Book 1, Chapter 1: The Beginning of a new world and Hero

Once upon a time, in the Caribbean, a hero was made. Her name was Keira Kinover, but no one knew, not even her. She was raised on her own, fended for herself. She discovered Eco, but at a cost. She fell into a lake of Dark Eco, but amazingly, was alive. She came out in a new form though, which she was shocked to see. She was able to turn back to her normal self. She decided to go to Tortuga, during its most festive time. There she met Michael, a guy who was kind at heart and brave. He saw her, thought better of her, and went to her. She saw him coming and was getting nervous. He reached her and said hi. She nodded and said hi back. This was the beginning for all time, not only for him, but her as well, because she was being watched by several beings. Some good, some evil, some neutral.

She has settled in a small home, next to her work ( Faithful Bride Bar and Cafe ). Michael was a block away, he worked at the other cafe. They walked with each other till the other reached their place and then split till the day was done, and then they went to the beach and hanged out with their friends. Then when it got late, thats when they had to go back to work for their second shift, their busiest yet, well for Keria, because parties happen at the Bride, some people come to the King's Arm, but not like the Bride. After dawn broke, the partie ended and their shifts were over for at least five more hours. There was no time to rest at this city. If you got rest, consider yourself lucky. It was a buzz of entertainment, fun, and never-ending excitment. Keira took the name 'Krissy' because she actually like the name. She had no idea she would change everyone's lives forever.