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Percy's POV

I smiled when I woke up and smelled the wonderful aroma of my mom's pancakes. She's been so much happier ever since Paul Blofis moved in. When I walked into the kitchen I found Paul sitting at the dinning room table with his mug of coffee and newspaper.

"Good morning ,Percy!" Mom said. She was flipping over a blue pancake with the spatula. Paul peeked over his newspaper, then seeing me, he folded it neatly and smiled up at me.

"Hey, Percy!" He smiled. I smiled back, but I felt weird. He knows that I'm a half-blood now, I finally let my mom talk me into telling him. Since then I've had this funny feeling in my gut every time I see him. I still remember exactly how he took it.


"Hey, Paul?" I asked. I looked over my shoulder where my mom was standing. She smiled and nodded encouragingly. I bit my lip and looked back at Paul. "C-Could I talk to you for a minute?'" I finally asked.

Paul arched his eyebrows, "of course." He stood up from the couch and followed me into my room. I took a deep breath as I sat down on my bed. Then I looked at Paul who was leaning against the door, waiting.

"Remember that day when Goode had that orientation? With the accident. I can explain why that happened, but I bet you won't believe me." I told him. He smirked and then sat down beside me.

"Percy, I remember that day perfectly. I still do wonder about it, It would really help if I knew. I see by the way your acting that this is hard for you, and I promise that I'll try to do my best." he assured me. I nodded stiffly. He has no idea what's coming.

"I-I'm a half blood." I finally said. His expression turned puzzled. "A half-blood, also know as a Demigod, are people who are part human, and part God. My father is Poseidon, God of the sea. He had me with my mother who is mortal. When a God and a mortal have a child, the are a Demigod because they are both God and Human." I explained out of breath. Paul's eyes looked distant, and far away. It was minutes later when he responded.

"Okay," was all he said. He looked kind of uneasy at first. Then, like, half an hour passed and he looked, uh, better.

"So, you believe me then?" I asked. He nodded and smiled at me.

End of flashback

"Good morning," I replied. I ate two blue pancakes before I felt full. Then I headed to the phone and called an old friend.


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