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One month later

Since me and Dean had a little confession in the ally, a lot has changed. Sam went back to school but this time had the full support of John and Dean. Dad and John opened a garage and only hunted for the fun of it, whatever that means. Dean would go with them sometime but mostly stayed here with me and Caden. I quit working at the bar because Dean wasn't crazy about the idea of other guys hitting on me. I told him it was nothing I couldn't handle but talking to Dean was like talking to a brick wall.

John moved out of the house and got a small apartment in town. He wanted to stay and be close to Caden and I was happy about that. Dean spent most of his time here. But me and Dean under the same roof, tempers were bound the flair up.

"I hate you Dean!" I said and walked out of the bedroom. Caden was sitting on the couch with dad and I didn't want Caden to here what I had to say to Dean. "Dad can you take Caden to get ice cream or something please." Dad knew me all to well and there were a few thing I needed to say to Dean in private.

"Sure sweetie. We will be back later" he said and they walked out the door and I started to clean up.

"What the hell is wrong with you Keri. You can't just go around hitting people!"

"Yes I can and guess what Dean...I did"

"What the fuck did I do to you?" He asked me and I just tried to walk around him but he grabbed my arm.

"Let me go Dean"

"No not until you tell me what I did"

"I asked to talk in private and you assume that it was some kind of hit that I want you to fill me up or something"

"Because the last 10 times you said you wanted to talk to me up jumped me as soon as we shut the door!"

"Well that's not I wanted this time"

"What the hell do you want Keri because I don't know anymore!"

"I just.....I just wanted to...." I could even talk. I fell to the floor crying. "What am I going to do Dean? I cant do this." I said and he got down next to me.

"Just tell me what wrong. I cant fix it if I don't know what I did to piss you off."

"Its not all your fault Dean."

"What's not all my fault?" he said and wiped a tear from my eye.

"I'm pregnant Dean….again and I cant have two kids I mean Caden is not even two yet." I said and Dean wasn't blinking anymore. "Dean are you ok?"

"When you say pregnant…..what do you mean by that like expecting something?"

"Yes Dean as in expecting a baby…..duh"

"As in baby you mean….."

"Damn it Dean I having a baby, your baby so yes in 9 months there will be a baby! Anymore stupid questions." I asked and got up.

"Is this a mood swing?"

"did I mention I hate you right now." I said and walked back to my bedroom. Dean followed me and slammed the door.

"I am not to found of you either. You could have been a little nicer to me."

"Excuse me?"

"I mean you could have told me in a nicer way like with flowers or something. Isn't this supposed to be like romantic of something."

"Yes Dean it is but it only romantic when your with the person you love and you are both excited about having a baby."

"So what you are saying is you don't love me and you don't want a baby?"

"No Dean that is not what I am say. Don't you listen to anything I say." I just found out less than 24 hours ago and I was already losing my mind.

"Well if it make you feel better I fucking love you and I am so damn excited about having another baby!" he yelled and he own twisted way, it was sweet. I walked over to him and I was smiling. "What are you smiling about?" he asked and I put my arms around him.

"You love me."

"I am not so sure anymore."

"Yes you are. You know what Dean?"


"I fucking love you too" I said and kissed him.

"Woman you are going to kill me aren't you?"

"I don't know I kind of like having you around and you know what Dean?"


"I think I may just be in the mood now." I said and looked up at him.

"Do play with me Keri."

"I'm not"

"Well in that case." he said and picked me us and carried me over to the bed. "Wait should we be doing this?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well there is a baby in there."

"So? Dean it like the size of a jelly bean right now"

"So we're good?"

"We're really good." I said and that was all it took. We may not be the most loving couple in the world but it works for us and that's all that mattered.

9 months later

"Dean I swear to god if you fucking touch me again I will kill you!" I screamed as another contraction hit. I had forgotten just how painful childbirth was.

"Don't worry they all say that." the doctor said and looked at Dean.

"I am not just saying that! I hate him!"

"No you don't Keri." Dean said calmly as I squeezed the life out of his hand.

"Yes I do Dean I fucking hate you so much right now!"

"Ok Keri give me one more big push." I did as the doctor said and pushed. I was sticking to my word. Dean would never touch me again as long as I lived. I was absolutely done with having his kids. "It's a girl" the doctor said and I heard my baby cry for the first time.

"Can I hold her." I said and they handed me my new daughter. When I looked at her, it was hard to hate Dean at moment because if it wasn't for him, I would have the two most beautiful kids in the world.

"What should we name her?" Dean asked and I had the perfect name.

"Allison……we can call her Ally for short." I said and smiled back up at him.

"Its perfect….Allison Winchester. I like it"

"Good" I said and kissed me. Something told me that we were going to have our hands full with two kids in the house.

1 year later

Dad decided to move out of the house and get his own apartment so me and Dean would have more room. I think he just wanted to get away from all of the yelling and I don't mean from the kids.

"Keri you are being suck a bi…" Dean stopped and looked at Caden and Ally who were playing in the floor. "B word today."

"Well you are a f word d word" I said calmly smiling at the kids. We always tried not to fight in front of them.

"What's wrong with you?" He said and walked over to me.

"I'm just so tired and …."

"And what?"

"I am extremely frustrated if you catch my drift." I said and looked at him.

"You and me both sweetheart" he said and pulled me into his arms. With having two kids we never got any alone time. I loved my kids but I just needed a break.

"What if I called Dad and see if he can take them for a few hours?"

"Really? Do you think he would?"

"I think he would."

Dean called John and John said he would love to have them. I got them dresses and Dean drove them over to Johns apartment and I, well I did the one thing I had been wanting to do, I slept.

When Dean got back home I was still curled up in the bed so he came over and settled on his side, facing his my back. I knew he couldn't tell is I was asleep or not, but doubted it from all the commotion he was making when he came in. My old t-shirt revealed her bare shoulders and I could feel him inch closer to his me, trying hard not to wake me if I was sleeping. I felt his every move. I knew he was getting closer, but was unsure of how close he was until I felt his warm lips on my cool bare shoulder. I let out a low sigh as he kissed a trail of lips up my shoulder and to my collarbone. Even though we were both tired and stressed from our long days, neither was mad at the other, just not feeling so that was ok, his lips did the talking as they nibbled and sucked lightly on my ear. I gasped a little bit as his hands began to join in. His soft touch startled me; his hands slid up my side and rested just below her breasts. I made a move to turn and face him, but he whispered lightly in my ear,

"Baby, you don't have to move, let me explore."

How could I deny him that? I loved his gentle hands, his smooth fingertips exploring my body. I took a deep breath and sighed.

"Whatever you want baby."

I relaxed as he kissed my skin more and more. I could feel my own arousal mounting as he pressed his own into her. His hardening cock pressed into the back of my thigh and that turned me on even more.

"You know something baby?" he whispered into my ear."What?" I asked as I pressed back into him a little as his hands began to slide up and down over my breast.

"I have been wanting this all day"

I couldn't keep my back to him any longer, these sweet, wonderful words made me long for a kiss from him. I turned to Dean and my hands found the back of his head and I pulled him into a long passionate kiss. We had shared kisses before that day, but none as incredible as this. All the stress and cares of the day seemed to be caught in that one moment and vanished forever. As our bodies pressed closer, the arousal grew more intense. Soon the kisses become more and more broken, gasping for air as we pulled at each other's clothes. Our hands exploring every inch of the other's bodies, soon, we were both wearing nothing but a bed sheet, our bodies wrapped around each other in a mess of groping, moaning and kissing. Dean's rock hard member throbbed as I pressed my body into his. I could feel my own juices as I begin to grind up and down him. He moaned as I did this and I did too. His cock was aligned with my slit, she wanted him inside me. As the passion grew and our bodies become more and more tangled he slipped inside me with one loud moan. I cried out, the pleasure indescribable. He thrust into me hard and fast. No time for soft strokes, we both had felt the growing sensations all day, both knew the longing we had shared, the intense need for a release. I moved my body against Dean's as our breathing was getting heavier with each thrust., Hard and fast. We both were needing each other so badly. All the tension of the day seemed to be released in one final cry from both of us as we came together. The sensations were amazing as our bodies quivered and shook at once. Sweat made our bodies glisten as we kissed more and more. I was pulsing around him as he began to grow a little softer and pulled lay there like that for the rest of the day, wrapped up together, legs intertwined, arms embraced, pressed so close we could feel each other's hearts beating.



"Marry me?" Dean asked and I looked up at him.


"Marry me?" he said one more and I was shocked. We have never talked about getting married and I guess that's why I was so surprised but I only had one thing to say:

"Yes" I answered and kissed him again. I loved this man and he loved me too. We may not be the best at expressing that most of the time and I think we said we hated each other more than we said I love you. That didn't bother us because at the end of the day, we knew how the other felt. Everything I hated about Dean were the exact same things I loved about him. I wouldn't change anything. We were perfect together and we were happy. It was a love/hate relationship and we were ok with that.

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