Chapter 1 - Arranged Marriage

Mackenzie rolled around in bed...She usually had a hard time sleeping when her husband was patrolling at night. She wasn't sure why she cared for him so much. It wasn't a marriage produced out of love...It wasn't a fun marriage...It wasn't even a marriage of convenience.

Arranged...That's what kind of marriage it was...An arranged marriage. It was forced on her. Why you might ask? Because she was half Indian and half white girl!

Of course she didn't find out she was half Quileute Indian until she was 13, when her mother died and she was sent to live with her father and his real family on the reservation in La Push Washington.

She never even knew her father, apparently he was a married Indian man and he had gone off the reservation to have a huge affair with a pale face, as a result Mackenzie was conceived, born, and grew up in Forks Washington which was about 30 minutes from La Push. Why she was never told about her dad she'd never know. The only person she could ask who had the answers was her mother and she was dead. She went to the school in the reservation and was constantly made fun of for not looking like everyone else. Her skin wasn't as dark as theirs but it wasn't completely pale either...It was a dark honey color and her hair wasn't jet black either it was dark brown with blonde high lights cause her mother was blonde. She didn't have brown eyes, her eyes were a deep violet color.

In the reservation school her half brother was no help...Jared was not used to the fact that he had a half sister...he used to call her a mutt when he would get mad at her...which was all the time. Kenzie just figured it was normal for brothers and sisters to not get along. She also figured eventually they would get along. Actually it was more of something she'd hoped and wished for. Her dad was always trying to instill the reservation ways into her upbringing, and his wife usually ignored her because she wasn't her mother...and Jared seemed like the only link to normalcy...But between her wants and needs for a normal life...It didn't happen.

When Mackenzie turned 15 her dad took her into his office...Which was basically the garage and told her he was arranging for her to be married...Kenzie wasn't sure what to say or do...but knew if she refused, it would be disrespectful to her family and the family providing the boy for her to marry. She only nodded her head and walked away...What was she supposed to say? What could she say? Anything she said could've been misconstrued as being disrespectful and she really didn't want that.

So once she graduated high school at 17 she was married to Paul Redson. He was full blooded Quileute Indian. Of course the big secret was, Paul had a gene in him that made him a shape shifter and he could shape shift into a wolf to help protect the Quileute lands from Vampires. Yea it sounds unbelievable...But it was definitely all true. Paul had a short fuse and more often than not he would get pissed off and lose his temper and phase into a wolf...But he never lost his temper around Kenzie...He always managed to keep his temper in check. Of course he was 6 feet tall and 165 lbs of pure muscle so that alone was intimidating to Mackenzie who stood at 5'7" and 125 lbs.

So here she was staring at the ceiling. She knew Paul wasn't going to be home until at least 3 am. Then he would sleep most of the day, get up and eat dinner and be gone to patrol again by 5 or 6. They talked every once in a while...but for the most part the marriage was specifically arranged so her dad wouldn't have to worry about her meeting someone outside of the reservation who wasn't Quileute. No love was involved with them. Sex was a nice thought some days, but not a requirement. There were some days he was affectionate with her and some days when she forgot completely she was even married. She had to admit though...Getting to know him over the last year that they'd been married was nice...She would probably never tell him she was in love with him...Only for the simple fact that love wasn't required for their marriage. Basically the only thing they was a requirement between them was Quileute land protection and babies.

Mackenzie didn't relish getting pregnant from a man who didn't love her...Which was probably one of the reasons she'd snuck into Forks one day and got put on birth control pills...she hid them well...She never wanted anyone to find out about her taking them...It would be even bigger disrespect to tell her dad she didn't want to have a baby with someone who didn't love her, then getting knocked up by a complete stranger. Which was what Paul basically was to her. They'd had sex once or twice a month sometimes not even that...It was cold and unfeeling and it was basically done with one reason in mind. Procreation. Life wouldn't continue on the reservation if no one had babies. And the Quileute genes and blood line would disappear in existence.

Kenzie sat up in bed and flicked the light on, on her night stand. She looked at the empty space beside her and ran her finger tips over his pillow lightly. She leaned over and inhaled deeply...Yup it smelled like him. Before she knew it...It was 3 am and she heard the front door open and close as she quickly turned the light off and laid down trying to act as though she was sleeping. She heard him kick off his shoes on his side of the bed as he pulled the blanket back and carefully slid into bed.

Paul's low voice said, "I know you're not asleep...What gives?" Kenzie said, "Just couldn't sleep is all." Paul's laughter rumbled his chest and said, "I know...I wasn't here...Sorry...C'mere." Kenzie rolled over and he had his arm out as she moved over and laid her head on his chest and said, "Don't apologize you was doing something more important...And I get that." Paul mumbled 'ok'...He kissed the top of her head and wrapped his arm around her. Soon they were both asleep.