An Unconventional Education

Rinslet's idea of a good time doesn't usually mesh with Train, Eve, and Sven's, but her uncanny ability to manipulate them puts them in a situation that they never expected.


Here it is. The epilogue. The final part to this story.

Woodney sighed, content, as he settled comfortably into his beige couch with a mug of tea cradled between his hands. He had just returned from the most exciting ten days of his life, and he was still coming down from the high that adventure always brought him.

When the Black Cat had appeared at his door ten days ago, Woodney had nearly fainted. His idol's appearance tended to make him feel weak and slightly shaky, even though Train was several year his junior.

He sighed again. What a week and three days it had been! Train had appeared, demanding Woodney's help. And Woodney had, of course, offered it without question or hesitation. What followed was a blur of airplanes, buses, and rented cars as the two of them scoured the globe, looking for something very, very special. Train had impressed upon his disciple just how important it was that they found perfection in their travels. Woodney had kept a notebook full of stores, prices, and hastily-drawn sketches, which they used as comparison whenever they found another potentially 'perfect' one.

Then they found it. Train bought it, thanked Woodney profusely for his help, and promptly vanished, leaving Woodney to find his own way home from halfway around the globe. But he didn't mind that so much.

He sipped the tea and then pulled the notebook out of his pocket and flipped through it. What an adventure it had been!

Then he frowned. Even though there was no one else in the apartment, he felt the need to vocalize his thoughts.

"I wonder what he needed an engagement ring for, anyway?"


A big shoutout to Hitokiri Shinzui who guessed correctly!

I want to thank all of you for sticking with me through this story. I'm actually sad that it's over, but to push it any further would be madness at this point.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Keep loving Black Cat, everyone :)