Chain and Her Contractor

—Oz x Alice—

It's my first ever Pandora Hearts fanfic… I hope it's good, so enjoy!

11 moments of the life of a Chain and her Contractor.


"Whether you're the real Oz or not, you're still 'Oz' to me! Stupid manservant!"

She had accepted him for who he is and that's one of the reasons he loved her very much.


The world seemed to be more colorful every time Alice was with him.


The two looked alike. She looked at the taller, more mature looking one. His long blonde hair was braided and he had a hopeful light in his emerald eyes. The younger one, with shorter golden hair and similar emerald eyes, but hope was not reflected in them. There was disappointment, dejection… it's almost as if he was sure that she would pick the other.

"I'm sorry. It is the Will of the Abyss that had been waiting for you, Jack. Not me."

—Sun and Moon

If Alice was the sun that shines brightly, honestly, then he was the moon, who needed her light to glow in the darkness of the night sky.


Sharon loved seeing Oz and Alice together. In one of her 'girly moments' as Break would put it, she'd be busy teaching Alice all sorts of romantic things. From jealousy to kissing to relationships, she'll be a good teacher to cute and innocent Alice. She hoped that Alice would use the knowledge to win Oz's heart.

But when she passed by the fireplace and found Oz and Alice sharing a blanket and cuddling while sleeping, Sharon couldn't help but feel just a little bit of proudness. She liked to think that this happened because of her lessons too.


"When everything has ended, you and I…"

She had never really thought about the continuity of the sentence. When it crossed her mind in one of her idle moments, she wondered about it.

Would they be together, forever?

Live happily ever after, like in Sharon's romance fairy tale books?

Or, in a worst case scenario, trapped forever in the abyss when Oz's clocklike seal has stroke twelve?

But just one sentence from Oz ended her thoughts.

"Why do you think so hard about it? Whatever happens, we'll still have a bond, right? We'll still be together."

—Flirting and flirting

Alice noticed this every time she went to buy meat with Oz and sometimes, the Seaweed Head.

Whenever they come across a girl that seemed younger than her manservant, he would flirt with the random passerby girl, and sometimes, pulled out a red rose out of nowhere. It annoyed her so much that she actually felt jealous.

So, to find the solution why, she asked Sharon, the 'Master of Love' as the girl liked to be called.

"It's weird! Whenever my manservant sees girls, he just goes up to them and… what was it again? Right, flirted with them!" then, Alice added, in a voice barely above a whisper, "He never does it to me…"

"Alice, don't you know?" Sharon replied, sparkles in her eyes and around her, "He never does it to you because he's serious with you! You see, men are never serious when they flirt with girls—they're serious with girls they don't flirt with!"

It kind of eased Alice's worry, but she just couldn't help having an urge to beat up Oz whenever he does it.


"I never knew Chains could get sick," Gilbert commented, when he had felt Alice's burning forehead.

"Shut up, Seaweed Head."

After that, Alice thought that being sick wasn't so bad, especially if it meant that her manservant was with her the whole time.

—What you mean to me

"My most precious Alice…"

When Oz said that, it had been a lie.

Alice wasn't just precious to him, she's irreplaceable.


He had taken the pocket watch and its music has reached her.

She had sought for the light, and he was her guide to it.

"Why were you the one who picked up the pocket watch?" Why did I listen to its call?

"It's because the chain of fate connects us." Because it's our destiny.

—First and last

Alice was his first kiss.

Sure, it was because he had to form a contract with her and drink her blood, but that moment qualified as a kiss.

She's also his first love.

He knew that it was clichéd, but he acknowledged that he loves Alice when she was almost gone. Feelings that he thought as friendship, a relationship of a Contractor and his Chain had grown to love.

Oz would make sure that she'll be his last love too.

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