then something happens, another random chance that drags you back, groaning and miserable.

He stood on the platform, shivering from the wind, his bones aching from sitting awkwardly for the past twenty hours. His thin fingers twisted the cigarette as he stared down at it before placing it to his lips delicately and inhaling, closing his eyes and loving the sensation of smoke swirling around in his lungs.

"You know that's bad for you dumb ass." He felt his lips curl into a gentle smirk as he flicked his cigarette aside, grabbed his duffel bag and started walking away from the train and towards his little sister who stood with her arms crossed tightly against her chest, leaned against the car door, waiting for him to finally get down there.

"Hi Kairi." He said simply as he stopped in front of her, shoving his hands in his back pockets and rocking back on his heels.

"Hi Axel." She replied and opened up the driver's side, not waiting for him to get in before starting the engine. Axel crouched down and sidled in, trying to fit his tall, lanky figure into the tiny car.

"You couldn't have brought the truck?"

"I thought this would be more fun." She said and grinned to herself as she started to tear down the street, taking a sharp turn that made Axel grip the door.

"Jesus, you still drive like shit." He mumbled as he squeezed the bridge of his nose, trying to pretend he was some place else.

"Shut up. I drive fine."

"Yea, whatever. How's Denzel?" Kairi only nodded as she looked out at the road. "I brought him something." Axel added with a grin but his sister only rolled her eyes.

"You always bring him something."

"Yea but--"

"Well, not actually bring but send right?" She asked, still staring at the road before them.

"Yea." He answered and stared out his own window, resting his elbow against the door and his head in his hand.


"I'm back!" Kairi shouted from the doorway as she hung on the door, swinging herself into the house.

"Hi mommy!"

"Hiii sweetie!" She said giddily as she immediately picked up and swung the young boy around in her arms. "Were you good for Grandpa?" The tiny brunette boy nodded enthusiastically and Kairi smiled as she picked him up. "Good. Now it's time for bed." She said as she started to kiss his cheeks and carry him off to bed as he giggled. But just as Denzel laid his head down on his mother's shoulder, Axel finally stepped through the door, making the child's eyes brighten and he scrambled over his mother's shoulder, plopping down on the ground.

"Axel!" He shouted and jumped right into the tall redheads arms.

"Whoa! Hey kid! You're getting so freaking big!"

"Hey, watch your mouth." Kairi snapped with an arched brow.

"I said freaking." Her brother replied with a smirk as he cradled his nephew in his arms and started poking at his face. "Seriously, are you even the same kid?" He asked with an arched brow of his own, aimed down at the giggling boy in his arms.

"Time for bed Denzel." Kairi said and cocked her hip to the side as she crossed her arms, trying to give a stern look but unable to contain her tiny grin as she watched her brother hold her son.

"Alright, mama says bed time. So let's go."

"No no no no no!" Denzel wigged around and laughed but he was unable to escape the strong grip of his uncle. Axel easily carried Denzel up the stairs, into the bedroom he figured was the boy's and tossed him down on the bed.

"Night kiddo." Axel said with a wink as he leaned over the boy and kissed his forehead gently.

"Wait wait! Don't go yet!"

"No? Not yet?" Axel sat down on the bed and ruffled his nephews hair with a light chuckle. "Alright, not yet." He added as he clasped his hands behind his head and laid down next to Denzel.

"Where were you?" Denzel whispered as he turned over to stare at his uncle leisurely laying beside him.

"Where was I?" Axel asked and tilted his head to gaze at the small boy. He smirked lightly. "I was all over the world, haven't you heard?"

"Mommy said all the things I get in the mail are from you."

"Like what?"

"I got a pocket watch that mommy said was from eeng-land, and a stuffed tiger and and..." Denzel paused to think and yawn simultaneously. Axel chuckled.

"The tiger is from India. And you should have a lot of postcards."

"I do!" Denzel said with enthusiasm despite his eyes beginning to droop. "I have a shoe box that's filled with them."

"Good." Axel said and sat up, looking down at the boy slowly drifting into dreamland. "I'll see you tomorrow buddy ok?" Denzel's tiny head nodded lightly before snuggling deeper into his bed and finally passing out. Axel quietly closed the door behind him only to shout when he felt arms wrap around him, trying to squeeze the life out of him, and his feet lift off the ground. "Hi dad." He said and rolled his eyes when he was finally set down.

"Hi son." The enormous blonde man said with an even larger grin. "Nice to see you've finally come home."

"You knew I was coming home dad." Axel said as he rolled his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair, laying his other hand on the small of his back.

"I know, I'm just glad to see you." His father responded and gently chucked his son under the chin.

"Nice to see you too." Axel responded with a grin.

"You want some coffee? Your sister made some."

"Sure." Axel responded with a shrug and followed his father down the stairs. They politely chattered as they made their way into the kitchen but Axel stopped short when he saw an all too familiar face smiling at him above the brim of a coffee cup.

"Hi Axel." His voice playfully tinkered through the air, leaving his lips curled into a smile.

"Hi Roxas."

Dun dun dun. So if you don't really understand what's going on, it's cool cuz I didn't want it all to be super obvious right now XD I promise eventually you'll understand what's going on. :D