"And you are..." the receptionist asked, her voice dripping with attitude

"Bree Hodge..his fiance" she told her, smiling as the girl's attitude instantly changed.

"Oh,yes...let me call ," she told Bree, sitting up straight, dialing his dispatch,"yes, , this is the front receptionist

there is a woman her wanting to see Ken, she claims she is his fiance'..okay , I'll send her right up," Alyssa told him, hanging up the

phone "Dr. Boyd wants to see you immediately, he'll meet you outside Ken's room, it's room number 217, to your left is the elevator,

the room is on third floor, take an immediate right,"

Bree thought it ironic that his room number was 217, then thought of what that number meant to her,thinking of easier times when she and karl would meet at the motor lodge in the room, their room,

"Who is Ken?" Bree asked,

"Oh, I'm so sorry," she apologized " we didn't know his name so the nurses nicknamed him Ken, and just so your feelings aren't hurt, he has a severe case of amnesia,"

Bree couldn't believe this, so she chose not to. she plastered a false smile "Thank-you,"

Bree couldn't believe the gall of some people, telling her that the man she loved with all her heart couldn't remember her? Nonscence!

"Hello," Bree greeted outside his room

"Hello," he smiled " I know your probably in a hurry to see your fiance',but I need you to answer some questions,"

"Oh, okay of course," Bree smiled, sitting beside him

"first and foremost what is his name?" Dr. Boyd asked

"Karl Nathan Mayer Jr." Bree answered

"date of birth?"

"October 24,1961,"

"That's all I need to know to verify who he is, you may see him now,"

"Hey," Bree smiled broadly

"Hello..and you are?" Karl asked, sitting up

"I.. I'm Bree Hodge," she told him weakly, her voice breaking. She wouldn't admit it, and even though she knew it was just the amnesia, it hurt having to tell him who she was "your fiance"

"My fiance'?" Karl asked as Bree shook her head,"so that means you know my name,"

"Yes, it's Karl Mayer," Bree told him

"Now, I can tell the nurses to stop calling me Ken," he laughed lightly

" So..what was I like?" Karl asked out of the blue,"..before the accident?"

"you were, well you," she smiled

"what does that mean?"

"It means you could be egotistical,lewd, and sometimes just plain idiotic," Bree paused, giving him time to pout" ..but you were

always a good kisser, you could always make me laugh and you always knew when it was time to take me in your arms," she

smiled sadly, trying desperately not to cry,

"Like right now?" he asked opening his arms, causing her to smile

"Yes, like right now," she hugged him tightly, inhaling deeply, he didn't smell of Cheyanne and scotch, but the comfort was still there.