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Snicker. Throw.

"Ow! Helga!" Arnold narrowed his eyes at the girl sitting at the other side of the dining room table, however when he looked, she was just looking innocently at an old photo of him up on the wall. She shifted her eyes to him casually, and raised an eyebrow. "Can I help you?"

Arnold glared at her for another second, before sighing a little in exasperation. "Yeah, you can stop throwing those jelly beans at me." He rubbed his forehead, sighing again through his nose.

She rolled her eyes at him, and picked up a small, red jelly bean from the bowl. "Would you prefer the red ones then?" She smirked. "And here I thought you'd be rather fond of the blue ones."

His eyes snapped up at the ceiling, and he blew some air out through his mouth. 'Lord give me strength-'"OW!" He rubbed his eye, glaring at the other blonde from across the table with his open one. "Helga, stop it! You nearly got me in the eye!"

She slapped a hand to her mouth, trying her hardest to conceal her unbearable urge to laugh out loud as her eyes danced in amusement.

Arnold did his best to ignore her, as he continued rubbing his eye, and looking back down at the report he was supposed to be writing. Naturally, Helga had gotten done before him. He grumbled under his breath, picking his pencil back up to write something down.

Helga, finally being able to force down her laughter, simply smiled widely at the boy across the table, grumbling obscurities to himself as he wrote something down and held a hand to his eye in protection. He was so adorable like that. She stood from her chair, and walked around the long table to sit next to her beloved. He ignored her, continuing to write whatever he was writing. She blinked at him, taking in his irritated appearance. She nearly giggled. "Only you could make annoyed look cute."

Normally, that would have made his breath catch in his throat and his heart flutter, but he still had a sore eye thanks to her, so he simply ignored her best he could, continuing to write as his heart begrudgingly spead up a little. He nearly growled at its incessant pounding in his chest.

After a minute, she was still staring at him. "And you're so concentrated." She started, trying to get a reaction out of him. "What with your writing your report and all. It's so..." She pretended to think, placing a hand to her chin. "...attractive."

Arnold froze in his actions for a second, before starting up again, trying to be listless to her. He narrowed his eyes at his heart's continued pounding and the light heat rushing to his cheeks.

She smiled deviously, grabbing her bowl of jelly beans and picking some green ones out. "And your eyes so attentive to the task too." She giggled on purpose, staring at the small, green jelly bean between her fingers as the others slipped from her grasp and fell back into the bowl. "Like two pools of light green jelly beans." She popped it in her mouth, watching him out of the corner of her eye, and added, "The flavor of sour apples."

He blinked at that, not sure what to think. He looked up at her, giving her a baffled look.

She snickered, glad that she'd finally gotten his attention. She looked at him with an cunning expression, and leaned in slightly. "Do you have a sour side, Arnold?" She snickered, flicking another jelly bean at him.

It bounced off his nose, and he shook his head, rubbing his nose. "Ugh!" He stood then, and crossed his arms over his chest. "Helga..." He began seriously, "You're insane."

She smirked broadly, and stood also, brushing past him as she headed for the exit. "I'm not the only insane one anymore, Football Head." She flashed him one last smirk, before walking out of the room without another word, her golden blonde hair slashing against her back.

He tilted his head at the doorway, his eyes furrowed in incomprehension. After a few moments, he shook his head, and sat back down, picking up his pencil to finally try and get his report done. He looked down at his paper to see where he was, and his eyes widened, his pencil dropping from his hand instantly in realization. A dark blush crept onto his face.

There on his paper, was Helga's name written repeatedly, as opposed to the Civil War that he was supposed to be writing about.

He let his head fall to the table with a 'clunk', as he sighed, muttering to himself, "Women..."

A/N: Eh, maybe not my best work, but I just loved it when Arnold said that line! "Women..." XD You tell it like it is, Arnito!

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