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'Not again! When are they going to clear these streets of crime?' Phoebe sighed as she looked into her mug of coffee that was rapidly cooling on the counter. Shaking her head she went back to reading her glossy magazine that lay open displaying happy celebrity couples lazing about on beaches, her stomach twisted with sadness and her face turned glum as the fresh pain from him leaving her poked at her once again.

'Everything with get better babe! You'll see ... someone will come along and brighten your world.' Sophie said leaning down on the counter trying to distract her best friend and trying to gain a smile, which would be a rare feat from Phoebe lately. Phoebe raised her eyes from the pages to once again look into the eyes of her best friend who was staring at her knowingly. 'Oh that's bull, and you know it! Things like that don't happen Soph!'

Sophie let a smile edge onto her lips 'ah but they do ... you know as well as I do that anything can happen in this god forsaken city.' Phoebe chuckled darkly as closed the magazine, sliding it back into the open draw beside her before dragging her eyes across the empty cafe until she found the clock, she only had 15 minutes to the end of her shift and she still felt like she'd done nothing with her day, but it was only 3 pm. She was about to open her mouth to reply to her friend when she saw the batman fly backwards onto the ground in front of the glass window of the cafe, the Joker stalking close behind him, knife outstretched in a menacing manner.

'Oh my!' she gasped as she ducked behind the counter pulling Sophie with her. 'Was that the Batman and Joker? GCPD really have it bad today don't they?' Sophie squeaked as she peered around the corner of the counter watching the action and clinging tightly onto Phoebe's arm. The watched the fight scene unfold before their eyes, keeping their breathing to a bare minimum to make sure that the warring figures outside wouldn't notice their presence. Batman and the Joker were heavily battling each other and dodging one another's advances, the Joker's high pitched cackle loud enough to send a tendril of fear dripping down Phoebe's spine.

The two girls watched in pained Horror as the Joker over powered Batman, and knelt over him, keeping his knife pointed at his neck, the two men's gaze never leaving each other. The visual tension was soon broken however by the shrill ringing of the cafe's phone. Phoebe and Sophie stumbled back across the tiled floor in fear as they saw both men's gazes turn in their direction, focusing on their retreating forms. A nasty snarl formed on The Joker's scarred lips as he rose from his position, kicking the Batman in the face, knocking him out cold, and advanced through the glass doors into the cafe towards the two girls, a nasty smile forming as he moved.

'Now, Now my pretties, I saw you watching us ... nearly has me going ... I didn't even see you ... it's a pity you did ... I'm sure you'll make such pretty corpses.' He howled with laughter as he started to close the gap between them.

Phoebe just swallowed and held onto a sobbing Sophie as she stared straight back into the hollow eyes of the Joker. His irises were a beautiful deep brown, almost black; they reminded her of him this sent another stab of pain through her heart as she sniffed back the tears to show the Joker she was not afraid of him, or of dying, as she would never be happy again anyway.

'Well well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes hmm?' he drawled as he bent before her, his face inches away. His breath tingling across her cheeks making her head reel back unconsciously from the foul odour. 'You're a brave one aren't you? Most people would be wetting themselves being this close to me, but not you ... oh no.' He chuckled, making her heart beat faster in her chest, as she mentally said her goodbyes to her loved ones. 'No! You just sit there looking back at me ...' His words suddenly stopped, his eyes opening wide and his mouth closed for a few seconds before he collapsed onto the ground unconscious on top of her legs. She shrieked and kicked his limp body away before looking up at the swarm of GCPD, lead by commissioner Gordon, who was holding his gun above his head, the butt bloody from the contact it had made with the Joker's skull.

'Are you alright ladies?' the older man asked a soft, almost caring look in his eyes. Phoebe nodded and stood up, dragging Sophie up with her before brushing off her jeans from the dusty ground. 'Yes, we're fine that you Commissioner Gordon, just glad you got here on time.' She said with a faint smile as she watched the police drag the Joker's limp body away out of the cafe and into a police van. With a curt nod of his head Gordon and his team of police left the shop, and the spot he vacated soon became filled with the figure of the Batman.

'He will be taken to Arkham ladies, you have nothing to worry about, but if he escapes, I will let you know.' His gravelly voice spoke in a reassuring tone, and with that he was gone, as quick as a flash.

Sophie looked at Phoebe before throwing her arms around her in a hug. 'Oh Phoebe! I was so scared!' she cried softly leaving a wet patch on Phoebe's black shirt. Phoebe wrapped her arms around her in response before saying, 'Come on let's get out of here! We can't let this get us down! We will go back to my place, where a night of ice cream and Johnny Depp movies awaits!' She said with a giggle as she grabbed her bag and the two girls left the cafe, locking the doors behind them.