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I ran in to the house gasping for breath, my eyes shining with excitement. I heard an exclaimed remark from my aunt from the drawing room.

"Whoever is that storming into my house?" I could imagine her motioning for a servant to come and see. Sure enough seconds later a housemaid came out of the ornate doorway.

"Mistress Eleanor" she said surprised. "I'll go and inform my lady of your return", she curtsied and entered the drawing room, she then came out again and ushered me into the room, where my aunt sat shocked.

"Eleanor dear whatever is the matter entering the house which as much noise as an elephant, sit down girl and tell me." Even though she was slightly disapproved from my entrance, I could detect the kindness in her eyes and I knew I was forgiven. I took a seat in the comfy armchairs placed around the fire.

"My dear aunt" I began, I wondered how I was going to put this. "Lord Stanton, or Philip" I could see my aunts eyebrows raise at the familiarity of his name, but she smiled and encouraged me to carry on. "He, he asked me to marry him and I accepted" I said quickly. I waited patiently for her reaction.

But instead of acting surprised, she seemed just to smile at me "Oh, Eleanor, how wonderful for you, we must announce your engagement, of course your uncle has already written to your mother and...., oh dear I've said quite the wrong thing."

I sat open mouthed. "You already knew, how?" I exclaimed.

Lady Cranbourne sat there with a guilty expression on her face. "Well, Lord Stanton might of mentioned it, and to be honest we all saw it coming, dear."