Chapter 5.

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One month later.

Penny POV.

I stared at this lady, hard and direct, hoping that she would get the message and leave. Now.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind that dad wants to move on from mum, that's fine, he's spent far to long mourning for her loss, but this women was agrivatting.

Her personner was loud and bubbly, I hate loud and bubbly. Her blonde hair was in a pathtic bun that was falling out of place. She wore clothes that even I would't consider wearing and I wanted to tell her that she should leave me and my life alone.

What? Dad may be over mum's death, but I can't get over it. I feel that I'm missing some exceptionally important notice that would explain it, like if it was actually the bloodsuckers.

Also, she only sees me as the celebrity, not my own person, not the little girl who was mute for so long after her mother's death, the little girl that still has nightmares over it and adds whatever her over active mind can force herself too.

Sometimes, I close my eyes and make myself believe that it was just the longest nightmare in the world, but, when I open my eyes I realise that my mother is still dead and that, no matter how hard I wish, she will always be dead.

You tell anyone this and you will suffer.

Dad was smilling like a goof ball at his new girlfriend and I was trying to find away out of the situation at hand when, all of a sudden, the phone rang.

"I'll get it," I cheerfully called.

Maybe there is a God, a cruel, sadistic God.

I picked the phone up and placed it to my ear, "Hello?" I called tentivally.

"Is this Penny Unknown?" The random voice asked. It clearly belonged to an overly cheery girl, fanbloodytastic.

No, this is Misa-Misa, the Japanese Idol. Of course it is, you idiot. "Yes, who is speaking?" I asked.

"I'm Jane, I belong to the head of the committee that deals with the St. Marcus Day festivals and we would like you to sing at it." Jane said.

"Okay, that sounds absolutely fine." I told her. "I need to go to school now, so I'll speak to you later." I hung up.

Quickly, I left the house, to escape to school. I needed to talk to Hat and Leprechaun as soon as possible. Otherwise something exceptionally bad could happen… like my death.

I more or less ran to school, hoping that they aren't yet stalking me. It felt as though everything was finally falling into place and the place was far too dangerous to pathetic mortal like myself to be placed in.

I felt as though as Shinagami had thought it fun to mess with my life in such a way that he can get as much sadistic pleasure out of it as possible. Maybe it was as simple as I could only have as much freedom before...

Well, I was going to school.

I made it to school in quite literally the nick of time, the bell had just made it's shrill cry, telling us all that we had six hours of hell to go.

Quickly, I looked around the loud, hot, stuffy, over crowded hallway that was full to the brim with students like myself that were in the seventh kind of hell.

What? That woman put me in a very bad place.

Where the heck were they?

Then I saw them, they weren't… one of us.

What the HELL?

Soon, I would be dead…

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