Even Sesshomaru has....

Perhaps a random drabble series revolving around SK. I don't own Inuyasha. But reviews are nice.
Word Count: 350
Scandalous Skirts

Traveling with his brother's group in search of Naraku was not proving to quite as productive as he had first thought. In fact, he could even say it was slowly becoming counterproductive. Sesshomaru lagged behind, in a stately way, as the rest of the pack chattered further up ahead. Rin kept sending glances back, but still remained with the kitsune. The monk and the demon-slayer walked shoulder to shoulder, and Inuyasha lead while pretending to ignore everyone.

This left the miko. The miko with the ridiculously short skirt who liked to attempt conversation with him.

Sesshomaru had seen whores before--prostitutes, loose women, whatever the preferred name was. But in all his years he had never seen a woman wear what the miko wore.

It was scandalous.

Keeping his gaze strait, Sesshomaru pointedly did not look at the girl (or her bare thighs) as she attempted to approach him subtly. When she finally reached his side he made no motion of acknowledgement. Unfortunately, unlike most humans, this was not enough to deter her.

"Hello, Sesshomaru," she murmured innocently. "It's beautiful today, isn't it?"

Sesshomaru prided himself on his self control, so he refused to allow himself to look down at her, or at least the delicate collar bones that peeked above her blouse.

"Hn," he replied.

Seemingly contented, Kagome let loose a sigh as she focused on the clear sky and blossoming wild flowers which popped up precariously at the edges of the road.

"Well," she finally said after a few minutes of silence, though she seemed unperturbed by it. "I'm going to catch up with the others." Then she trotted down the road and Sesshomaru's all important self control melted and he just couldn't help but stare at the back of her bare knees.

And then a breeze came. Upper thigh. Buttocks. Skin. Lace? Pink?

Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow, because those strange garments did not match her (scandalously) short kimono, which was green. Though they looked quite nice against her smooth--

--yes, Sesshomaru was positive joining this group was a bad thing. A very bad thing indeed.