I got hooked on these two overnight. XD I love twins, I don't know why, I just do. I practically obsess about them. Although I don't care for Hiei much, I adore how deep he cares for his sister, who doesn't even know he's her brother. I can only imagine the turmoil he feels.

In the span of 2-3 hours, inebriated by a massive headache and severe lack of sleep, this is born. XD

Your Hand in Mine

{Hiei x Yukina}

Chapter 1

He holds out his hand and not a moment later she grasps it, giggling, nearly squealing in fright as Yukina stumbles, but quickly regains her footing. Hiei remains silent, watching his twin amuse herself as she tiptoes on the stone hedge, swaying from side to side, arms flailing back and forth, pretending to be like one of those frilly and ridiculous looking dancers– a ballerina, was it? That's the name she supplied him with when sharing to him all the enlightening things she watched on human television shows.

Her innocence intrigues him, has always intrigued him, ever since he first laid eyes on her by merciful chance. A toddler then, tiny and fragile, playing with forest animals in the snow, the kimono never hindering her clumsy movements. How his heart ached to see her up close, to introduce himself to her properly, to touch the being that was supposed to be his other half. But he had restrained his curiosity, successfully and with great difficulty, solely because Hiei was too scared to get close.

I'd rather watch you from far away, Hiei ponders, solemn and resigned to this secret, where I think you won't see me, won't sense my presence, or pick up on my masked ki. You are safe. You always are safe when I check to see how you're doing. I doubt you need me in this life. After all, I am cursed... what have I blessed you with, except protection?

Hiei is grateful, of course, when he is able to spend time with Yukina, since being this close is too much for him to ask for. Sometimes he wonders if she enjoyed his company as much as he did hers. And Hiei never tired of watching her, since looking out for her was his choice, always smiling a ghost of a smile at the simple, little things she did.

The autumn leaves drift to the cement, that, if Yukina squints at it, is littered with specks of glitter as far as her scarlet eyes can see. Piles of stones and dust whirl in the wind, flying in gusts of spirals, billowing Hiei's jet black robe, rustling his spiky dark hair, exuding a rare serenity in this mute setting. The wind tugs at Yukina's long turquoise tendrils, twisting it around her face, tickling at her eyes, causing a teary mirth to alight her presence. And while she is not looking, Hiei sneaks a peak at her soft and pretty expression, glancing at the pearl pendant swinging on her bosom, his free hand instinctively reaching for his own, almost forgetting that the twin hangs from his right wrist, the hand that is busy holding hers.

Yukina makes a sudden leap, twisting to lunge at him, and by reflex Hiei extends his short arms in an open embrace, catching the petite girl with the warmth of her arms wrapped around his neck, suspended in this fleeting moment of intimacy.

Her laughter, light and tinkling like Christmas bells– is it possible this merry sound exists because of me? The fondness glowing in her scarlet orbs, surely the emotion originates from her, or are they mirrored in eyes so much like hers? And her angelic smile, this sliver of happiness– Hiei can only hope, does not deserve to hope– does it belong to me, and only me?

His mouth betrays him, throwing considerate words that are masked by his trademark terse tone, trying to conceal how self-conscious he feels, "Let's head back soon. The night will grow cold." He scolds himself for how foolish he sounded. Hiei knows full well Yukina basks in the chill, the Japan cold much more mild and tame compared to the ice domain. It is a familial instinct to care for his other half, even when he prefers never to speak of it, frequently agonizes over lying in her face, her hopeful and sad face, and she smiles in spite of that still, unaware of his deception.

Yukina surprises him with forgiveness and understanding; though he doesn't ask for it, her kindness heals his guilt, contentment superimposing his wordless protests to accept her unconditional affection. He forgets about their barriers, the tragedy of their relationship, all of it, when her wide smile and small nod dispels all the negative feelings plaguing his demon soul, his human heart.

Pulling away from him, Yukina takes his hand again, heat sparking in this physical bond, startling him with such raw magnitude. Oblivious to his regret, Yukina leads him down the leaf-ridden path, coaxing him to frolic with her together in the autumn breeze. It is by grudging reluctance that he complies with her small wish, and allows this girl to captivate his heart and reel him out of the dark path.

Let her have all of me, and I all of her. We are twins, and we belong together. Through Hell and high waters, call me, and I will be by your side.

You will always be my sister, my darling little ice maiden, the one who I hold dear in my heart, forever.