Chapter 1: Meet and Greet

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Every ten year old in New Bark Town had anticipated this very moment. The Saturday where they would all receive their very first Pokemon, and journey to beyond. This was the moment! Well, actually, it was almost the moment. Right now our soon-to-be heroes are preparing for their journey.

"Sneasel!" The Sneasel jumped into the air with the flying sushi, and skillfully used Metal Claw on the food. The chopped meal fell onto the platter below, and was set on the wooden table before the Pokemon.

The couple that sat there applauded at the small preparation. Sneasel and his trainer, a tall man with curly red hair, served the meal, and bowed before going back into the kitchen. It was just another day for the customers at the Sapphire Remoraid, one of the highest rating resteraunts in the Johto region.

For Daniel Brooks, the owner of the resteraunt and the trainer of Sneasel, it was the day that his ten year old son would be beginning his journey. His only son, Jacob, or just Jake was at home getting ready before making his way to Professor Elm's lab. Daniel would definitely be sure to see his son off.

"Your son's leaving today, huh, Dan?" Asked one of his employees, a rather portly man with blond hair. "I remember when you guys first moved here, when he was only around seven."

Kenneth Arnolds, the manager, nodded as he made his way to his office. "They sure do grow up fast. My daughter, Jocelyn, will be starting today as well. My little girl."

Daniel laughed, and said, "I know what you mean. Mira was hoping that Jake would agree to stay another year, but he really wants to go. Guess he's inspired from my own coordinating days."

Sighing with both pride and a little sadness, Daniel looked around the kitchen. It had been upgraded to gourmet ever since the restaurant had obtained its fourth star. Now, the shining pots and pans hung from redwood cabinets, and the flooring was marble. It was just like most days, but his son would be leaving. He wouldn't be coming by the restaurant anymore after school as he used to.

Daniel wiped a small tear from his hazel eyes, and made his way back to the dining room. "Jake is going to have a blast, so getting upset shouldn't be the matter."

His Sneasel raised a claw in salute. "Sneasel, sneasel!"

. . . . . .

A few miles from New Bark Town…

Cole woke up with a bounce as the Jeep went over a bump in the road. He rubbed his eyes a few times before looking out the window. It was early, around maybe seven or eight AM. Soon, he would be in New Bark.

"Well, you certainly know how to sleep through a trip." The driver stated, turning the wheel of the vehicle to the left.

Hitchhiking had not really been Cole's plan, but the money that he did have needed to be saved for an emergency. Running away from the beaten down orphanage that he had been raised had been on the to-do list, but not hitchhiking. Especially with this man that kept making smart remarks.

The man had curled brown hair, and wore a strange purple suit. He also wore a short white cape, along with a red bowtie. He had narrowed dark eyes that looked at everything like a Fearow, ready to strike. Not to mention, he was always asking Cole stuff, testing his knowledge.

"When was the Brass Tower burned down?" "Who invented the pokeball?"

It never ended!

Cole sighed, heavily and smoothed his black hair down a bit. A few strands were sticking up a bit too much. He was glad that this man hadn't asked for any personal info. Saying that your parents had abandoned you at a wrecked orphanage, and then that you decided to run away wasn't exactly the brightest idea.

His parents were most likely creeps with emotional problems, at least in Cole's opinion. One good thing was that they had left some money with him. Cole was surprised to find all of it, suspecting the owner of the orphanage to have used it herself. It wasn't a lot to begin with. Just about 340 pokedollars.

After reaching the closest town, Cole had purchased some clothes at a discount store. The total amount had only been around ten dollars, surprisingly. They were going out of business or something. The clothes were simply a grey shirt, denim jeans, and a black jacket to keep out of the cold. Practical and simple. Along with that Cole had bought a grey backpack, a pair of sunglasses, and some supplies.

A lighter hadn't been bought, which was why Cole had to get a fire type from Professor Elm. Fire was definitely needed to survive in the Pokemon world.

"So, do you know of the Legendary Trio of the Johto region, Harding?" The driver was talking to him now, his eyes still gazing at beyond the road.

Cole blinked the rest of sleep out of his sea-blue eyes, and stared at him. He slowly nodded. "Uh, yeah. Of course I have."

Purple suited guy nodded in response, certain to enter trivia mode. "Raikou, Entei, and Suicune are there names. And, I have mad it my life's quest to capture Suicune. For research of course."

"Right." Cole turned back to the road, and caught a glimpse of shimmery blue in the middle of the road. "Hey! What's that?!"

Brakes slammed down on, the dark blue Jeep screeched to a halt, right in front of the Pokemon. It was tall and graceful seeming, with a purple something flowing behind it. White spots dotted its upper body, and teal blue horns were on his head. The Pokemon took one look at the car, and leaped through the trees.

Purple suited guy stared, shocked at the Pokemon. He exited the van, and spoke in a quiet voice. "Stay there. Understood?"

He didn't even wait for an answer before letting an Alakazam from a pokeball. The two darted off after it. Cole was now left in the car, shaking his head.

Walking was his only option, but at least New Bark was in sight. The ten year old got out of the car, and began walking, all of his possessions in the backpack slung over his shoulder.

. . . . . . .

At the Greene's residence…

The violet colored Loudred alarm clock didn't even have to go off before Rosalinda Greene darted up in bed. Today was the day! And like everyone else, Rosie was excited. The lab would open up its glass doors at around nine, so it would be best to hurry along and get dressed now.

Rosie hopped out of bed, and quickly arranged her old porcelain doll, Molly along with her Pokemon dolls. She pulled out the middle drawer of her white dresser, and took the clothing out. Her bag was already packed, and her Pokegear was waiting on the kitchen table. So, only dressing and eating breakfast were really needed.

Her outfit was stylish, but quite simple. The pale pink shirt was prineted with a Cherrim on the front and a Cherubi on the back, and the sleeves went to her forearm. Pale beige shorts would also be worn, along with some ordinary white socks, and pink tennis shoes.

The new ten year old hurriedly dressed in her clothing, and went to the mirror in her bathroom to do her hair. After combing it out she tried putting her wavy, brownish blond hair into a bun, but then decided to tie it into a high ponytail with a rose pink ribbon.

Stepping halfway out the door, Rosie looked at her bedroom one last time. It wasn't exactly her very last time, but she wouldn't be in it for a while. She would probably miss sleeping in her own bed, and miss cuddling with her Cleffa doll and Molly.

Giving one last sigh of joy, excitement, and homesickness, Rosie closed the door behind her, and ran down the stairs. Her family was all seated at the table.

Her mother, Florence Greene smiled at her daughter, and breathed gently. "My oldest girl, all grown up."

"Mom," Rosie started to say, sitting beside her sister, Alice. "I'll be back before you know it."

Florence nodded at her daughter, and took a bite of French Toast. "French Toast for breakfast, your favorite."

"It's going to be so quiet around here." Alice muttered, taking a sip of orange juice. "Especially without you trying to sing all around the house."

Rosie blushed a scarlet red, and glared at her eight year old. "Okay, so my voice is horrible! Don't need to rub it in."

Alice shrugged. "I kind of do. This will be the very last day that I can annoy you. I'm really going to miss you, Rosie."

James Greene, Rosie's father, took a sip of coffee, and managed a half smile. "Well, Rosie-Girl, looks like the winds coming for you. Promise to call us once you get to Cherrygrove."

"In fact," Florence gathered up a few empty dishes and laid them in the sink. "Come by here one last time after you get your first Pokemon. My digital camera just got back from the pharmacy, and I would really like to get some pictures of you in."

Rosie smiled too, feeling a flutter of Beautifly stirring up in her stomach. "I promise. Is my Pokegear on the counter?"

It was, and Rosie continued eating.

. . . . . .

At the Kururugi residence…

Kurogasa was shirtless, standing in front of the full angle mirror in his bedroom. His body was definitely developing muscles, and his oddly shaped birthmark was still right there on his arm was still there. Most would assume that Kuro was maybe stuck up about his looks, but he just was curious.

Ten was a new age for him, so examining to see if the age update had made him more muscular was a natural thing for boys. Besides his dark jeans, black fingerless gloves, and black tennis shoes, he was simply shirtless. Kuro wasn't a bad looking kid with short, chestnut brown hair and sky-blue eyes.

Finally, he was satisfied, and he pulled his silver T-shirt on, along with his cobalt-blue jacket. He pulled the Suicune shaped pendant over his head, and grinned. It was the last thing given to him by his father before he had disappeared a couple of years earlier. A part of his father would always be with him, in a way.

Kuro walked out of his room, and made his way down the hall with his white backpack. His mother sat on the sofa, dressed in an everyday outfit of a pink shirt, a long jean skirt, and house slippers. Even dressed simply, Kaname Kururugi was an attractive thirty year old, with her shoulder length caramel hair and sky-blue eyes.

Seeing her son, Kaname hurried over, and hugged him to her chest tightly.

"Oh, Kuro!" She cried, patting his brown hair. "I'm just going to miss you. First your father, now you!"

Kuro pushed away, gently. "Mom! It's alright! And I won't be leaving permanently like Dad did."

Kaname nodded. "I know, I know. I'll be so lonely."

"Once my Pokemon team is full, I'll send my other Pokemon here." Kuro assured her, seating himself at the glass dining room table. "The yard's big enough for them."

"Maybe I'll go get a Skitty or Meowth from the Adoption Center. You know for company?" Kaname poured grape juice into her son's glass, and placed an omelet before him. "Eat up, okay?"

Kuro sighed, but smiled. "Right, Mom."

. . . . . .

At the Arnolds residence…

Her wavy dark brown hair pushed back with a midnight purple headband, Jocelyn skipped down the stairs of her home, two at a time.

This would be the last time that she would race down these steps in excitement. Now, she would be leaving on her journey just like her five older brothers and sister had.

Mrs. Arnolds was drinking her coffee at the kitchen counter. She was a novelist, and would enjoy the quiet days to come. Still, she missed all five of her older children terribly, and now her youngest would be leaving as well.

Memories of Uriah and Ben, her oldest sons running out of the house to get their first Pokemon went through her mind. They were eighteen now, and were both quite accomplished trainers. Of course, Ben had recently been studying water types in the Orange Islands.

Jocelyn hurriedly gobbled down a bowl of Frosted Flakes and orange juice. She was the one with a big appetite, and most edible things could be consumed by her.

"Hey, Mom," She started to say. "Can I have some coffee?"

Mrs. Arnolds was quite the carefree mother with curly blonde hair, a slender figuire, and big greenish hazel eyes. Still, she had a rule about drinking coffee. Her children couldn't begin until age ten, since the Arnolds believed that coffee caused short height. Apparently, genes also mattered seeing as Jocelyn was a little short.

Nodding, she handed a mug to her daughter. "Aren't you excited?"

Jocelyn nodded. "Why, of course. Why wouldn't I be?"

"Well, you're being quiet for once, Jocelyn." Her mother pointed out, managing a cheerful grin.

The ten year old shrugged and smiled. "I'm just trying to be mature. You know, dad always said that children should be seen and not heard."

Jillian shook her head. "Gosh, you're such a joker. I'm really going to miss you being around here, Joycie. You do know that, right?"


. . . . . .

The Brooks' residence…

Dressed in a red and black jacket over a blue T shirt, dark blue shorts, black sneakers, and black fingerless gloves, Jake went into the living room, and began watching TV. On the day of a ten year old's journey start, most would find this strange.

Well, Jake had eaten breakfast, had brushed his teeth and hair, and had dressed. Basically, he was ready. If you looked at his hair you wouldn't be able to tell this. It was short, red, and very messy no matter how many times the brush went through it.

Right now, Jake's mom was watching a soap opera, crying. Weather it was about the soap or about her son leaving was hard to tell. Still, she cried. Her Persian had been curled up close to her, but now it had moved away to nap elsewhere.

"Jynx, jynx." Mira Brook's caretaking Pokemon patted Mira on the arm, handing her a tissue.

"I know, but I'll miss him!" She cried one last time before blowing her nose.

Jake couldn't help but breathe in through his nose, and just stare at the TV. "Mom, I'll be fine on my journey. It's not the end of the world, okay?"

"Huh?" His mother looked at him in confusion. "I know that the world's not about to end, Jacob Brooks! But, Leonard's leaving!"

"What?" Jake cried. "Who's Leonard?"

His mother blew her nose again. "He's leaving Deborah. But, why?"

Jake rolled his eyes, finally figuring it out. Then again, it was good to not worry his mother. She would miss him, and having her show it would not be the greatest. In a bout a half hour he would be on his way to get his first Pokemon.

. . . . . . .

Thirty-eight year old Arren Keats stirred the two cups of tea, and smiled at her nephew. It would be very quiet without him around, and she would be missing him.

Her nephew, Darren, had been living with her ever since his mother had died of cancer when he was two. Darren's father had left town before that, leaving the child in the guardianship of his aunt. This was not a bad thing, especially since the two were very close.

Darren was a slim, kind of pale boy with slightly messy auburn hair and sapphire-blue eyes. He was the quiet type, who definitely thought more than he spoke. He wore sensible clothing like now. A green shirt, pale denim jeans, and black trainers. A locket that had once belonged to his mother dangled around his neck, a prized possession.

Though not quiet, Arren wasn't a loud mouth either, but a very independent woman. She had long black hair and crimson eyes that were calm, but serious. Arren had once been a star Pokeathlonist and breeder, having several of her own Pokemon.

Pharoh, her Persian was basking in the sunlight in the backyard at that moment. Her Nidoqueen, Queentia and her Wigglytuff, Melody were also outside, either swimming in the small pool or hanging on one of the lawn chairs.

"Are you all packed and ready, Darren?" Arren asked, taking a small slurp of her chamomile tea.

Darren nodded, taking a bite of toast. "Everything's by the front door."

Arren smiled, and nodded. "Today's your big day."

Darren grinned. "Yep, it sure is."

Neither were big talkers, so the meal past with some silence, but less dialogue.

. . . . . .

On the road…

As the anchorman had said the day before, it was sunny with a few cumulus clouds. Michayla Silverfeather was glad for this as she walked on her way to the lab. She had feared that it would be a thunderstorm, something that she was deathly afraid of. Maybe because that was how her mother had passed away.

Michayla was eleven, and was starting her Pokemon journey late. She had her long black hair up in a high ponytail, and had big intelligent looking black eyes. Right now she wore a pink dress and hat, a yellow bag around her waist, black leggings, and pink shoes.

She quickened her pace as the lab came in view.

"Michayla!" A familiar voice called from behind her.

Rosie hurried up to her friend, smiling. Jocelyn came skipping on the other side of her.

"Hey!" Jocelyn greeted. "What's up?"

Michayla smiled back. "Well, we're heading to the lab, right?"

"I can't wait to get my Chikorita!" Rosie declared, throwing her fist in the air.

"Hey!" Jocelyn pointed at the lab. "What in the name of Arceus is going on?"

Up ahead, the lab looked as if Pokemon were rushing out, running to the woods behind.

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