Waking Up Alone

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Chapter 4: Fixing the Broken

~*~Bella POV~*~

"Uh, Bella..." Alice hesitantly started, "about Edward… if that is really why he told you that we all left, he lied."

I fought back at the hope that was trying to rise up within me as my mind processed her words. They weren't making any sense. "He what?" I asked tentatively, afraid that I might have misunderstood her and even more terrified that I hadn't.

A frustrated growl flew from her lips. "I am going to ring his stupid neck when I see him next. Really!" Alice muttered to herself before looking to me with the kindness you would give a frightened child. "He lied to you, Bella. You know how Edward likes to overreact and blow things out of proportion. He was trying to protect you. The idiotic boy wouldn't listen and was convinced that if he left, you would be better off. I'm sorry I didn't fight him harder. I had no idea things were going to be this bad."

Confusion swirled within me as her words hit home. My emotions flared, inundating me with every emotion imaginable all at once. Hope sprung from deep within uncontrollably. I had no strength left to fight it. Could it be possible that I was still wanted? Could he want me now that I wasn't his breakable human? My pain was all for nothing then. My anger flared. My pain was all for nothing. Everything I suffered, everything I went through had been unnecessary and pointless. How could he? Sadness and more pain hit me like a ton of bricks. Didn't he understand the depths of my love for him? How could he think that he could just leave and that I would ever be okay?

My broken heart shattered all over again. Broken, I looked up to Alice and whispered, "How could he?" I wailed at the onslaught of all these emotions made fresh and raw by this revelation.

Alice wrapped me in her arms and, along with Rosalie, guided me off to her room. I had thought that I was broken when I was a human. I was sorely mistaken. My new mind could process things so much faster now. My mind was giving full attention to every thought and feeling that was passing through me. The 'what ifs', 'what could have beens' and the 'might haves'. They all came flashing through my mind together. Each thought bringing with it a new level to the pain. I was drowning all over again.

~*~Carlisle POV~*~

Never in all my years had I been more disappointed in my son. I watched as Alice and Rosalie guided Bella off to Alice's bedroom. Gone was the lighthearted joyous human we had left behind. What stood now was a broken shell of a vampire who had been told that she was unwanted and unloved by her mate.

Guilt over-took me as I thought back to the role that I played in the destruction of the girl I had always thought of as my daughter. I hadn't realized that Edward and Bella's love had reached that of a bonded mate, at least not for Bella. I had no idea that sort of connection could be formed as a human. If I had, I never would have allowed Edward to leave. With a sigh I stood, knowing that it was my job to do what I could to fix this.

I turned to the remaining members of my family. "I think it best if I be the one to talk to Edward. I'll be in my study. It's time that Edward came home."

~*~Edward POV~*~

I sighed as I looked down at the caller ID. Carlisle had been calling me for twenty-four hours straight. You would think that after the 50th try he would have realized that I didn't want to talk. Why couldn't my family just allow me to wallow in my brokenness in peace? What did I have to do to make them understand that? I might as well answer. It was apparent by now that he wasn't going to stop calling until I answered the phone.

"What Carlisle?" I snapped as I answered the phone, feeling only slightly bad for the harshness in my tone.

"Edward, I know you want to be by yourself right now. And I know that you are trying to hunt down Victoria. But son, it's time you came home."

"I'm not coming home, Carlisle. Not until I make her safe," I growled in frustration. Why can't they allow me this one thing I ask of them?

"Listen Edward, you are needed at home. I have some not so easy news to tell you and it would be easier if I could tell you it to your face."

Fear pulsed through me. Bella. Something must have happened to Bella. "Carlisle, what happened? Bella? Is she okay?" I heard the low sounds of a snarl in the background and vaguely wondered what had Rose so pissed off this time.

"Calm down, Edward. Bella isn't dead, if that is what you are afraid of. This really isn't news for the phone. Come home. I am not asking this time. You are a part of this family, and right now we need you here. COME. HOME."

Not dead? That wasn't what I had asked. Panic surged through me at the thought of Bella being hurt. I was also shocked by the demanding tone Carlisle used. Only rarely did he get like this, and the importance of that fact scared me. Resignation filled me. "Alright, I'll come home."

I hung up the phone and called the airline. It was time to go home. I could only pray that everything would be alright when I got there.

Walking through the last of the security check points I started looking around for Carlisle.

Over here Edward, by the restrooms.

I looked in that direction and saw Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett. Their arms were crossed in front of them and their faces were tight with anger. I tried to pull from their thoughts what had happened but none would give it away. As I got close, Carlisle approached and put his arm around me.

"I am glad that you have finally come home son. Let's go, we have a lot to talk about." I looked on with unease to the rest of my unfriendly welcoming committee.

We loaded up into the car and I was surprised when we headed in a different direction than the house. Growing leery of the silence in the car and the avoiding thoughts of my family I asked, "What's going on Carlisle? And why do I get the strong impression that you are all angry at me?"

You are one right bastard. You know that brother?

I whipped my head around to Emmett and snarled. He gave me a flash of an image from his thoughts in return.

My heart dropped. Was that broken shell in Alice's arms my Bella? What was she doing here?

Horrified, I looked to Carlisle again. "Enough with the evasiveness. What has happened? And Emmett, why were you and Alice with Bella?"

Carlisle shook his head sadly pulling the car off to the side of the road. Stepping out of the car, he turned to me and said, "Son you left behind quite a mess. Now it's time for us to figure out just how you are going to clean it up."

~*~Bella POV~*~

I flitted nervously from room to room. I knew what my family had told me, but my heart wouldn't be able to believe their words as truth until I could hear them from him. And he was on his way here now.

My stomach reached into my throat as I heard the tell tale signs of Carlisle pulling into the drive. I went to the front steps and froze. There in the middle of the driveway stood Edward. My unchanging angel who looked just as broken as I felt.

He ran to me scooping me into his glorious arms. "Bella love, I am so sorry!"

If it were possible for vampires to cry then we both would have been sobbing. I couldn't find words to flow from my mouth. He was here in my arms and I was loved. We still had our issues we would have to deal with, but for now this knowledge was enough. The horrid nightmare I awoke to when I began this life was truly over. And standing there kissing Edward, surrounded by our family, my heart filled with joy for I knew that I never again, would be alone.

The End

Chapter End Notes:

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