This is my first fan fiction, I got bored one day and I decided to be creative. So I don't own anything digimon related, and all that stuff. Enjoy the story tho!

The young man staggered through the door, exhaustion etched on his features. He dropped the bag he was carrying and staggered over to one of the two neatly made beds, collapsing face first with a groan. A red, dinosaur looking creature bounded into the room, nose twitching as his yellow eyes scanned the hotel room. "Takato-mon! This place smells funny…"

The tousle haired boy raised his head, hooded crimson eyes looking over his digimon. "What do you mean boy?" He muttered sleepily.

"It smells like the ocean and summer… and your mom and dad when they get really silly." The digimon scratched his cream colored stomach idly with one claw.

The teen, Takato, chuckled at his digimon. "Whatever you say Guilmon…" with that he plopped his face back down onto the bed, his body seeming to deflate. "Why don't you go see what Renamon is doing…" Came a muffled suggestion from the digimon tamer.

At this Guilmon's ears perked up, a reptilian smile spreading over his face. "Okay!" And with that the dinosaur digimon bounded out of the room and down the hall.

After a good while the young digimon tamer on the bed rolled over, flopping his arms out pathetically. He lay in a relatively simple hotel room. It had two beds in it, a bathroom next to the door. A large TV sat across from the beds, and a large door in the opposite wall from the entrance led out to a balcony. It was nighttime yet warm, humid air still drifted in. The sound of rolling waves gently came in through the open door, soft voices drifting up from the beach below.

Takato jolted upright as a girl stalked into his room, throwing herself down on the bed next to him. She had radiant, orange hair pulled up in a short ponytail. Her light blue eyes shone with the same exhaustion that was in Takato's. She kicked off her boots with a sigh, stretching out and laying down next to the young tamer. "Hey gogglehead, where's your lizard at?"

"I told him to go find Renamon to play with… I'm too tired to deal with his boundless energy right now…"

Rika, the female tamer, chuckled at this. "I'm sure she'll enjoy that, he always seems to bring out the less self-conscious side of her anyways."

"Yeah she actually plays with him. I never expected that in a million years… she's about as uptight as you are sometimes…" Takato flinched as Rika raised her fists, rage coming over her features, "In a good way! A good way!"

Rika lowered her fasts, a slight grin instead touching her lips. "So you ready for tomorrow?"

The young tamer shrugged, "I suppose… I'm not a fan of this whole being famous thing. I would have gone to digicon anyways but this is just crazy!"

"Tell me about it, I can never get a second to myself. I do like the fact that the event is in Hawaii, with my mom not here I can actually have some fun. Maybe wear a two piece for once…" The Digimon Queen looked up towards the ceiling, missing Takato's blush.

"Sure?" Rika grinned, looking down at the young man.

"You're such a gogglehead… and I am incredibly tired. Get to bed, it's like two. I'm going to go pass out." Rika grabbed her boots and stood up, "Night Takato. If I see lizard-boy I'll tell him to come in quietly."

"M'kay night Rika…" The Ice Queen had made her way back down the hall before Takato sat bolt upright again, "Did she just call me Takato?"

Guilmon lay curled up on one bed, Takato tucked into the covers of the other. Both boys twitched as the interacted with their dreams. The young digimon tamer dreamt the same recurring dream, in all of its startling reality.

Helicopter blades thrummed as he flew over the barren African landscape. Red dust coated everything, from his ACU's to the M416 that sat on his lap. To his right a young man looked over a map with the Renamon next to him. He wore ACU's as well, with dark sunglasses and a worn combat helmet. His patches simply said 'Rook', just as they did in every dream.

The Renamon wore camouflage as well, and wielded the same weapon as Rook and Takato. Her dark eyes scanned the map with intensity, large claws jabbing at different points. Takato's instincts told him that this digimon was partnered with Rook, the way that they interacted and just the way that they… existed.

Guilmon sat across from Takato, the digimon excitedly looking at the ground flowing by underneath. Six more soldiers sat in the helicopter, all armed to the teeth and silent.

Suddenly they were on the ground, inside a ruined house. Bullets buzzed and whipped by as Takato scrunched himself into a corner, a familiar feeling of fear overtaking him. Rook slid into the dirt next to him, popping off a couple rounds before turning his attention to the tamer. Rook whipped out several large white bandages, and hurriedly began wrapping them around Takato's leg.

It took the young tamer a second before he realized that blood was spraying from a hole in his right calf. Fear flooded his every thought. His heart beat faster and faster as Rook handed Takato his rifle, patted him on the chest, and disappeared.

Takato woke with a start. The covers were thrown off the bed, and the teen was covered in sweat. "You alright Takato-mon?" A sleepy Guilmon asked from the other bed, one yellow eye lazily held open, "You were yelling again…"

"Yeah I'm alright… I just had that dream again. Go back to sleep." Takato yawned, and pulled the covers back over himself.

"Okay… but… I'm hungry… and tired…" Takato couldn't help but smile at his digimon as the tamer drifted off back to sleep himself.