Isabella Lilly potter

Chapter 1

It has been two months since the pathetic Edward Cullen left me I didn't even love him, I just needed to get close to him to get to know vampires and the Shape-shifters for my headmaster in London. Because you see I'm not really Bella Marie Swan I altered the Renee's and Charlie's memories to think they had a child. My name is Isabella Lilly Potter my real parents Lilly and James potter died at the hands of lord Voldermort to save me and my younger brother Harry James Potter my brother is the best his staying with that horrid aunt and uncle of ours but when I get back were going to live with our godfather Sirius Black. My best friends are the Weasley twins Fred and George where in seventh year which means were in last year and I'm eighteen were Fred and George are 17. My birthday is September 17th and Fred and George is April 1st. Today I was going to leave the boring rainy town of folks to go see my family and go back to my last year of school. I picked up my wand 12ΒΌ ash Unicorn hair and pointed it to the air and whispered "Obliviate" the charm erases everyone's memories so everyone will forget about me. I packed my trunk and my owl Amber I shrunk my trunk and put it in my pocket along with my phone and IPod Mr Weasley will love these. I looked around the room which has been mine for year and apprated to 12 Grimmauld place headquarters to the order of phoenix also home to my godfather Sirius Black. I landed in the dining room to see no one there I shouted out.

"YO anyone here? Sirius your favourite godchild is here!"

I heard running down the stairs I saw Sirius grab me up and swing me around

"Yeah it's good to see you too now put me down."

Everyone laughed i snapped my head round to see the Weasley's and Remus Lupin. The twins ran at me

"Bells how are you? We missed you didn't we George?"

"Why yes we did Fred our pranks sucked without you." I laughed and hugged them.

"Right now kids apart from Bella upstairs." I walked over to the table the members of the order that were here started talking but ignored them thinking about a certain Metamorphmagus Nymphadora Tonks. I have been crushing on Nymphadora since first year when I first saw her we became best of friends we would wind each other up and tease each other when we got older everyone knew I was a flirt so I started to flirt with nymph. I was snapped out of my thoughts by hearing Sirius saying

"He deserves to know if it helps Voldermort with the war." Molly reply's by

"His just a boy he doesn't need to know." I looked at everyone and growled everyone snapped their heads to me I heard the door but carried on.

"Sirius is right he does need to know his my flipping brother and Voldy is after me as much as him if it helps my brother to beat him or keep him safe flipping tell him!"

Everyone seemed shocked I looked up to see harry at the door I smiled at him. Mrs Wesley got up and told him to go upstairs I saw Tonks come into the room I starred at her I looked at her slender legs, rocking body then her gorgeous face I smiled.

"We'll look at what the cat dragged in Nymphadora Tonks." Her hair went red

"Don't call me Nymphadora, Isabella." I narrowed my eyes but smirked and got up and hugged her smelling her hair. Then I sat back down

"I still stand by what I said he deserves to know."

"But Bella he is still a boy."

"Harry just a boy bullshit." Everyone looked shocked and stared at me with wide eyes I just shrugged

"What come on you know the things he has done. Survived Voldermort's killing curse at the age of one as well as the stuff he has done in Hogwarts seriously him ain't a boy no more I've gone through the same stuff but seriously he deserves to know." I looked over to Tonks and winked she got a faint blush I smirked and licked my lips.

"Enough of this I thinks it's time for dinner." I nodded and stood I walked over to Tonks and put my arm around her shoulder and kissed her cheek. I heard people coming down the stairs I saw Sirius go to the door.

"Harry" "Sirius" harry ran and hugged Sirius "what no hello old wise sister of mine i missed my great sister?" I smirked when harry ran at me i picked him up and twirled him then hugged him to me. We all sat down me next to Tonks and Ginny. Tonks was showing off with her Metamorphmagus I smiled.

"Sirius tell him if not I will." I was looking down on my godfather.

"Harry we believe that Voldermort is after something, something he didn't have last time." I leant over and whispered in Tonks ear. "Can he be any more cryptic?" Tonks giggled everyone looked at us Tonks pointed at me I gave her a mocking glare. "I said can you be any more cryptic?"

"OK well we think his after something he didn't have last time."

"That is enough he is just a boy, if you carry on then you might as well sign him up for the order."

"Good because if Voldermort is going to fight then I want to fight to." I smirked and high fived harry. I really wanted a pumpkin juice so I Apparited across the room grabbed the jar and Apparited back. I felt my phone in my back pocket vibrate I got my Iphone out everyone looked at it curiously I answered.


"Hello Bella." My eyes widened

"What do you want Alice?"

"I want to know why I can't see your future any more."

"why the hell do you care Alice if I remember rightly you and your family left and your dickhead of a brother left me in the middle of a forest in the dark and said him and your family didn't care about me or love me I was a toy so why do you fucking care?" Everyone looked angry when I said about Edward leaving me in the forest.

"Bella please listen." I cut her off

"I don't want to hear it Alice good-bye." I hung up pushed my plate away and got up.

"I'm not hungry any more I think I'm going to go to bed."

I walk upstairs to the room I share with Tonks and put a pair of sweatpants on and a tank top and laid on my bed with my hands behind my head I sighed. I was staring up at the ceiling I thought about how I'm only going in school for a couple of weeks to do my N.E.W.T.S Dumbledore said I just need to do my tests then I can leave his given everyone the option over the past year I studied twice as much as normal so I'm pretty confident I'll do OK. When I leave I want to become an Auror I have to get at least five N.E.W.T.S in subjects like Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Charms, and Herbology, and no grade lower than Exceeds Expectation in any of these subjects. Then, prospective Aurors are required to undergo a stringent series of character and aptitude tests to show if I react well under pressure. That's going to be hard work and I do and get excepted into Auror training you get required to train extensively in advanced magical combat and other elements of practical defense, as well as, presumably, methods of criminal investigation. Two of the disciplines included are "Concealment and Disguise" and "Stealth and Tracking". Training lasts up to three years. But the good thing is I have begun training I just have to get the grades then I can become an Auror. I'm already apart of the Order of the phoenix I became a member when I became of age. I was brought out of my thoughts by Tonks walking in the room I looked over to her but turned over and feel into a restless sleep. I was tossing and turning in my sleep sweat was covering my body. I kept seeing Voldermort killing Sirius, Harry, The Weasley's and Tonks and then making me live a lonely life as a death eater then the dream started to do a repeat I was tossing and turning with sweat over my body now I was screaming to I was trying to get to Tonks before Voldermort killed her but something was holding her back suddenly she woke with a start she sat up straight in the air she looked around to see Tonks was the one holding her down she managed a small smile.

"Thanks I think I let him in my head again that dream was the worst so far." Tonks came around and sat against my headboard.

"It's ok all I could hear was No, Sirius, Harry, Fred, George and Tonks if you want to talk I'm hear ok." I nodded

"We were in this room I think it's in the ministry and death eaters had my tied to a wall and Voldermort killed Sirius, Harry, The Weasley's and you all in front of me then he made me into a death eater and to live my life alone. Then it would replay over and over again every time I try to save you I'm held back." Tonks put her arm over my shoulder.

"It's aright nothing is going to happen why don't you try to get to sleep Bells? By the way I missed you when you left."

"I missed you to Dora." With that I rolled over and fell asleep not hearing Nymphadora say "more than I should."