Author's note: I don't own Star Wars. This story is a spin-off of 'Hello, Goodbye.' It's a AU verse that is mainly from my original character's POV (Lady Thrice, who first appeared in my fanfic 'Hello, Goodbye'). Basically, Lady Thrice is thrown into the past after living happily ever after with Ben Kenobi after the fall of the Empire. Though, be warned I don't really have a direction with this plot.

Out of Time

Chapter 1

A strange bust of light swallowed her whole and blinded all her senses. She didn't know what was happening and she didn't know where she was. At one moment, she was alone in her room and the next she was standing on a platform in front of a strange massive building. She turned around and saw fast moving ships and transports whizzing by over head and roaring and humming in her ears. She saw other tall building and noticed that they cropped up everywhere. The whole landscape was crawling with skyscrapers. It was almost overwhelming. All the movement and sounds. It made her feel exposed and vulnerable and she didn't like it at all.

She hardly knew where to focus her eyes on all the commotion around her that she felt a bit dizzy, but there was something odd about the building she was facing. There was some kind of vibration that seemed to call to her deep inside. It was a feeling that was familiar, yet felt some how off. It was like tasting a dish and realizing you forget to season it with a spice.

At last, she made up her mind. She was going to go inside. She was going to track down this vibration and then try and get some answers. She was determined.

She then marched up the stairs and entered the massive building and saw that within it looked like some sort of temple. And all around all kinds of creatures move about while dressed in almost identical robes. They all wore light tunics and brown robes that touched the ground as they walked. They all looked like monks and she hoped that they wouldn't notice her as she was wearing a robe too. She had on a black robe and a dark red gown underneath with a white sash. She placed her hand tightly over her sword and fingered the spirit stone at the hilt. She sensed there was a mysterious aura about all these people. She didn't like being among so many unknown auras. She could tell they were strong.

Quietly, she moved as swiftly as she could through the halls and rooms of the temple and tried her best to hone in onto the one that was the most familiar. Yet, as she walked she saw that the creatures came in all ages, gender and species. Young children ran about and were being taught lessons and several pairs of youths seemed to be teamed up with older mentors. It looked to her like this temple was more of a school than a religious center.

Then, finally at last she came to a room that was filled with light and over flowing with the sound of running water. She entered and saw hundreds of fountains were bubbling and singing in the air. It was clearly a tranquil place and she could feel the energy of the universe move strongly within the atmosphere. It seemed to hum all around her and she allowed her spirit to vibrate along with it. Very so slowly, she opened her life force to it and closed her eyes to center her mind.

She knew she was close to the familiar aura.

Then, in a flash a laser-sword cut threw the air and she quickly tumbled and drew out her black blade with a clash. Sparks sizzled and flashed and the two duelers parted to get a good look at their opponents.

She turned her sharp gaze and saw a young man dressed all in black. He had an intense look in his steel blue eyes and he had long brown hair. He looked to be about in his late teens, but no more than twenty. He began to circle her like an animal would his prey, but she could tell he was also curious about her identity.

He asked, "Who are you? How did you get inside the Temple?"

However, the woman didn't answer right away. She gave the young man a critical look and narrowed her eerie red eyes. "You aren't the one I seek."

The young man didn't like being ignored and shouted, "I asked you a question! Who are you? How did you get in? You aren't a Jedi."

"Jedi?" parroted the woman.

Then, suddenly a bearded man with redish-brown hair came into view and rushed to the young man's side. "Anakin, what's worng? I sensed you were startled by something in the Force."

The youth, Anakin then pointed to the mysterious woman with his sword. "It's this woman, Master. Somehow she entered the Temple undetected and I felt her presence through the Force while I was meditating. Don't be deceived Master, she is very strong. I think she is looking for someone."

The older man then stepped forward and drank in the strange woman's appearance. She was wearing a long black robe that could have easily been mistaken for a Jedi's, but underneath she wore a red dress and long black hair. Yet, the thing that was the most alien about her was her eerie red eyes. They seemed to shine like two rubies and he noticed that she was gazing at him with just as much focus as he was.

He nodded his head slightly and said, "I am Jedi Master Obi-wan Kenobi. And this is my Padawan, Anakin Skywalker. Who are you?"

The woman suddenly gasped. She lowered her sword and unexpectedly dropped it onto the ground with a clang. She took a small step forward and spoke in a soft tender voice, "Obi-wan? Ben, my beloved… I'm so lost." The mysterious woman then ran to Obi-wan in full force and threw her arms around him in a tight hug. Silent tears began to pour down her face as she gently began to rain kisses all along his neck and face.

Meanwhile, Anakin was floored. Not only had some strange woman some how entered the Jedi Temple undetected, she seemed to have a thing for his Master. Now, he really wanted to know who this woman was. Though, from the shocked look of his Master, Anakin deduced that he didn't know her either.

Tentatively, Obi-wan removed the woman's arms from around his waist and sighed. He really had no clue who this woman was, but she obvious seemed to know him or she thought she did. Not that being kissed was so wrong. It was better than getting into a fight, but still he had no idea on how to handle this situation. But first things first, he had to get her identity.

"Please, Miss could you tell me your name?"

The strange woman tilted her head in confusion and regarded the question with a frown. "It's me, love. Your Lady Thrice. Don't you remember me?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't know anyone by that name."

The woman's ruby-eyes widen in shock. "Has something happened to you? Why do you have amnesia?"

Obi-wan shook his head, "I don't believe I'm suffering from amnesia, Lady Thrice. I think I'd remember a meeting with someone like you. Perhaps you've mistaken me for someone else?"

"No!" she roared. "I think I'd know my own husband."

"Husband!" shouted Anakin. "Since when have you been married?"

The Jedi Master turned his head and replied, "Anakin, I can assure you I've never been married before in my life. And Jedi are not encouraged to marry. Attachments are forbidden." Obi-wan then addressed the strange woman, "And Lady Thrice, I am not your husband. I have never had a wife."

The woman then gave Obi-wan a fiery glare. "I do not know what has happened, but I can assure you I am your wife. And you are my husband, Jedi Master Obi-wan Kenobi! You asked me to be yours and I am. I am Lady Thrice, third sister to the Blackswan clan of the Goldbird Society. I am a user of the Living Force, the ki, and I was your trainer for six months after your revival. And I have been married to you for thirty years."

Yet, Lady Thrice's rant didn't have the desired affect and instead Obi-wan frowned and said, "But that's impossible, I'm only in my mid thirties now and I hardly think we were married when I was a child."

"What?" exclaimed the stunned woman. "But you aren't just thirty. We met when you were in your sixties. This doesn't make any sense. How can this be? I'm so confused."

Anakin approached his Master and rubbed his neck also confused. "Did she say sixties? Is she saying you marry her when you're an old man, Master? Why would she marry you when you're an old geezer?"

Obi-wan shrugged, "Apparently, I look quite good in my old age, but that's assuming I'll still look the same. The lady here thinks I'm her husband as I appear now. And thirty years of marriage after age sixty, that would make me ninety."

Anakin shook his head. "But that doesn't make any sense. You'd be dead by ninety."

The Jedi Master frowned. "Thank you, Anakin."

"It would appear you are not my husband," said Lady Thrice. The strange woman then raised her hand towards her fallen sword and summoned it back into her gasp with the use of the Force. Her actions surprised the two Jedi and they both looked at her curiously as she sheathed it at her belt. She then looked up at the two men and bowed.

"May the Force be with you, my friend." The strange woman then turned and began to walk way.

Obi-wan was shocked. Her departure was so abrupt—so sudden. He still had so many questions. There was so much he didn't know. He couldn't let her leave. Without warning, he caught her by the arm and swung her around and saw she was crying. He was startled to see silent tears trailing down from her crimson-eyes, but she never made a sound. Obi-wan felt sympathy for this strange lady. She looked so sad and he realized that she wasn't the type of person who shed tears easily. If not, she'd never choose to hide them. It was clear to him that she was so sort of warrior. She was probably used to being hard and being emotional was something she didn't normally do. It was obvious now that their meeting had hurt her far more than she had let on.

"Please, don't go Lady Thrice. It is apparent that you are in need of help and I wish to aid you."

Mournfully, the lady replied, "That is kind of you Master Jedi, but I don't even know where to begin."

"Well, we can share our information and together we can figure it out. Come, let's go sit down. Perhaps we can speak with Master Yoda and get his opinion on this."

Lady Thrice shook her head and smiled, "I doubt the little green troll will know anymore then we do already."

Anakin exclaimed, "Little green troll! Master did you hear what she just said?"

Obi-wan sighed and began to lead the two towards Master Yoda's office.