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I was walking along the brightly coloured streets of London, when I realised this is my home. I mean, I love my parent's house in the quiet suburb of Oxshott and it's extremely good of them to take Luke and me in until we find a home of our own, but to be honest its very boring a dull. The nearest decent shopping centre only has a few decent shops and London has every single brand you could think of.

I was just entering the door into LK Bennett when the phone rang, I glanced at the caller ID and Luke mobile appeared on the screen. Quickly inventing a story of my whereabouts in my head, I answered the phone. Of course I have a trusting and lovely relationship with my husband it's just some things are better kept to yourself.

"Hello darling" I said in my most cheery voice. I was ready, just in case he asked.

"Hi, I was just calling to see if you wanted to have lunch with me, considering you are in London?"

"How did you know I was in London?" I replied indigently, God that sounded too suspicious. I could hear Luke snorting on the other end of the phone. I walked further into the store noticing some gorgeous cream sandals.

"You really need to learn not to leave diaries where husbands can find them." Damn it, I thought I put it away.

"Well, I needed supplies for the baby that you can't buy in Oxshott. Extremely pleased at my reply, I felt I needed a pair of shoes as a reward. Or maybe not.
"In LK Bennett!" Luke exclaimed. How on earth.... At that moment I turned to stare out the window where Luke was climbing out a taxi. He looked at me holding up a pair of shoes at the till. " Are you buying these" the shop assistant asked impatiently. " No" I replied and hastily put them down, and hurried out the shop.