Even Sesshomaru has....

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Grandpa Higurashi died seven years later. He slipped away quietly in his sleep--Mrs. Higurashi finding him peacefully reclined on his futon. The family had mourned. Two weeks later, Kagome attended the small funeral.

Seven years, and her brother looked older than her. Seven years, and her Mama had gray streaked hair and bird-bone hands. After the funeral they went home and placed Grandpa Higurashi's ashes on a little shrine they had constructed in his room. Incense floated lazily in the air as they reminisced. In the pale, cobweb smoke Kagome saw more of her past than she wished to ever revisit.

After hours of this Kagome's heart couldn't handle anymore and she left. In the dark recess of her mind she realized that she would have to do this more times than she was willing. One day her mother would die. One day her brother would die. One day her nieces and nephews would die. And Kagome--loving, joyful Kagome--would have to watch them pass as she remained a solid stone in the midst of river time.

Keys jangled lightly as Kagome unlocked the door to her and Sesshomaru's modest house. Sesshomaru entered the living room a few seconds after she, emerging from his office slightly disheveled.

"Kagome," he intoned mildly, and she could easily understand what he was silently asking.

"I'm tired," she sighed. "It's been difficult."

Sesshomaru moved to wrap his arms around her slim waist.

"I'll really miss him," Kagome sniffled, her eyes burning. Yet despite the loss weighing heavily on her shoulders--the loss of her Grandpa, Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, her mother, Sota....

"Hm," he replied, hands caressing her back comfortingly.

"Thank you," she murmured. "I'll be okay." And she would, but only because of him. In some ways he was her hero. He saved her from the crushing burden of immortality, from the freezing awareness that soon her family would be lost to her, from the rushing of time as it bypassed her.

Kagome gave her mate--her lover, her husband, her friend, her support--a watery smile. He bent over to nuzzle her cheek slightly, and she felt the tension slip from her body like the finest of silks.

The rest of the day would be spent with him as he would attempt to distract her in small, subtle ways. And as Kagome wrapped herself around him she couldn't think of any other person who she would rather spend the next few centuries with. The loss, the sacrifice, the weight--it was all worth it as long as she was with him.