Hitting The Right Note.

By TeamDeanWinchester4Ever.


The castle walls surrounded the city of Volterra and, miles under ground, it was the same for the catacombs.

There was a tour for the history of Volterra. The group of about twenty huddled inside, they were all completely different, different nationalities, different religions, different skin tones, hair, eyes.

The only thing that was similar about them was that they were being lead to their death.

When they entered the grand hall Felix, one of the murders, looked at the humans with a bored, and slightly hungry, expression on his face. His eyes glanced over all of them, his eyes resting on a little girl. She was five years old, and had the innocence and naivety that she should have. Her blue eyes lit up as she looked around the hall, her eyes looking over everything, and her blond ringlets fell on her face.

She was beautiful… Felix couldn't allow this to happen.

"Hid your daughter," He went over and whispered to the girl's mum. He pointed over to one of the benches.

The mum wondered over to the bench, holding the girl's hand tightly in her own, "Baby, whatever happens, I love you, you know that… now never forget it." She muttered, kissing her on the forehead.

The girl stayed hidden, she stayed quiet whilst the frenzy happened… at lest till her mother was attacked, her scream grew so loud that it can still be heard echoing the walls of the great hall.


"Ssh, little one," Felix hushed the screaming girl" It's okay, I won't let them hurt you."

He ran through the castle walls, stopping only when they were safely outside the catacombs.

Felix spoke quickly in Italian, his eyes never moving from the girl.

He hung up then, and looked around and saw the golden angel, "I'll take her, Felix, We'll keep her safe." He spoke softly, "You did the right thing. Don't worry, we'll return her to her father." He held his arms out then, and Felix placed the tiny, fraigle human girl in his arms.