Well basically the summary tells all. When Elspeth leaves for her quest, this is the letter she wrote Rushton and left inside her room in the exact centre of the table with the ring that he gave her on their bonding day. It's full of random stuff 'cause I wrote it at 1 o'clock in the morning, but essentially it's what I think she might have written. Enjoy!


I don't own Obernewtyn or any of its characters. I do, however, own this letter. I stole it via the dreamtrails.

Dear Rushton,

I am so sorry that I had to leave, my love. I have no choice in the matter. It concerns matters greater than us, Obernewtyn, or the land. You and I are small compared to it, and I have been bound to this fate from the day that I was born. I should not tell you this, but I trust you with my life.

I can tell you now that you can't hope that I will return. I cannot come back.

With this letter you will find my bondring. I will always be bonded to you my love, but I am dead to you now. You must promise me to give this ring to the one you will bond to when you find love again. This is my legacy, and I hope that you will heal.

Please say goodbye to everyone at home for me – to Hella, for her kindness, to Maryon, for her guidance, to Garth and his guild, for their reliability of finding the information I needed for my quest, to Roland, for his healing specialties, to Brydda, for his strong friendship, to the Beast guild, to the Coercers, to the Futuretellers, to the Beast speakers, to the Empaths, to the Healers, to my own Farseekers (the authority to I place with Mathew), to Mathew and to Dameon, especially Dameon – I must be blind to not have noticed his affections, but I know of them.

I say goodbye to you Rushton, and it tears my heart apart.

I suppose though that you are better off without me, for wherever I go, there is one who follows who wishes me harm. Bad things happen to people around me, my love, like the death of Jik and Mathew's enslavement, or your capture and torture. You are safer when I am not around. The one who follows me does not spare the ones I care about.

There are more reasons why you should stay away, Rushton. I have done bad things in my past. It doesn't matter that they were unintentional, it just makes it worse. What I did to Dragon was nothing. Nothing compared to what else I have done. I've killed, without my hands. I killed, and more than one person. Madam Vega's death saved you life, but the other was more than my mind can handle. I am dangerous. Perhaps leaving is the best thing that I could have done.

Perhaps I should have never come to Obernewtyn.

I cannot explain the reason why I have to leave, or where, or with whom, or if I will be travelling with somebody at all. I cannot afford to leave such a costly secret anywhere, because although you may burn this letter or keep it, there are ways of finding its contents that do not involve such things. Also, you must not stop me. I am already on the blackdeathroad, and always have. There is no turning back now.

Goodbye, my ravek, we will not meet again. You must move on and be strong for Obernewtyn's sake.

With all the love in my heart,