Just a warning this last chapter is rated M, its got a bit of naughtiness in!


'You look stunning you know that?' he growled, placing kisses on her exposed shoulders, his left hand cradling her close to his chest, the other playing with the loose ties of her dress that hung down her back. Phoebe picked up her glass of champagne and sipped the bubbly pink liquid, giggling as a few of the bubble went up her nose popping and tickling her. Batman groaned in her ear and she turned to face him, 'Please don't move like that love, I won't be able to control myself.' Her eyes widened in realisation of what he meant as he reached up at kissed her franticly before pulling away and casting a look around the room before whispering, 'You want to get out of here? I love that dress on you, but it'd look much better on the floor.' He grinned naughtily, leading along by her hand. Phoebe laughed following him saying, 'Oh man, that was lame! But I agree!'

'Ah, here's our room!' Batman rumbled, pointing to the inscribed sign on the door proclaiming the room as the 'honeymoon suite' Phoebe reached for the door handle, the plastic room key in her hand when she was stopped by Batman's hand coming down on top of hers, looking up into his eyes she saw flames of love and desire licking up around his dark brown irises, 'we are going to do this properly, as it should be done.' He said a hoarse laugh leaving his lips as he reached beneath her to pick up, one hand behind her back and one hooked beneath her knees, and her arms thrown around her neck. With a small kick to the door, he entered the bedroom with Phoebe cradled to his chest.

Batman placed her down on top of the petal covered bed, her dress flowing out around her making her resemble an angel. Moving over her he kneeled between her legs and lovingly removed her dress, sliding the chiffon down her legs, showing off her tanned legs, crossed beneath her, her breasts and nether regions clad in lacy white garments, and her legs up to her thighs coated in shimmering white stockings, her strappy white high heeled shoes still attached to her feet. Tentatively Batman slipped a shoe off one foot, kissing her toes through the mesh of her stockings, and then repeating the action with her other foot.

Holding her left leg in his loose grip, he ran his lips down her calf in soft, loving kisses, and up her inner thigh in a agonisingly slow trek, until her reached her garter, rolling his tongue around the ruched material, before peeling the mesh down her leg, and off of her foot, before starting the same action on her other leg. Leaning up to her lips, he kissed her feverishly, his tongue entering her mouth and battling with hers, an immense heat igniting at their contact, his hands stroking and kneading her sides, encouraging small moans of lust and pleasure to tumble out of her lips. Leaving her lips he worked his way to her neck, sucking gently on her sensitive spot, reddening the skin with each soft little nip and suck before moving downward to her smooth, creamy breasts straining against the white lace of her bra, her nipples poking out against the soft material, making his mouth water. Reaching round behind her back, making her arch into his chest, her head hanging back behind her, her unclipped her bra with one hand, throwing the ripped material away from the pair, leaving her breast on show.

Licking his lips at the sight Batman bowed his head and took one of her nipples in his mouth, running his tongue over the hard peak and occasionally grazing it with his teeth, his other hand massaging her other breast gently earning more lustful moans and incoherent words to leave her lips. Phoebe felt her eyes roll back in her head when Batman ran his hand from her breast down her belly, his fingers tickling her skin, and slipping into her ivory lace thong. Her breath caught in her throat feeling his finger massaging her clit under her underwear, making her moan loudly. 'Good god! Please!' she begged, watching his figure in the moonlight, as he gazed up at her before sliding a finger into her, cutting her words of and making her gasp in pleasure, her eyes wide. When he started to move his finger, building up a high pressure inside her she threw her head back into the pillow and she let out a squeal, rocking her hips to meet the movement of his hand.

Removing his finger from her Batman sat back, observing her pleading look, 'What? What do you want?' he teased as he leaned forward tearing her underwear away from her body, totally revealing herself to him, his mouth watered at the sight, and he bent and ran his tongue up through her slit lapping her spilled juices from her excitement, making her almost scream, holding the pillow over her face trying to muffle the sound.

Phoebe watched as he sat back from her, using his hand to wipe juices away from her lips before reaching up and removing his mask and armour suit, allowing her to see his body, but the light not good enough to let her see his face, just the silhouette of his features. Unable to hold herself back anymore, now seeing his naked body, she moved forward kneeling in front of him on the bed, grabbing his throbbing manhood in her hand gliding her fingers down across his hot flesh, beads of white pre cum glistening on his tip. Flicking her tongue over it, she relished the salty taste as it slid down her throat, hearing a ragged growl leave his lips as he grabbed her lovingly around her waist, pulling her down on top of him, looking into her eyes to check if she was ready for him. His pace at first slow, letting her get used to his size, but his pace increasing upon hearing her moans encouraging him to move faster inside her.

After a while Phoebe felt her stomach and abdomen begin to tingle with a white hot heat that climbed up through her body, refusing to relent in ecstasy, her body tightening around him once again receiving a series of pleasured moans from his throat. She collapsed back into the white pillow as her climax came to a stop, soon being followed by a loud grunt from Batman as he came, his body becoming rigid as he shot into her body. He rolled off of her and onto his side of the bed, relishing the cool feel of the white sheets. Batman placed his hand on her cheek looking into her eyes as he kissed her on the lips whispering he loved her. She smiled laying her head against his chest and drifted off to sleep to the sound of his heart beat.

Phoebe smiled as she awoke in the morning, the light of the sun warming her face and glinting off of her new wedding ring. Rolling over she went to cuddle into Batman, but stopped upon seeing his uncovered skin being lit by the sun, skin littered with various size scars, and his soft looking dark hair splayed out upon the pillow. Her mouth dropped open as he rolled over revealing his face to her. 'Oh my god!' she whispered to herself, her hand against her lips, 'I'm married to Bruce Wayne!'