Out of Time

Chapter 16

Kiya leaned her head towards her mother without breaking her stare at Obi-wan as she watched him eat. Mesmerized, she said, "Mother—is he really Father from the past?"

"Yes, Kiya," answered the lady patiently. "He is the original Obi-wan Kenobi. You must remember that you're father died once and he was cloned. It shouldn't be so hard thing for you to understand. After all, all your aunts are born from cloned DNA."

"But—but, he looks the same. Shouldn't he look younger if he is younger?"

Thrice sighed and said, "No, Kiya. We are dealing with time travel and two different incarnations. Technically, they are at two different points of time, but they just so happen to look the same. Your father is actually much older than he looks."

"Well, why doesn't Father look like an old man if he is an old man?"

"Your father's DNA has been altered by the clan and he ages much slower than if he were an identical clone. He is no longer an ordinary human. He is Lord Blackswan's creation."

Obi-wan paused eating and exclaimed, "You mean I'm no longer human?"

"You're mostly human."

"Mostly?" questioned the Knight surprised, but then he recalled that Thrice and her people were not human. They just looked human. "Well what else am I? I mean—what else is he?"

The lady frowned and answered; "Ben is part Varian. He has some of my people's DNA. It's what gives him a longer life span. And if you're wondering how long, it's about an average of 200 years."

The Knight was confused and said, "But I thought you were already 200 years old."

"I am. I've been revived several times when my people fought in a civil war. But as long as my mind was saved, I kept my pervious life's memories. This body I have now is about the same age as my husband's. He is about 32 even though he has the memories of someone age 90."

"Yet, your son is about 30 years old. How is that possible?"

At the question, the lady unexpected began to blush and she broke her gaze with the Knight. Subconsciously, she began to twirl her ebony locks and suddenly she looked just as innocent as her daughter. She gave the Jedi Master a shy smile and said, "The Society have fantastic scientist, Obi-wan. They don't need years to grow a clone. It only takes a few weeks to grow one and a few months to train. Ben was fully formed and mature in under a year. In truth, Ben and Jinn are around the same age physical because—well, Jinn is a honeymoon baby."

When Obi-wan realized what she was saying he also flushed. "Oh—well, I understand."

However, Kiya gave the Knight and her mother each a glance and then made a face. "This conversation is getting too private for me. I think I'll go find Jinn and spar. Maybe even Master Skywalker will spar with me too." And with a leap out of her chair, Kiya then dashed towards the door and she was gone.

Obi-wan turned to Thrice and said, "Skywalker? Anakin is here too?"

Yet, it wasn't Thirce who answered the Jedi Master, but Ben. He just arrived and stepped in and replied, "No. Anakin is with the Force. Master Skywalker is his son, Luke Skywalker."

"What? Anakin had a son?" shouted Obi-wan.

"Yes," answered Ben. "He had twins. He married Padme Amidala in secret against the Code and fell to the Dark Side and became a Sith, named Darth Vader. He feared that he would loose Padme and the twins and became Sidious' apprentice. He then murdered younglings at the Temple and burnt it to the ground and dueled with me on Mustafar. I then had the twins separated for their protection against the Sith after Padme's death and had Leia sent to live with Bail and Luke to Tatooine. I watched over Luke for years in exile till I got word that Vader had captured Leia. I went to rescue her and ended up getting murdered by Vader instead. It was after that I was revived and was trained to use the ki by Lady Thrice. The Emperor commissioned me and I was intended to be his new apprentice. However, that plan backfired and I was freed by Thrice and given all my previous life memories and it was my evil double who took my place. I then found Luke and trained him and together we killed the Emperor, my evil twin and liberated the clans from their Master. And then as they say, the rest is history."

At Ben's summary, Obi-wan was floored. He could not believe that Anakin could do such a thing. His own apprentice—his own brother and son had betrayed him—had killed him. It seemed unreal, yet he knew that his other-self wouldn't lie. It had to be true. It had to be the future. It was the isolation and despair that the lady warrior tried to warn him about back in his own time-line. This was the great tragedy she spoke about. This was his future hardship.

Though, as the Knight turned and looked at Ben he realized that he seemed fine. He didn't seem bitter and he didn't seem sad. How could he be so accepting when he had failed?

Ben then sat down next to Lady Thrice and took her hand and gave it a kiss. "Hello, my darling. Do we have any Java juice?"

In reply the lady shook her head and said, "You can't just go drop bombshells on your poor younger-self like that and then go ask for a drink. That's so insensitive."

Ben gave the woman warrior a smile and pleaded to her with his eyes. "Oh please, Milady. I promise to be good."

"Oh, all right. I will go get you both some Java juice."

The lady then left the room and entered the kitchen. The two Jedi Masters were now alone and Ben took the opportunity to give him a serious look and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Obi-wan, you must know that even though I have told you what will happen in the future, I cannot allow you to keep this information. I won't risk altering the past. I will make arrangements for you to forget all that you have seen and heard so that you won't be buried with knowing what will come to pass."

The Knight was shocked. "Then why bothering tell me at all?"

Ben sighed and said, "I need you to understand. And I want you to know that no matter how terrible events will play out they can still get a lot worse. You must accept things as they are."

Obi-wan then shot out from his chair and shouted, "No! You can't condemn me to live out such a tragedy. And believe me when I say that I have seen the Dark Future. I have seen the Sith's version of the world. I saw that monster slay poor Jinn. And even though he was fading from existence and his own mother did not even know him—he still continued to fight—he still had faith. I even witnessed Sidious' handiwork as he bent and twisted your lovely wife into a she-devil of Darkness and at the last possible moment she saved me from the hands of death. Force! Those things may not have ever happened, but they happened to me. I remember. I was there and now you say that I must forget—that I must live your life—that that is the right path I must live? Why would you do such a thing?"

Calmly, Ben said, "What I ask of you is not for me, it is for them. It is so that one day I may find my dear lady and someday have Jinn and my sweet Kiya. Don't you see? I would gladly endure any hardship as long as my future with them is secure."

"Ben," called Thrice. She walked back into the den with a tray with two glasses of Java juice and a drink of Nabian wine. She set the cups down onto a table and sighed. "Ben, you shouldn't make our family the only reason why you don't want things to change. It's very narrow minded. It's very selfish."

Ben replied, "I'm surprised, Milady. You are usually more self-serving than I am. And besides, this is a decision I'd rather have with just between me and Obi-wan."

"No, you just think you know what you're doing, but you don't. There is no right answer. There is no right or wrong. You're just justifying yourself. But, it is dangerous to know too much, Obi-wan. And sometimes knowing something won't change a thing at all. You just have to trust that what you are doing is the right thing."

Obi-wan drew in a deep breath and said, "Yes, I suppose you are right, Milady but I have learned so much from my experience. I fear I am no longer the same Jedi I once was. I feel like a better man for knowing you—for knowing you and Jinn. I think I would do things differently than I would have before we met."

Ben smiled at the Knight's words. He then turned and gazed at his lady lovingly and gently reached over to take her hand and gave her palm a kiss. "I know exactly what you mean—but, I will stand firm with my decision. And so my dear, why don't you do the honors?"

Lady Thrice then gave Ben a curious look and then stared at Obi-wan. She paused for a moment, but then realization dawned on her and she gasped. "Oh! You mean you want me to—"

Ben nodded his head in confirmation and said, "Yes, please Milady, with you it will be more pleasant."

Thrice narrowed her eyes and said, "That's awful sneaky, Ben. Are you sure?"

"Yes, positive."

Thrice then rose from her seat and gave her husband a small bow. "Well, as you wish, my lord."

Meanwhile, the Knight had absolutely no idea of what was going on or what his future-self meant. Though, before he could even ask the lady then leaned over and pressed her head unexpectedly close to Obi-wan's ear. The sudden intimate contact made him jump, but her hand held him still and then softly she began to hum.

"Oh, no!" exclaimed the Knight. "No—please, Milady. That won't be necessary. I can assure you I am completely calm."

Yet, the Jedi Master's pleas were utterly ignored and the ruby-eyed woman continued to serenade her victim. And once again, Obi-wan found himself consumed in the flow of the Living Force. He was completely powerless to resist. He found himself yielding to her song. He unconsciously closed his eyes and he felt himself slowly drifting away. He felt like he was drowning in a sea of love, longing and peace. And then in the mist of tranquility, Obi-wan suddenly realized that these feelings of blissful harmony and heartbreaking desire were actually Lady Thrice's emotions. He suddenly became aware that within her core existed a spirit that lived solely to worship him—to adore him—to love him. And when he felt her devotion it humbled him.

"…Oh, Thrice, how can you see me this way? How can you even contain it? How can you love—"

Though, abruptly Obi-wan felt someone shaking his shoulder. "Obi-wan! Hey, Obi-wan! Wake up already. I thought you said you want to train today?"

Blurry-eyed the Knight opened his eyes and then sat up with a start and looked around him. He discovered he was in his own room. He was back at the Temple. He was back at his own time. What in the Force was going on?

Anakin then sat down in a nearby chair and said, "Jeez Master, did you know you talk in your sleep?"

"I what?"

"You talk in your sleep. You kept tossing and turning and moaning some woman's name. 'Rice' something and Milady." Anakin then laughed and said, "I didn't know you had dreams like that Master."

Obi-wan then threw his covers off and sat at the edge of his bed with annoyance. "I don't know what you're talking about, Padawan. And besides, I can't seem to remember what I was dreaming about. All I can recall is feeling loved and then feeling like I didn't deserve it."

Anakin narrowed his brow at Obi-wan's explanation, but then lightly shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, like you say Master, dreams will pass in time."

"Yes, I suppose you're right, Anakin. Just give me a few minutes to get ready and I'll join you for that training session."

The young Jedi then got up from the chair and headed for the door. "Ok, Master. I'll meet you at the training room."

In answer, Obi-wan groaned and fell back down onto his bed and sighed. He raised his hands and rubbed his face and said out loud, "I think I'm missing something, but what? What was I dreaming about?"

Force! It was just a stupid dream. Why did he want to remember what it was about anyway? It wasn't like it was important. Though, it felt important—like he needed to know something. Yet, it could very well be just a dirty dream like Anakin suggested. Though, there weren't any ladies he could recall catching his eye recently. No one he'd waste time thinking about anyway.

Obi-wan then rubbed his beard. "Hmmm…Rice? Sounds foreign, but maybe I was just hungry?" The Knight then contemplated his stomach and thought about breakfast. He really needed to get ready, he knew that Anakin wasn't very patient. And with a deep breath, he finally rose and began to dress.


When Obi-wan entered the training room he saw Anakin was sparing with another Padawan to kill time while he waited. Obi-wan decided to see how well his apprentice was progressing and settled down to watch. He saw that both students were using lightsaber instead of practice swords because both students were advanced. Obi-wan knew it wouldn't be that long before Anakin became a knight. He was very talented and skilled. He just lacked emotional maturity and still had issues with fear. The Jedi Master was confident with a little more time and effort; his Padawan would soon overcome his problems and become a great Jedi.

However, as the match progressed Obi-wan's attention wondered and he saw another pair of Padawans sparing nearby with practice swords. The two were obviously younger, but very talented. And as they fought something unexpected happened and one of the students lost their sword and it got lodged into a wall. The blade stood erect and unmoved and Obi-wan saw the student had ran over to try and remove it, but as Obi-wan saw this, he suddenly remember something similar happened in his dream.

He remembered seeing a deserted city street and a black sword was sticking out of a steel beam. He recalled seeing a man approach the sword and he pulled it out with ease, yet there was great sadness in him. There was such pain—such grief. Obi-wan tried to recall what this pain was about.

"…Mother" he whispered.

"Hey, Master. Are you ok?" asked Anakin. The Jedi Master then looked up and realized that he didn't even notice his apprentice had walked over.

Obi-wan then gave Anakin a curious look and said, "Do you think about your mother, Anakin?"

Meanwhile, the young Jedi was dismayed. He never in a million years expected Obi-wan to ask him that. "Hum…yeah. I do sometimes. I worry about her. She's all alone on Tatooine. And she's still a slave. But, I know that attachments are forbidden, Master—that I'm not allowed to visit her."

"What does your heart tell you, Anakin?"

Frustrated, Anakin answered, "It tells me I should go rescue her! But, doing that would go against the Code and I don't want to disappoint you, Master. I know you're depending on me—that everyone else is too—that I'm the Chosen One. That attachments lead to the Dark Side."

"I'm not so sure that's the right decision anymore, Anakin."

"What! What are you talking about?"

"I—I had this dream. I dreamt about a knight and his mother. About a warrior whose master was his own heart. Where there is no Sith and there is no Jedi. Where there is no Darkness and there is no Light. Only the Force—and—oh, well never mind. I was just thinking that it maybe too much to ask of you to forget your own mother, Anakin. Maybe you should contact her someday and gain some closure. Something to give you some peace of mind. I think I'll have a word with Master Yoda about it."

Anakin was shocked. "Obi-wan, are you serious?"

"Of course."

"But the Code? The prophecy?"

Obi-wan smiled and said, "So you rather I not ask?"

"NO!" shouted the Padawan. "Please, ask away Master. You know what's best."

The Jedi Master then got up from his seat and patted Anakin on the back and laughed. "I wish you'd agree with me so eagerly all the time, my Padawan. If you did, then we'd never waste our time."


The End.


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