Song-fic to Disenchanted by My Chemical Romance. YouTube it and listen while you read, you'll like it better.


The irony of the situation, Fang thought as he lounged in a lightning-struck tree and watched the sun set, was that his leaving the flock was only really a puzzle piece in the flock's lives and purpose.

Well I was there on the day
They sold the cause for the queen
And when the lights all went out
We watched our lives on the screen

I hate the ending myself
But it started with an alright scene

All the years in the School, the experiments and torture, being broken out and returning - time after time. The day the flock sat in a government building and watched the videos off themselves flying free, while men in dark suits worked out ways to use the flock to their advantage. The fight/flight situations that haunted them.

The ironic thing was that the whitecoats at the school had genuinely believed they were doing the world a service when they decided to mutate the DNA of innocent children in the name of medical science.

It was the roar of the crowd

That gave me heartache to sing
It was a lie when they smiled
And said you won't feel a thing
And as we ran from the cops
We laughed so hard it would sting

Then the air shows for the Collation to Stop the Madness. The pure joy of flying verses the reluctance to be a public spectacle, on show for all to see. The interruptions and the battles the flock narrowly won. Deciding to live on their own after all, saving the world flock-style.

If I'm so wrong,

Can you listen all night long?
Now will it matter, after I'm gone
Because you never learned a goddamned thing

Fang had high hopes for the remainder of the flock, though. They were smart, with an excellent leader… He just wished they hadn't tried to find him so many times. Turning invisible as he flew at top speed away from the incoming bird kids, who'd somehow tracked him down and were hell bent on making him return was harder than leaving in the first place…

You're just a sad song, with nothing to say
About a life long wait for a hospital stay
And if you think that I'm wrong
This never meant nothing, to you

Max never came on those 'rescue missions', thank God. Fang didn't think he could resist if she'd asked him to come back and live with them. She was depressed, from what he'd heard, retreating inside herself regardless of efforts to relight her proverbial fire. She'd try to save the world from the hoards of never-ending bad guys, but there was no gusto anymore, no snappy comebacks unless she really had to speak. Mostly it was just kick, punch, bam! You're dead, bother me again and I won't bury you next time.

I spent my high school career
on and shoved to agree
So I could watch all my heroes
Sell a car on TV
Bring out the old guillotine
We'll show them what we all mean

Another puzzle piece definitely had to be the non-capitalized school. Lissa, Sam, Anne. The experiences of high school everyone wanted to escape, purely because it was high school. None of it had worked out (especially not the dating), but the flock had left Virginia with knowledge about themselves and one another they might not have wanted to discover.

If I'm so wrong
How can you listen to it all night long?
Now will it matter, after I'm gone?
Because you never learned a goddamned thing?

He just had to keep fighting. Get rid of the threats to the flock before the flock had to get rid of the threats. That way the flock could save the world with no interference from old friends with revenge motives.

It's just a sad song, with nothing to say
About a life long wait for a hospital stay.
And if you think that I'm wrong, this n
ever meant nothing to you

It'd probably kill him (it nearly had a few times already), but in the two years since Fang had left the flock he'd eliminated so many remaining branches of Itex they wouldn't be doing any more biological experiments in decades… They'd have to rebuild the laboratories for one thing.

So go
Go away

Just run
Run away
But where did you run to?
Where did you hide?
Go find another way
Price you pay

Fang doubted he'd ever sleep in a comfortable bed again, or have any human contact for more than fleeting minutes at a time, but that was okay. So long as he could protect the flock, the flock could protect the world and the world hid Fang from the flock.

You're just a sad song
With nothing to say
About a lifelong, wait for a hospital stay
And if you think
that I'm wrong
This never meant nothing to you

You're just a sad song
With nothing to say
About a lifelong, wait for a hospital stay
And if you think I'm wrong
This never meant nothing to you
At all.

Yes, it would be fine. Just. Then, one day when all the bad guys were down and out for long enough to forget about them, Fang would rediscover the flock, make sure they were still alive, and the next puzzle piece would be complete.

This song always reminded me of the flock, and I've finally gotten around to writing something to it. I think I lost it a bit at the end there... Please review and tell me if I massacred one of my favourite songs by my favourite band (who own the song, by the way. No copyright infringement intended, etc. Also JP owns Maximum Ride).