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"I'm afraid this body of mine is wearing a little thin."

He collapsed awkwardly on the TARDIS console, and he could sense Ben and Polly gathering around him, lowering him gently to the floor.

The moment was upon him. He had known for some time; although not before landing on the South Pole, unfortunately. Perhaps then he would have diverted the TARDIS somewhere peaceful, somewhere he could explain the process to Ben and Polly. As it was… he would have to tell them with a new face.

Regeneration wasn't something the Time Lords had ever really prepared him for. He had been told he wasn't a 'natural', whatever that meant. Others could choose their new appearance, even going so far as to 'try on' different faces until they found one that suited. But not him.

This body was old, he knew that. The years he had lived without regenerating… considering his lifestyle choice, it was somewhat of a miracle. He had been convinced the Medusa Cascade was going to be the end of him, but he survived through that. Daleks, War Machines, now Cybermen… he had survived them all. It was just fatigue, now. Weariness.

He was scared. It was all such a mystery to him. Would he be the same, just with a new face? Or would he be a new man entirely? Would he remember Ben and Polly? Ian, Barbara?


Would he still fight against injustices like the Daleks? Would he have the same sense of right and wrong? He was told that something survived through all regenerations, but what, exactly? And how much changed? The Master was the only other Time Lord he had known through different regenerations, but he had just displayed a different kind of insanity with each new face. It was difficult to tell if he had changed that much.

Sensing his fear, the TARDIS helped him along.

He hoped he would at least have more hair.

(A/N: After hearing the Doctor's line in 'The End of Time' about how regeneration 'feels like dying', it really made me reconsider all of the regenerations I'd seen, and this fic came out. It's quite a messy blend of ideas in my head, but I hope I can make my thoughts on the subject clear through this series of one-shots.

Anyway, all reviews welcome!)