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I give you…*drumroll*…EVER ALONE.

He could see her. He could see him. But he couldn't move.

"Why, Fang?" she whispered hoarsely, with an emotion he'd never heard in her voice before. "Why?"

He finally recognised it. It was hopelessness and despair. She'd given up. After fighting so many battles, Maximum Ride had given up.

His clone smirked cruelly at her, a twisted replica of his own famous smirk. "Because I don't love you." Max reeled as though he had slapped her. She coughed, and a shimmering red liquid fell from her throat. It was blood.

And he simply stood there, unable to do anything. Angel II was controlling him with her mind control powers, and he was helpless to see his own clone torture Max, mentally and physically.

Fang II gave her a last kick, and she flew to the back of the room, hitting the wall and landing in a horribly twisted position. Her limbs were at impossible angles, and blood was flowing freely from her head.

But the thing that hurt him the most was that she wasn't moving. Not at all.

Angel and his clone winked at him, and he felt the restricting bonds fade away. And as he ran to Max, he finally understood.

Her screams of anguish echoed in his head. They'd tortured Angel, Iggy, Nudge, and Gazzy. They'd tortured Max with the fact that the person she'd thought she could trust was killing her.

And they'd tortured him with the fact that everyone he loved was dead. The fact that he'd witnessed the death of the girl he loved, how the last light from her eyes had slowly slipped away, how she'd gazed at 'him' with so many emotions, but never hatred.

With the fact that he was all alone in the world.