Chapter 20

Bella screamed and ran for the door like many others and ran outside to see Hagrid walk towards the school with Harry's lifeless body with Voldermort and his followers behind him suddenly Neville Longbottom ran up to the snake and chopped his head off then ran back before anyone could see but Voldermort did and raised his wand Bella ran and jumped in front of him pushed him behind me. Everyone started to back away into the hall, Bella walked up to Ginny with tears coming down her face and took hold off her while she was screaming 'HARRY' Ginny held on to me as i directed her to the great hall Bella knew she was going to die so Bella handed Ginny to Molly and walked over to Tonks she stroked her cheek.

"I love you Tonks still after everything I love you i want you to be happy and live a good life I'm so proud of what you have done I love you Tonks be happy for me."

Bella then lent forward and kissed her but pulled away before Tonks could kiss her back then looked around the room to see that loads have died Percy Weasley, Alaster Moody, Dumbledore and Snape i knew all along he was a spy.

Bella wasn't paying attention to what Voldermort was saying then suddenly Harry jumped up and was very much alive.


Bella ran up next to him and held her wand up at Voldermort along with Harry.

Voldermort pointed his wand at Harry.


Harry shouted "EXPELLIARMUS"

Bella shouted "AVADA KADAVADA"

Before Voldermort's killing curse hit Harry, Harry's curse hit Voldermort and his wand went flying then Bella's killing curse hit Voldermort which made Voldermort die.

Everyone was cheering Death Eaters Apparated trying to escape Bella was helping capturing the Death Eaters when she saw Lucius Malfoy shoot a killing Curse at Tonks.

Everyone turned when they heard the killing curse Bella ran and changed into a wolf were there were gasps she ignored them and pushed Tonks out the way and the curse hit Bella in the chest Bella fell to the floor and changed back into a human and was laying in a pair of shorts and t-shirts there were shouts.


Tonks went up to Bella and Bella said "I love you Tonks."

McGonagall ran up to Bella and checked her pulse and said in a dead haunting tone.

"Isabella Lilly Potter is dead."


There will be a sequel.