[A Twitter inspired romance inspired by the "real life" Clio Ford and Spencer Martin.]

SCENE ONE: Arrival

"It's New York! It's going to be amazing!" At least, that's what Elsa had said when Clio informed her of her trip to New York.

Clio had believed Elsa for a while. In the cab on the way to her hotel she the Empire State Building, passed Central Park. Everything about New York was big and new.

But now Clio was standing in front of her hotel, the Hopewell, and she was beginning to second guess herself. It certainly was the Ritz or the Holiday Inn. It was something different.

Clio was beginning to get the same feeling in her stomach that she had gotten when she first saw what she thought was her father's yacht, except this time she knew she was going to walk behind the Hopewell and see her actual hotel.

"I will try to make the best of this," Clio assured herself as she clutched her suitcase. "At least there is no possibility of me getting attacked by jellyfish."

Clio needed to be looking on the bright side of things. Her mother's work had run long this summer and instead of sending Clio back to her father, her mother had instead sent her to New York to have a little vacation of her own to have some free time to herself.

At first, Clio wasn't thrilled, just as she hadn't been thrilled about going to Italy because she'd have to leave Ollie. Now, all she'd wanted was to see Aidan.

At least that's what she'd wanted for a while, but since Clio's departure her attitude toward Aidan was slowly declining. He hadn't called her, texted, or even e-mailed her since she'd left Italy.

Clio walked into the Hopewell and was surprised to see that inside was a lot different that the outside. It had a very Art Deco feel to it on the inside. Perhaps this was going to be a better experience than she had expected. Her excursion with her father had been after all.

Standing at the front desk was a young girl with tight, curly, blonde hair. She was flicking through her cell phone with a serious look of concentration on her face. After a moment she flipped the phone shut and placed it roughly onto the desk.

The girl looked up and saw Clio standing and immediately flushed.

"Welcome to the Hopewell Hotel!" she said quickly.

Clio rolled her luggage up to the front desk.

"How can I help you?" the girl asked.

"I'm Clio Ford. My mom said she made a reservation for me here," Clio told her.

"Right. We were expecting you," the girl said turning behind her and pulling a set of keys from the wall. "You'll be in the Sterling Suite."

"Sounds lovely," Clio said.

"Sure," the girl replied. "I'm Scarlett, by the way. I'll show you to your room."

Clio followed Scarlett to the elevator and they stood there waiting for a few moments in an awkward silence.

"So, you work here for a summer job or something?" Clio asked, trying to make conversation.

"Oh, no. My family owns the hotel and I live here too," Scarlett replied.

"Oh, what's that like, living in a hotel I mean," Clio inquired.

Scarlett chuckled. "Nothing like what you think it is."

The elevator arrived and they stepped inside of the rickety old thing and took it all the way up to the third floor.

"This is your room," Scarlett said after they'd walked down the hall a bit. Scarlett opened the door and peaked inside and then pushed it all the way open.

It was a nice room. It had a bit of blue theme going on it – blue bedding, blue curtains, blue walls. Clio was beginning to feel like she was back on the ocean again, except, if she were back in Italy on the Mediterranean, Aidan would be here and he most certainly wasn't here.

The room was a bit hot and stuffy. It had no air conditioning and no television. It was going to be a very long few weeks.

"Sorry, I have to leave you, but I need to go watch the front desk. If you need anything that's where I'll be," Scarlett said.

"No, problem," Clio assured her.

And with that Scarlett had left her alone in the Metro Suite.

Elsa would be joining her in a few days for a week or so, until then she would have to survive on her own.

She fished her phone out of her pocket.

No Missed Calls.

That meant Aidan had not called her.

Clio wasn't going to let it bother her though. So what she had wasted her perfectly good first kiss on some guy who hadn't even bothered to call her back? He was just some stupid college boy. Some ridiculous summer fling that had lasted all of five minutes. Clio was young. She was 17. She was not going to waste her time pining over some guy who wasn't even giving her the time of day.

After she unpacked, Clio rode the elevator back down to the lobby to ask the Scarlett girl what there was to do around the city.

When she reached the front desk however, Scarlett was nowhere to be found. Clio looked around for a moment and heard noise coming from inside of what she suspected was the dining.

She walked over to the doors, peaked inside and was completely blown away by what she saw.

It was a dining room, yes, but at the moment, it seemed to be the set of some huge play.

There were people, presumably actors, on the stage. They weren't acting, or even rehearsing at the moment. Just standing around socializing with one another.

Still, Clio seemed to be hypnotized by the scene. Her eyes darted around the room until she found Scarlett and she quickly made her way over to her.

Scarlett, just like before, was consumed by her cell phone and seemed to be strategically taking a picture of some boy on the stage.

"Scarlett," Clio said.

Startled, Scarlett snapped her phone shut and turned around.

"Clio! What can I do for you?" Scarlett asked.

"What is all this?" Clio asked.

"Oh, my brother, Spencer is an actor. His theater company is putting on Hamlet here. He's playing Guildenstern," Scarlett said.

"Which one is your brother?" Clio inquired.

"The one on the unicycle," Scarlett pointed out.

Indeed, there was guy on stage, balancing himself on a unicycle.

"Interesting, though I don't recall Guildenstern riding a motorcycle in the play," Clio said.

"I know, but it's better this way," Scarlett assured her. "Hey, Spencer!"

Spencer looked off stage and over to his sister who motioned him over. He climbed off his unicycle and hopped offstage.

"Yes, dear sister?" Spencer asked.

"Spence, this is Clio Ford. She's staying in the Sterling Suite," Scarlett said.

"Oh, are you?" Spencer asked brightly. "I'm Spencer and I'm in charge of all business that goes on in and around the Sterling Suite, so I'm in charge of helping make your stay here as amazing as possible."

"You can start by telling me when your next performance is and how much the tickets are," Clio said.

"Our next performance is tonight at eight, and for you, Miss Ford, your ticket is free," Spencer said. "Just one of the perks of staying in the room belonging to Guildrenstern."

Clio smiled at Spencer. "Can't wait to see what other perks I get."