**NOTE** If anyone has read this story before you should know that it pretty much is the same story but it has been reworked so there are changes made to it.

Summary: When Jake finally gets over Bella, a new baby comes into his life that he instantly falls in love with. What will happen as Jake and Nessie grow up together depending on each other with everything! JakexNessie.

Chapter 1: My old life.

As soon as I saw her beautiful face I knew that she would be the one. All those days I had spent plotting and scheming on how to win back Bella were all wasted as Bella had officially crossed to the dark side. But none of this mattered anymore since I laid eyes on the most exquisite creature in the world.

I know that I may have been totally wrong in my feelings but everything just seemed to fall into place. I wasn't even sure if she was human or not but at that moment I didn't really care.

By doing that I had dis-earned the trust of someone who had been kind to me for the last few days but right now I couldn't care less what Leah thought of me. Although Seth didn't seem to mind at all because he thought no matter what I loved I deserved to be happy. That guy seriously had an issue with seeing the good in everything; I didn't understand how he could be related to Leah though. But I guess Leah still has issues about love with the whole Sam and Emily thing.

Anyways, enough about my pack and how their mind works. Back to what was going on in my mind. Yes, my one true love came drifting back into my thoughts pushing away any other thoughts that dare reveal themselves. Bella was merely a figment of my imagination, a long lost lover I had forgotten. But as I stared at the face of my new love, I discovered the similarities between them. She had her beautiful brown eyes, her cute button nose, her small pale ears, and most importantly her beautiful red blush that filled her cheeks.

This made me uncomfortable that every time I looked at her, Bella would always be there in my mind. I guess she was always going to be a part of my life no matter what. I realized that it may seem disgusting that I had just imprinted of a child, who had just been born a few hours ago, but I couldn't help who I fell in love with…

Did I just say imprinted…

Had I just found my soul mate that I would love and cherish forever? I had always thought that Bella was the one for me. Even though I knew I could never have her, deep down inside I figured that I had already imprinted on her. I guess we were just not meant to be.

When I heard a loud grumble from upstairs I knew that Edward had figured out what had happened. I knew that this was a serious situation and he would probably murder me, but it wasn't as if I could help it so i laughed loud enough for him to hear.

Edward felt like coming downstairs immediately and killing me with his bare hands, but he knew that Bella would be unhappy with him if he attempted anything. Haha.

From upstairs I could hear Bella take her last few gasps of breath.

Renesmee… Renesmee…Carlie…Cullen.

That was my loves name. Renesmee, my beautiful little Nessie. My Lock-ness monster.

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