Chapter 1: His and Hers

He wasn't her son. That much was for certain. In fact it was very possible he wasn't her lover's son either, but the town's prostitute had recognized her past costumer.

Seeking the opportunity to make some fast cash and to rid herself of her so called, 'burden,' she approached her one-time costumer that she had not seen in about a year.

He was on his way to pick up his 'woman' when the prostitute approached him reminding him of their one night encounter, shoving the small bundle into his arms.

He couldn't lie; he did remember this woman, 'a cheap whore.'

But he was no fool, the child bore him no resemblance; not a single feature of his was present on the child. So why was it so difficult for him to refuse to take responsibility? That was when his woman came out of the teahouse, and saw the three of them. No explanation was necessary, she was more than aware of all her lovers past indiscretions. Though it hurt her to see him holding a child that she had not bore herself, she knew this child was meant for her.

Walking up slowly to the baby and his supposed father, she said nothing, and she began to gently caress the baby's cheek, taking notice of how malnourished and neglected he was. Neither her lover nor the prostitute said anything.

She carefully took the baby out of her lover's arms and began to rock him gently, singing a special song that her mother had sung for her when she was a child, not once taking her eyes off of the baby boy. Her lover realizing the situation, threw a pouch of coins at the whore, and said nothing as he walked away following closely behind the two most important people in his life.

Feeling nervous he began to explain rather clumsily, that the whore was a previous conquest for him, or as he put it, "a fuck and nothing more." She remembered how his eyes pleaded with hers to forgive him for his past indiscretions. She merely smiled at him, and he made certain to return the smile, and so he continued to walk on with no intended destination alongside his woman, and their new son.

Authors Note:

It took me a while to write this one, but it's something that I have always wanted to write, so I made sure to write it carefully. Please leave me some reviews and if you have any other suggestions for a one-shot please let me know.