Title: The Edge

Summary: It was meant to be a peaceful mission, one where he would be able to recuperate. No one expected this. When the dark has formed alliances and old enemies are at large, no one is safe anymore. HP/Naruto

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Chapter 1





Naruto ran. He had to reach him. It was his last chance. The trees blurred past him as the crisp night air whistled in his ears. He could hear the now quite shouts of his team mates and friends, telling him to stop, to slow down, that it was dangerous. But he couldn't. It was like something had taken over his body. Pushing him forward.

It's that moment in time when you know you're alive. Your mind races and your limbs move on their own. It's like fire coursing through your veins, pushing you to the limit. You can't think straight, everything seems unreal. A world of illusions and visions replace realness. Your infinite and you know nothing can stop you.

Yet you hit it. We all do, and your balloon is finally deflated. Your body feels like its breaking. The air in your lungs gasps and cries. Everything gives up. Your mind tells you that's it, but Naruto knew he couldn't stop. If he did, then he would lose him, lose him to that bastard. And he wasn't willing to do that.

His lungs burnt and his limbs ached, the once quite echoes of his followers were gone, he was too fast for them. The bright moon overhead lit his path while the now freezing wind tried to push him off course.

He could finally see it, up ahead the trees parted and the sharp stone cliff opened to show a dark dreary cave. Skidding to a halt, Naruto lurched forward. The contents of his stomach emptied onto the worn ground. His retching finally subsided, ignoring the pain he stumbled forward. His vision blurred, he could barely make out the bodies littering the floor.

The strong smell of blood flooded his nostrils. His stomach began to churn again but he moved on, reaching the entrance of the cave Naruto took one look back before venturing in. It was a lead they had been given just over a week ago. They had been told by a reliable source that Orochimaru would be here at this date, and if Orochimaru was here then that meant he was to.

It had been 4 years now. That day he had lost his best friend to the darkness, now his only mission was to save him and bring him back. Even if it meant following him to a place like this. The lightening country was known for its rough terrain, unforgiving weather and its less than hospitable ninja's. They had spent days travelling, fighting and trying to survive. Even the strongest shinobi would have felt themselves being pushed too far.

Naruto's now dull blue eyes searched the cavern, his ears and eyes strained to pick up something but all he was met with was silence. He could feel tears prickle in his eyes and his legs merely gave up resulting in him collapsing in a heap onto the blood stained floor. He should have been quicker; he could have been here quicker. It was his entire fault.

The constant mantra had carved itself into his find nearly 2 years ago. He needed someone to blame and who better to do so than himself. It just wasn't fair, he had strived to be stronger each and every day just so he could bring him back, and every time he came close he slipped through his fingers, just like now.

The soft pad of feet alerted him to someone. Glancing up to the entrance of the cave a silhouette stood tall. The figure continued to approach him the once soft footsteps become louder as he came closer

"Sa-Sasuke," the words croaked out of Naruto's parched mouth almost as quite as a whisper. The once approaching figure halted suddenly. Trying to push himself off the ground Naruto stared up at the figure which was now merely 5 foot away from him. "Sasuke."

His voice was clearer this time, yet still held a croaked undertone to it. He tried to look up, he tried to focus on the figure but he felt his mind close down and his limps give up. His vision darkened and his mind slipped into a deep sleep.

The quite sound of 'hn' echoed off the stone walls.


He could hear bird's chirping, people walking around and the chatter of the people who stood outside the room. Naruto didn't have to open his eyes to tell that he was in the hospital. He could smell the sterile room; he could also here the machine that beeped close to his ear along with feeling of the long needle that was in his hand.

Slowly opening his eyes he brought up a hand to shield them from the pure whiteness of the room. Slowly using his hand, that didn't have a needle in it Naruto pushed himself into a sitting position. The pain in his stomach wasn't that bad and the bandages that were on his arms could probably be removed now thanks to the Kyuubi's healing.

Looking around the room Naruto saw the small bunch of flowers that sat on his bedside table along with a number of colourful get well soon cards. I wonder how long I've been in here.

Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, he allowed the sheets that had once covered him to fall onto the polished floor. Naruto began to push himself onto his feet before the door to his room was sharply opened, banging against the wall.

The Godaime Hokage, Tsunade had always been known for four main reasons. Her drinking habit, gambling problems, amazing strength and finally her vicious temper. So as soon as Naruto saw the glare directed at him from her he knew it was for his own safety that he got back in bed and acted like a good little patient.

"I'm glad to see you're awake," Tsunade's words seemed tense and Naruto couldn't help think what must be on her mind. Walking over to the end of the bed she picked up his charts shuffling through the papers before fixing on intense look at Naruto. "You've been out for two weeks now."

Now that shocked Naruto. The longest he had ever stayed in hospital had been a couple of days, even if it had been because of serious injuries. Kyuubi had always dealt with his injuries quickly and before he knew it he had been back to normal.

"What," Naruto's eyes were wide; he searched Tsunade's face waiting for her to shout 'joke'. But it never came. Her eyes shifted away from Naruto's and instead looked out into the clear blue sky through the window.

"Your chakra levels depleted to such a level that your chakra channels began to die. That's why you collapsed," her voice was monotone, her eyes distant. "You nearly didn't make it. You've been pushing yourself to such an extent that your body can't even coupe. Kyuubi's small passage into you wasn't big enough to allow enough chakra in to keep up with the amount of damage you were inflicting on your body."

Naruto stared down at his pale bony hands. He knew what she was talking about. He returned from Jiraiya's training stronger pleased with his progress. Now at 16 he had been promoted to chunin for nearly half a year now. He finally felt like he was making progress. But it still wasn't close enough to his goal.

He found himself working harder than he ever had. He began to withdraw himself from his friends, instead spending the team training or studying ways he could improve in anyway. That's all he ever did. Never resting and constantly participating in missions, steadily and slowly wearing himself out.

"Look at you Naruto, you're not the same. You're skin and bones. You look ill constantly, you've pushed yourself to far this time."

"I'm sorry," it came out as a whisper. He knew he had made them all worry. A small smile graced the face of Tsunade.

"At least you're alive, but you're having a break. No serious training or dangerous mission until I deem you fit enough to do so. You understand?"

"bu-" the rooms temperature dropped several degrees and Naruto knew from personal experience it was best to keep his mouth shut.

"There are some people who've been waiting to see you," Tsunade exited the room and was replaced with one very angry pink haired girl and a pale black haired boy.

''Naruto,'' Sakura's tone was low, her eyes screaming murder at him.

''Dickless,'' Naruto's eyebrow twitched at the name given by Sai.


Tsunade stared at the owl. It was the reason for her now aching headache. And the several empty bottles of sake littering her already cluttered desk. The pitch black owl blinked lazily back at the staring Hokage.

Reverting her eyes back to the letter in front of her, Tsunade scanned it once again trying to absorb the strange message it conveyed. There had always been rumours of civilisation outside that of the hidden villages. Of people with pale skin and almond shaped eyes. Many had ventured out past the borders and returned carrying stories of huge cities and technology past anything that could be imagined. Yet it had been years since she had heard of any trekking off in search of this strange world.

But here in front of her was a message from that side which was asking for their help. It was hard to believe after thinking it was all a myth that actual communication was happening between the two vastly different worlds.

The message was sent from an Albus Dumbledore, after which reading the name Tsunade decided a bottle of sake would have to be downed before continuing. The letter read of a place where instead of ninja and chakra people called wizards lived, using magic instead of jutsu's. Said Albus Dumbledore claimed himself to be the headmaster of a school going under the name of Hogwarts were these said magical people learnt there, well magic.

Dumbledore claimed to once held a friendship with the late Sandaime Hokage and wished for her to honour this friendship by sending aid to help protect one of his students who were said to be the saviour of their world.

Tsunade's head hit the desk with a loud thud.


Albus popped another lemon drop into his mouth and allowed his eyes to scan the many paintings adorning the stoned walls of his office. Most of the portraits of the past Headmasters slept peacefully while the odd one was missing from their canvases.

''I just do not see how this is going to work.''

Albus allowed his cheery blue eyes to focus on the speaker in the room. Severus Snape stood tall in all his dark glory. His face unhappy with the decision Albus had made.

''I beg to differ Severus, you see there was once a strong alliance between the shinobi and wizardry population. I am merely rekindling what once was. There is no harm in trying.''

Shinobi in the wizarding world were a long forgotten population of magical people who had branched off from the main population using their newly found powers and skills in new ways that did not require wands. It was hundreds of years ago when this had happen and communications had been strong, but slowly diminished to that of both sides believing the other never existed.

There were tales and myths of great battles which within both sides held shinobi and wizards. And at one point they had lived side by side, but this was all in the past and most of the current population knew nothing of shinobi or their links to them.

Albus had rekindled communications several years ago through the late leader of the shinobi settling known as the Village hidden the leaf. Saburtobi had written to him about Konaha, the village he led and in return Albus shared information of his people, neither side giving too much information. Albus once travelled to Sarutobi's land to witness how the shinobi lived. A somewhat alliance was formed between the two people. Yet once Albus returned to his home lands the letters had stopped arriving and Albus could only assume an ill fate had fallen upon the leader.

Several years passed and with distress growing in his world he heard rumours of people with strange powers allying with the dark side. In a hope of finding some help from the shinobi he sent another letter hoping for a reply to his request for help.

''I am sorry Albus,'' Minerva Mcgonagall interjected ''but it has been days and you have had no reply. The owl you sent has either never arrived or they are not going to reply.''

''Yes you could assume that,'' Albus pondered, his eyes shifting once again to the paintings.

A rattling upon the window caught the room's habitant's attentions. Albus walked over to the window and proceeded to open it allowing a large black owl to perch on his robe covered arm, a parchment attached to its claw.

Carefully removing the paper Albus allowed the bird to fly away while he went to sit behind his desk. The sparkling blue eyes quickly read the letter while a small smile formed beneath the large white beard. Placing the letter down Albus ate another lemon drop while smiling at his companions.

''We have new allies.''


Naruto strolled through the busy streets of Kohana towards the Hokage tower. He was bored out of his mind. It had been three days since he had got out of hospital and all he had been able to do was stroll around and be lazy, he knew Shikamaru would love being in his current predicament. He was itching to go on a mission, or at least train.

Naruto pushed open the doors of the tower and made his way to Tsunade's office, greeting several people on the way. Finally reaching her office he barged in without so much as a knock and found himself staring at a chaotic mess.

Sake bottles littered everywhere he looked while sheets of papers and piles of scrolls balanced in every space available. Tsunade's head slowly lifted from the desk it had once been resting on. Her unfocused eyes stared at Naruto, clearly hung-over.

''I have a mission for you,'' Tsunade croaked out.

A large grin appeared on the hyperactive blondes face.


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