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Flirting with the Devil


Arnold stared across over at Helga, as she sat on the opposite end of their river boat. After they'd hit twelve, her and his grandmother had gotten pretty close. Though, he didn't know howthey got close, exactly. All he knew was that he woke up one day, to find a smiling Helga G. Pataki in his kitchen, laughing and joking around with his grandma. He never did find out how that happened. All he knew was that Helga had apparently showed up on their doorstep late that very night, after he'd gone to sleep, and his grandma had found her and invited her in for tea and cookies. Next thing he knew, they were like best friends. It was odd... having his grandma and his tormentor being so close, but it was rather touching in a way. Helga didn't have the best of parents, so it was no wonder that she'd be searching for a sort of mother figure, and his grandma certainly seemed to fit the bill. Sure she wasn't exactly too maternal, he'd admit, but Helga seemed to have this strange nurturing effect on her. He'd find them knitting together, singing duets, dancing around, and having a jolly good time it seemed. Helga was rather strange in that way. She was so full of energy and life. He admired that about her, but it was still so strange sometimes, especially when comparing it to her usual behavior at school.

So over the past several months, his grandma and his self proclaimed arch-enemy had become close. So of course on the day of their planned, family outing to go river boating, his grandmother invited Helga along.

So here he was, sitting across from Helga, in their little river boat. His grandparents on the other side of the boat, laughing about something or other. He just stared at her, observing how much she'd changed over the years. She'd just recently began plucking her eyebrow, and now had two, much more delicate ones above her two gorgeous, glowing blue eyes. Her hair had grown out, and she'd never much cared to cut it, so it now went much more past her shoulders, to about the small of her back, though she was currently wearing it in a ponytail, there were a few light curls escaping their hold and framing her face delicately. Her lips pouty and soft, her features having softened a bit more over the past three years, and just beginning to show the signs of womanhood (Such as her slight breasts and hips), she was very pretty. He thought she was extremely cute, and he loved her eyes. They were always glowing and there always seemed to be some wild, passionate spark in them if one looked hard enough, and he definitely had.

He'd be lying if he said he didn't have a bit of a crush on her. He guessed he couldn't help it. Ever since the roof top incident back in the fourth grade, he'd sort of seen her in a new light. A more romantic one. So yes, he had a bit of a crush on her. Nothing drastic though. He'd only just started having these feelings, since he'd seen her much more soft and kinder side with his grandma. But yeah, he liked her a lot. She was cute, sweet (Well, sometimes), fun, and funny... but she also had a wild, passionate side that he was only just discovering. Even now, with the wind blowing through her hair, and the waves crashing against their little boat, she had this adventurous look in her eyes, like she was craving more. He wasn't so sure what to think about that, but he couldn't deny he had his own bit of an adventurous side to him too. He supposed he got that from his parents.

But now she was just looking at him, a soft, dreamy look in her eyes. He didn't mind her looking at him like she was. Oh yes, he knew of her love for him. He'd admit to being a bit dense at times, but he wasn't stupid. He knew that there was truth behind her whole roof top confession so long ago, but he wasn't ready to deal with it just yet. He was still figuring her out, and his crush was... just a crush.

Still, that couldn't stop him from having a little fun with his little sweetheart.

He smirked at her, his grandparents too wrapped up in their own conversations to notice them. "What'cha lookin' at, Helga?"

She snapped her eyes all the way open, and looked away quick, blushing now. He couldn't help thinking how cute it was. "N-Nothing."

"So I'm a nothing?" He asked, a fake note of sadness in there.

She snapped her eyes back to his, alarmed by his tone. "What? No, you're not a nothing. I was just... well, I was just thinking, that's all. I was lost in thought, and just happened to be looking your way. So... I wasn't really looking at you... um, technically." She stuttered out, the blush still evident on her cheeks.

He smiled at her a little. "Oh, okay. So you weren't really gazing at me with a dreamy look in your eyes, then? You were just thinking...?"

She narrowed her eyes at him a little. "Yes, I was thinking, Football Head."

"Oh, what about?" He smiled at her, though he was inwardly smirking in amusement.

Her eyes widened, but she quickly shook it off and narrowed her eyes at him again. "None of your beeswax, Arnoldo. It was personal."

"Really? Personal? What kind of 'personal'?" Oh, this was just too fun. His smile increased slightly.

She frowned at him. "It's personal personal. As in, not your business." She crossed her arms defiantly.

He smirked at her. "I'm sorry. I just wanted to know if your daydream was nice. What did I say this time? Probably something along the lines of, 'Oh, kiss me my fair Juliet.'" He chuckled a little, leaning back in his seat. This was something he did quite often nowadays. He'd accuse her of daydreaming about him or liking him romantically, and she'd just blush and shoot something sarcastic back at him. Sure, it was pretty flirty of him, he'd admit, but that was kinda the point.

But this time, she didn't say a word for a good thirty seconds. Granted, she did blush, but her expression was blank, almost listless... this only caused him to blink.

After a few more seconds, she smiled, and leaned up into his face, causing him to lean back a little more in surprise. Her smile only increased at his added blush at her close proximity. "Actually, this time you were declaring your undying love for me. There was even a private jet waiting for us back at camp that you were going to carry me to so we could get to our wedding on time. It was very romantic. Satisfied?" She purred to him, smirking.

He blushed madly, and his eyes widened considerably at her admittance to daydreaming about him. Was she... flirting back? This was new. Usually, he'd just flirt and she would take it. It was the balance of things between them, and his flirting always seemed to be somewhat of a joke, though now his flirting was more genuine considering his new found crush on her.

He knew the way out, though, so he smirked at her, and pressed his nose into hers as he leaned closer to her, and whispered, "So you admit to daydreaming about me, hmmm?"

She squinted her eyes at him, and leaned a bit back, away from him, and patted his cheek with her hand, a smirk still set on her face. "Sure, Arnold, whatever you say." She smiled, and leaned all the way back and into her seat, withdrawing her hand, and a satisfied look in her eyes.

He smiled a little back, and leaned back in his own seat, allowing his mind to wander. He was a bit curious as to this added thing in their relationship. Now she was flirting back... he wasn't sure what to make of that, but he couldn't complain. It was adorable... She was adorable.

He stared at her, his eyes falling half-lidded in that dreamy stare, as he drifted off into his own dreamland, something he'd also been doing more often after gaining his new found crush on her.

He knew this was all his own fault, flirting with the devil and all, but he would gladly face the consequences.

He always did.

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