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description: At Saint Margaret Memorial Hospital there is a comatose patient

who was never identified until 6 months later when he wakes up not

knowing who he is (or anything else for that matter)

Memories by kelly

At Saint Margaret Memorial Hospital , in the coma ward there is a man who had been comatose for 6 months.

The doctors concluded he may never wake again, but had always had faith in situations like these, no one was ever able to identify him,

although a few had given him scornful looks in passing, since the nurses needed something to go in the log they had given him the nick name Ken.

"so.. how long has he been in this coma?" asked Emily

"Almost seven months," Wanda answered, cleaning his right arm with rubbing alcohol so she could start a new Iv.

"Wow, thats a-long time," Emily chimed from the bathroom as she filled up the container with warm water and hummed to herself.

"OH my Good ness!" Wanda shouted when Ken's hand grabbed her own,

"What is it?" Emily asked

"He..he's awake!" Wanda stuttered, still surprised, as she called the doctor

"Okay, exactly how much do you remember?" Dr. Boyd asked, flashing a small light in Ken's eyes

"Like I told you before, nothing," Ken breathed in sharply, obviously getting annoyed

"what year is it?" Dr. Boyd asked

"I don't know,"

"What city do you live in?" Dr. boyd fired off another question, while Ken's answer still remained the same

"Okay , I see," Dr. Boyd muttered to himself, getting up to talk to nurse Wanda"you'll have to excuse me," Dr. Boyd told Ken before leaving

"he doesn't seem to have any memory," Dr. Boyd confided in Wanda

"none?" she asked, perplexed, she had never dealt with a bad case of amnesia

"None, can you finish up this for me?" Dr. Boyd asked, handing her the questions

"sure," she smiled, walking into Ken's room

"Heyyy," smirked, greeting Boyd I heard about your comatose patient

" yeah he has no memory of anything I don't know how were supposed to identify him,"

"he had to have kids or a wife or even just a girl friend out there," told him

"Get Patricia in there to take a photograph, make sure he is well trimmed, like he was when he first came here," Dr. Boyd instructed

"Okaaaay, but Im not really following you here,"

"then put the photo on the news, maybe the right person will see it,"

"Ahhh, that, my friend, is brilliant," he smirked, giving Boyd the 'thumbs up' as he walked away

Bree Hodge had been out shopping with her friends all day, she was exhausted! Bree had managed to find a crib, a changing table, abd several cute unisexual beanies

before she had to give into the fact that she was almost 7 months pregnant. Bree was completely worn out, but as usual the urge to eat was more tempting than sleep,

so she made her way to the test kitchen, were she found Andrew chowing down on chinese take out, surrounded by a completely covered island

"Hey Mom, what are you doin'?"

"Oh, I got hungry and remembered that there was extra banana pudding from the Harris Party,"

"Here," Andrew smirked, tossing her the container

"Well, someone has the munchies," Bree smiled, taking in all the food on the counter"....your not smoking Marijuana again are you?" she asked

"No.. Alex and I jsut got in a fight that's all,"

"Ohh, i'm sorry" so what are you watching?" she asked,changing the subject.

"The news, this new show, Deviant Housewives is debuting,"

"Sounds interesting,"

"Oh, it is, it's about these four housewives Bree Ann, Anette, Suzie, and Annbelle; the red head, Bree Ann, reminds me of you,"

"How so?" Bree asked

"For starters she has red hair that does the flip thing that you used to sport back in the day,"

"Oh, Bree smiled

"And she's classy and refinded," Andrew went on as she smiled broadly"... a total control freak,"

"Hey!" Bree exclaimed, throwing a cracker at him

"Mom," Andrew said, suddenly serious" look at the T.V ,"he told her as he turned the volume up

** Yesterday afternoom a man who was in a tragic plane crash six months ago, awoke from a coma, please look carefully at the photo we have posted

if you have any information it is greatly valued. please call this number (412) 784-1466 or visit at Saint Margaret Memorial Hospital

"Oh. my. God," Bree stuttered, dropping her bowl " that...that's Karl," she cried ,tears rolling down her cheeks' can you clean this up?" I.. i've got to go to the hospital,"

"Oh, sure," Andrew told Bree as she was walking out the door " Mom! safe,"

"I will," Bree smiled weakly

"Hello, I'm looking for the man that just woke up from a coma," Bree told the receptionist

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