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Naruto turned down yet another corridor in hopes of finding his way back onto more familiar ground. The castle was enormous to say the least. Naruto had left his room more than an hour ago and hadn't even covered half of it yet. This made him wonder about the difficulty of protection for the boy. If one of him couldn't cover the castle, multiple shadow clones where going to have to be used. He would have to make himself extremely familiar with all the grounds if he was going to be able to act fast. There were many small dingy corridors which were perfect for attacks, this made Naruto worry. He was going to have to keep close to Potter at all times.

Coming to a stop outside an old suite of armour Naruto slid slowly down the wall to rest on the floor. Naruto felt better after the few days rest he had got. Yet he still felt the his stomach churn at the thought of what he had failed to achieve. Sasuke was still in the hands of the bastard and now there was nothing he could do about it with his mission being so far away. It had been the best chance they had had in a long time for retrieving Sasuke. Sighing, Naruto dropped his head into his hands. If only he could have been stronger.

'We would not have provided you with living quarters if we expected to you to sleep in the hallways.'

Naruto sharply looked up to find Snape's somewhat intimidating figure standing over him. Now that was strange, he didn't even sense Snape at all. Pushing that worrying thought to the back of his head Naruto pushed himself up from the floor standing face to face with Snape.

'I was just having a rest,' Naruto shot back defensively, beginning to walk away.

'Well I don't see how you are going to be much help if you have to rest constantly.'

Turning to glare at Snape, Naruto marched back till his face was mere inches away from Snape's.

'Do not underestimate me.' And before Snape could even blink Naruto had vanished. Looking up and down the now empty hallway Snape allowed a small smirk to form on his usually stotic face. Intriguing.

Harry let out a sigh of relief as he sunk back in his seat on the Hogwarts express. Malfoy had just left the carriage after his usual start of year train visit. This year his insults had ventured into his summer predicament. After his trial at the Ministry Harry had spent many days in his room at Grimwall place trying to figure out why Dumbledore had ignored him. The papers had loved this story, changing what really happened into extravagant extremes.

Yet Harry was grateful he was finally moving back to Hogwarts. Yet again summer had been terrible wit his Aunt and Uncle, and not to forget his cousin. Hogwarts had been and always will be his escape.

'Better get changed Harry, we're gonna be there soon.' Harry stood with Ron making his way to get changed into his uniform. Maybe this year would be more peaceful. Yet Harry still had a bad feeling stirring in his stomach.

Naruto wrapped his cloak closer around his body as a cool breeze blew past him from his perched position in the tall oak tree. He had been in the castle a three weeks now. Each day Naruto had scouted the entire castle making himself familiar with every nuck and cranny. He was now extremely confident in his knowledge of the grounds.

Over the past three weeks he had also made himself familiar with his charge and all those associated with him. From what he had learnt the Potter boy had many enemies, and children of those enemies lived close to him in the castle. This meant he would have to be extremely alert at all times.

After discussing protection strategies with Dumbledore, it was decided the best way to stay close to his charge was to become part of the everyday life of the school. To blend in with the students. Hence beginning today Naruto was to become a late starter at Hogwarts, as he had been home schooled his previous years. It wasn't the best cover Naruto had to admit, but it was the only way to stay close to Potter at all times. The school was too heavily populated for Naruto to stay covered at all times. The high student density meant if Naruto was to constantly stay undercover it would be extremely hard for him to keep a close eye on Potter, as loosing him in crowds would be problematic.

With his bright blue eyes Naruto watched the skeletal horses pulled the carriages full of students up the dirt trail towards the castle. The eerie horses went unnoticed by the students but Naruto found himself fascinated by them. The last few students began traveling up the dirt path, Naruto quickly jumped from branch to branch with silent elegance, bringing himself closer to the last group of students.

And there he was. Nothing special. His messy brown hair was wind swept while massive glasses covering most of his face. His body was scrawny and small, and with addition of overly baggy clothing Potter seemed nothing for than your everyday dorky kid.

Naruto chuckled to himself while he observed his charge boarding the carriage while staring at the horse. So the boy could see them as well, interesting. As the carriage turned the corner Naruto jumped down onto the dirt path.

With one last look at the now sealed gates Naruto began walking up the path. He couldn't help the smile that appeared on his face, this was going to be fun.

Harry walked towards the carriage that would take him up to the castle. The skeletal horses stared back at him sending shivers up his spine. Climbing into the last carriage Harry felt eyes on him. Glancing around at the other passengers, they were all engaged in their own conversations. Hermione and Ron seemed to be bickering over something as per usual while Luna sat reading here magazine upside down, what a strange girl. He definitely felt eyes on him, but after having a quick glance around the forest Harry subjected it to nothing more than nerves for the first day of school to begin.

With a jerk the carriage began moving. Settling into a comfy position in his seat Harry watched the trees pass him by. A sudden blur of yellow alerted him to something behind him. Quickly standing Harry looked around.

'Harry, are you ok?' Hermione asked while placing a hand on his arm.

'Did you see that?' Harry questioned while looking around franticly.

'See what mate?' Looking at Ron's confused face Harry searched around one last time before sitting back down.

'Its nothing.' Taking his glasses off Harry gave them a rub with the sleeve of his jumper, I could have sworn I saw something.

'I saw it too,' Luna pipped up while keeping her eyes on her reading material.

'Saw what? Can someone please bloody explain what's going on.' Ron's face had twisted into that of confusion while glancing between Harry and Luna.

'The figure. The one in the trees. They seem friendly. Most likely just a curious creature.' Luna glanced at them all with a small smile on her face before looking up to the approached castle.

Harry stared at her with a frown on his face. A figure? All he had seen was a blur of yellow.

The carriage came to an abrupt stop before they were all quickly ushered out to wards the great hall for the beginning of year feast. Harry pushed the thought of a strange figure to the back of his head. He was going to try and have a normal school year this time round. No adventures, no danger. And the thought of figures already watching him made the thought of a peaceful year sound even less believable.

Sitting down at the long table with Hermione and Ron, Harry stared around him. People chatted cheerfully with their friends, while some of the Slytherin's quietly whispered between each other before sending him sideways glances. Some things would never change.

'Hermione?' Ron asked while prodding Hermione in the shoulder. Her eyes were transfixed on the double doors of the entrance of the hall and after a quick look at the girls around him Harry found most of the female population were doing exactly the same.

Following her stare Harry found himself looking at a student he had never seen before. He was tall, standing at about 6 foot, much taller than himself. He could definitely understand why most of the female population in the hall seemed to be transfixed. His longish blonde hair lay in messy spikes around his face. Bright azure eyes shone out with a mischievous glint from behind his fringe. He was built. Although his frame was slim Harry could see that he was strong from the muscle in his arms from his rolled up sleeves.

'Who is that?' Ron questioned while glaring at the new figure.

He seemed to stop half way down the hall, glancing around. Harry could have sworn his eyes landed on him before he stared moving in their direction. Harry looked over at Hermione to still find her transfixed by the boys confident strides, a small blush appearing on her cheeks as he sat a little way down from them.

Before anyone could say anything to the boy Dumbledore raised from his seat to begin his speech, but not before the boy turned extending a hand toward Harry.

'Hi, I'm Naruto.' to which he responded with a quiet whisper of Harry.