A World Gone Mad

By Andrew Joshua Talon

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Love Hina, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Wolf Chaos or anything else in this fic, and I am not writing this for profit. Please do not sure.

Author's Note: I'm going to flesh out the world of Love Ronin Solid a bit more. The basic story is that the aspects of anime: Magical girls, demons, super-technology, giant robots, cyborgs, etc-are all emerging into the modern world. This fic seeks to expand that world through a series of snippets. They can be funny, they can be serious, but they all have snapshots of a world where the impossible is no longer fiction. Enjoy.

(Please keep in mind my dad's in the Navy, not the Army or Marines so I only know how soldiers talk from video games and movies, so if I've done something wrong call me on it.)

This snippet takes place about one year after Love Ronin Solid.

Kandahar, Afghanistan

Private Jaime Martinez threw himself over the turned-over car and ducked, the sound of automatic weapons fire ringing in his ears as bullets whizzed overhead.

"Sarge, I'm cut off!" He shouted over his radio.

"Martinez, where's Reynolds?" His sergeant bellowed. Martinez looked around the torn up city street, and managed to spot another Marine pinned down nearby, firing back at the insurgents in the building above. He got down again as more automatic weapons fire went off, and shook his head.

"Same as me! Looks like... Four, five Tangos overhead!"

What sounded like an RPG went off, and Martinez looked up just long enough to see another of the LAVs from their unit go up in an explosion of green fire. The air felt denser, more charged.

"They've got magitech!" He called over the radio. Reynolds had moved back towards him, and taken refuge behind the same truck.

"We see it! Hang on, we're going to try to regroup and take the-! Their Sergeant's message was cut off as another of those green fireballs went up. Across the square, other Marines were under heavy fire. Martinez looked over at Reynolds, who shook his head. He loaded the grenade launcher on his M-4 carbine, and Martinez did the same. Martinex fired first, while Reynolds provided cover with his gun. Unfortunately, the strike did nothing-They could both see a magical barrier light up as the fire impacted the insurgent's nest.

"Fuck... New shit," Reynolds muttered.

"Where the hell do they keep getting it?" Martinez asked rhetorically. His radio crackled as more green fireballs went off, hitting civilian vehicles and blasting them apart.

"Charlie Company, this is Arclight. Charlie Company, Arclight, over."

Arclight? "Charlie Company, Sarge may be down, we are under fire! Mike Tangos ambushed us!"

"Standby Charlie Company, help's on the way."

"MARTINEZ MOVE!" Reynolds' shout got the Private moving, and both Marines vacated their cover just before another green fireball annihilated it. Both men threw themselves behind another car, and fired another two grenades. The hits were ineffective, and without the fire support of their vehicles, their fellow Marines were having just as much luck against it.

A child cried and Martinez spotted a little girl in an abandoned car. Another fireball shot down, blasting near it. Martinez, suddenly reminded of his kid sister back home, found himself running for the vehicle as fast as he could.

"Martinez! Shit-!" Reynolds swore, but opened fire on the insurgents nest, trying to draw their fire. It didn't work, and Martinez had just reached the van when the insurgents fired their magitech weapon again. Reynolds' cover went up, and the private could hear his comrade's scream.

"Shit, shit... Come on, come on!" Martinez smashed the window on the car, and pulled the screaming girl out. He looked, just in time to see another fireball launch right for him. Desperately he turned and fell, the girl below him, hoping to offer what protection he could with his body...

A very, very large object hit the ground in front of him, and Martinez kept his head down, protecting his face from debris. He slowly looked up. His jaw dropped.

"Holy shit," he muttered. He covered his ears when the massive Mahou Gear REX roared, the 'jaws' of the mecha opening. Officially, he'd heard that the 'jaws' held sensor equipment that was extremely sensitive and thus had to be kept internally until needed.

Unofficially, everyone suspected the engineers who designed the REX had added it to make it even more shit-your-pants terrifying.

The insurgents fired on it, again Martinez realized. This time, he was able to see the magical fireball hit the REX head on. Through some mechanism he didn't know much about, but had been likened to electromagnetic armor, the fireball exploded just before it struck the REX, the flames for the most part harmlessly dispersing around it. The REX roared again, and Martinez got a look at the weapons it packed.

On one massive shoulder, it held a 155mm gun on an armored robotic arm. Attached was what looked like a large clip for it's ammo, also armored. This massive gun rose, and pointed right at the insurgent's nest.

BOOM! A single shot from the gun blew through the magical barrier and annihilated the floor of the building. On the roof of the same building, additional insurgents appeared, letting loose with RPGs. The REX's defensive barrier took the blasts with ease, and the REX's laser gun fired. The insurgents screamed in agony as their ammunition exploded, sending them flying.

The giant REX turned with far more grace than he'd have expected from such a large machine, and walked over to the vehicle where Reynolds had taken cover. It had been flipped over by the blast, and Martinez (still holding the frightened girl) got up and headed over.

The REX took a hold of the car, and pulled it up and away, revealing Reynolds' body. Martinez rushed over.


"Shit... Martinez... I'm not deaf," he managed. He stayed still though, as the sound of ambulance sirens filled the air.

"Right, just relax," Martinez said. He looked up at the REX, and couldn't help a smile.

"Thanks for that!" He shouted up at it.

"Don't mention it," the pilot called over the loudspeakers. "Just buy me a beer later, will you?"

"What's the name?!" Martinez called.

The cockpit opened, and from it emerged a man with a smile so bright Martinez could swear he heard a ping sound as the light bounced off it.

The pilot gave a thumbs-up to Martinez.

"1st Lieutenant Michael Wilson, United States Marines! And I'm going to be the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES!" The man grinned.

Martinez blinked. The girl blinked too. The girl looked at Martinez in considerable confusion. The private shrugged, not knowing what to say.

"Don't look at me..."

Michael Wilson would later become President of the United States in the awesomely stupid video game Metal Wolf Chaos, where he liberates the United States from tyranny using a giant super-robot. I couldn't resist throwing him in.