Zelda smiled softly as the wind played with her brown locks. She sat at the base of a large stone statue, running her hand over the beast's paw. The stone wolf's head was raised to the heavens in a powerful howl and engraved in the metal plaque was Hylian for 'Link, Wolf Hero and Savior'. The queen traced over the Triforce on the statue's paw, paying extra attention to the raised portion of it.

She looked up at the sound of feet on stone. Her sapphire eyes lit up at seeing a familiar head of light brown hair running at her. The man stumbled as he approached her, holding tightly to an art pad. He smiled at his wife before opening it to a certain page and showing her a drawing of a wild mare, her coat of red seemingly on fire in the sun, her snow white mane and tail willowing behind her as she galloped.

Navi ran her fingers over a pool of clear water, watching closely as the images in the pool changed. The Great Fairy looked away and watched as young light mages ran past her, giggling. A soft smile formed on her blue-white lips, remembering the day when she saw Link's mother playing in the temple's halls as a child.

Shelik's red eyes were closed as he played his lyre and the sounds of a cello mixed in. Makar watched as the once blistering day outside the remains of the Deku tree twisted into a rain storm under the beat of the song.

Such was the power of the Song of Storms.

The dry season was now gone. Now it was time for the season of growth. The two continued to play, even well into the night as they lost themselves in the music.

Hunter let out a series of 'kukuku's as his carriage was pulled by two ghostly horses. He smiled eerily under his hood, his single red eye shining brightly in the darkness of the carriage. His bed bounced as they went over a large bump in the road.

It was time to relocate. Maybe he would find some dashing hero, or heroine, to guide. He would enjoy another adventure after all this time of peace. After all, he loved chaos; just not the destruction of the world because then there would be no chaos, just nothingness.

And that was no fun.

Dark Link sighed in boredom as he let his feet dangle off his throne of bones. The dark blood surrounding him lapped at the bleached bone hungrily. He let his ivory colored fingers dip into the blood, allowing it to play with his skin lazily.

His vermillion eyes looked over as his skinned throne doors opened, smiling at the person who stood there. Her deep violet eyes watched him emotionlessly through a curtain of dark hair as he beckoned her in.

"So you're the girl they burned for being a witch? Welcome to Hell, I'm the Prince of the Damned."

Midna smiled as she held her six month old son close to her. His blond hair stood out sharply with his Twili skin. Electric blue eyes watched as two figures ran around the Twili garden from the bench his mother was perched on. He cooed happily and blew bubbles at Midna, who chuckled.

Link's laughter grew in volume as he leaped over a hedge, earning a whine from his pursuer. The young six year old girl quickly took a different path, her wavy red to blond hair whipping out behind her as she sprinted after her dad. She grinned as her red irises and yellow scleras locked onto her father's fleeing form. Her tanned hand shot out to grab the back of his white tunic, only for him to leap over another flower bed.

"Mom! Dad's cheating!" The princess yelled over to her mother and brother. Midna chuckled at all the members in her family. Her daughter for claiming Link was cheating, Link for the innocent look he was giving her, and her son, Aza, who giggled at his sister's predicament.

"Ghaniyah, if your dad can leap over flower beds you can too." She laughed at Link's betrayed face before running as his daughter leap over the flower bed and was now after him again. Midna looked down at Aza who was still blowing bubbles as he flexed his fingers in the air at her. She smiled, this was paradise.