There is more to breaking the Mirror of Twilight than most think about. The passageway between the light and twilight is also a seal to block the beings of darkness from fully entering the light. The seal goes back into a legend that started way before the birth of the Wolf Hero.

It all started when a fire claimed the lives of a young man's family and farm. Left with nothing and no one he wandered into the forest, hoping the beast of the night would free him from the loneliness. Unbeknownst to him a wielder of light magic would come to his aid. Together they freed the other's pain and started a journey to Castle Town, not knowing the darkness waiting for them along their path. They joined the court of the King, working together to protect Hyrule.

When Ganondorf came to steal the throne the Hero took the blessed Master Sword to fight the Thief King. Upon his moment of weakness the Mage of Light imprisoned him within the Twilight. Thinking their trails were done they found themselves in a time of peace.

Years later the Mage was with the Hero's child. They thought life was at its prime, but they were wrong. The Dark Ruler, King of the Damned, Kurokon entered Hyrule. He did not seek land or power; he only sought one thing, death. At the time the Hero left to fight Kurokon, who had killed thousands by this time, the Mage was in labor with their son in the small village of Ordon.

The fight continued for the majority of the day, the Hero was slowly losing the fight and was dying. Once the Mage gave birth to her child she left him in the care of Fado, ignoring pain to help her love. Just as she joined the battle, the Hero was bleeding to death due to the wounds the King of the Damned delivered to his body. Kurokon's dark magic quickly over powered the light magic the Mage possessed. Upon her death bed she used the last of her magic. She sealed the Ruler of Darkness in his kingdom. The Mage bind the seal to the Mirror of Twilight, knowing that only the Ruler of Twilight could break it.

With the last of his strength the Hero watched his wife fade into the light, as all Light Mages do when they die. Before he died he wished to see his son. Stumbling into the village he found Fado. The villagers were surprised to see him place a kiss on the boy's head for they didn't know that he was the father. And with a smile on his lips he told the goat rancher the boy's name then left our world to join his wife in the after world.

This child, the one we all know as Link, grew up in that small village to the far south of Hyrule. We all know his tale, the journey of the Wolf Hero and the Twilight Princess. And at the end of their adventure the Princess shattered the Mirror of Twilight, thus shattering the seal placed on Hell by Link's mother. Now the darkness stirs anew under the feet of the many races in Hyrule.

Hell, a place of nightmares and sin. Moans of agony blend in with the screams to orchestrate the symphony of darkness. In the shadows of the deepest pit rested a palace that was surrounded by flames that danced and licked hungry at the blood stained bones that made up the palace walls. A twelve year old girl sat on the sharp cliff, watching with amethyst eyes as the flames curved away from her bare feet. The symphony of Hell climbed an octave causing her to look up, short ashen-blond hair jerking with her movements. A small smile formed on her pale lips as she stood, the black dress she wore falling to her ankles. The light of the flames danced across her perfectly white skin as she stared vacantly above her head.

Purple and black swirls danced above her and rusted golden rings showed the doorway to places in Hell. In each one showed tortures that no mortal on earth had ever experienced. Large winged beast flew freely from ring to ring, people chained by their necks to the lashing tails of the beast.

A woman's screech of pain echoed from one of the rings, pulling the young girl below out of her thoughts. With a quite sigh she turned on her toes and walked to the skin covered doors. The flames reached towards her then shot to the sky, attacking one of the souls chained to a winged beast. Nothing in Hell was safe, they very ground you walk on was a danger. Escaping the ring you were in only meant you were out of the frying pan and into the fire.

The twelve year old's feet made no sound as she traveled over bleach white bones. Without stopping her walk when two, skin and skull covered doors stood in her way she just pushed the large doors open. The skull handles hit the walls with so much force they shattered causing two screams of agony to echo out. The room was nothing but a dark pool of blood surrounding a single chair made of multiple types of bones. In that throne was a large figure, the King of Hell, Kurokon.

His frame was covered in harden, bleached bones that served as his armor and a cape made of human, Zora and animal skins sown together. Kurokon's skin was like old rust, his eyes were hollow sockets with a small gleaming light in the center, and he had no hair just curved spikes embedded into his skull.

"What do you want?" Kurokon growled and glared at the small woman before him. She stood straighter, not letting her husband's words bring her down as the symphony climbed even higher. "Speak or leave my chambers!" He bellowed as the girl checked his body language. A smirk formed on her lips at what she read. After giving a small bow, she turned on her toes and left, the doors slamming closed behind her. The young girl let out a chuckle as she calmly walked out of her palace. Once she was out a winged beast shot out of one of the rings, five souls screaming at the end of its tail.

The beast's body was serpent like that was as long as five Blue Whales with large, feathered wings with a wingspan of two miles, and six claws like a cheetahs scattered about its body. The Carrier's head was that of bull and catfish-like feelers. Its tail was scaled, whip like and lashed out wildly. Chains attached to the souls were embedded with spikes that dug into its skin. Upon the normal rider-less beast rode a single man. He forced the Carrier to land and jumped off, landing in front of the woman.

The man stood around six foot three with dark brown skin, wavy brown hair that was pulled back into a loose pony tail. Olive green eyes looked down at the small woman before him as a smile tugged at his copper-red lips. His outfit was a white button down shirt with a brown blood stained vest over it, torn, bloodied, faded beige pants over his long legs and on his feet was nothing.

"The seal has been broken my beloved." A beaming smile formed on her face at the word beloved. The man's long limbs embraced her as the Carrier let out a roar and swung its tail about, earning screams from the chained souls.

"And that fool of a king is oblivious to what has transpired above, my dear Remus." The male, Remus, grinned showing his surprisingly white teeth. The twelve year old queen reached up to pull his head down into a passionate kiss. There was a flash of dark pink lighting across Hell's sky when they parted, lips still close. "You must stay here as to not draw attention to our plans. Kurokon is a fool but he's not blind." She whispered against his lips. Remus gave a nod, bringing his forehead to rest upon hers.

"Be safe in Hyrule, Amethyst." He said while intertwining his fingers with hers. Amethyst nodded and allowed herself to be lead to the Carrier by her love. Once they were seated on the large, scaled beast of Hell its claws dug into the black coals that was the ground and propelled itself up into the air. In a linear line it shoot skywards, towards the first ring of Hell to let its queen pass through the seal and into the land of Hyrule, the chained souls screaming in agony the entire way.