The Legend of Spyro: the Truth of Purple


"You cannot defeat me! I am Eternal!" Malefor roared, he who was known as the dark master and, believed to be, until he had stated otherwise, the first purple dragon that had stalked the planet. Hovering in the air in the air his bulbous yellow eyes glared at the two hatchlings. Across his mighty body were numerous wounds, all of which stung like a the strike of a scorpion. Wounds inflicted by the two hatchlings in front of him, Spyro the most recent of the purple dragons and Cynder a dragoness that once served as his mightiest general, now using the very powers he had given her against him.

Rearing back his terrible tri horned head, the dark master opened his tremendous jaws, launching a deadly dark purple beam at his opponents. The two felt and intense energy burning thought their veins, begging to be unleashed upon their foe. Opening their mouths, the two unleashed twin purple beams, surging out to meet Malefor's.

There was a colossal roar when the three attacks collided, sending shockwaves cutting through the air across the crystalline landscape that was the core of their planet. This untainted power nourished small seeds of hope within the two youngling as it past through, for the dark master however, started to cloud the mind of Malefor with fear and hopelessness, slowly but surely weakening him. Spyro sensed his about his predecessor and swiftly decided to try and encourage his comrade and friend.

"Just... hang... on!" The purple dragon panted, his strength draining, even through it had been boosted by the shockwaves. Glancing to the shadow dragoness, he could easily tell that she was faring no better then he.

The battle for dominance raged on for what seemed like eternity for the two exhausted dragons as their energy levels dipped lower and lower. It seemed that Malefor had unlimited energy. The two where on the brink of the defeat using up the last amount of energy when…

Their twin attacks overwhelmed that of Dark master. Absorbing its strength before the purple beam slammed into Malefor, hurling the dark dragon through the air like a ragdoll. His back swiftly smashed into the cold and hard surface of the violet crystal. Elation crept into the spent bodies of the two youngsters. Only to be banished moments later when the Dark Master rolled back onto his feet, snarling he stalked forwards, preparing to finish the two off once and for all. Yet as he did so, sliver of light flashed beneath the surface of the crystal one which he stood. Malefor did not notice this, at least, until five completely transparent draconic wraiths emerged from the planets heart.

"What is this?" The dark dragon snapped as the five wraiths took flight, twisting his neck around in a futile attempt to keep track of them all. As one, the ghostly apparitions dove down to Malefor. Encircling him, the five seemingly insubstantial wraiths grabbed onto the dark master as they returned to the heart of the world taking him with them, into the silence that the had be forced to dwell in ever since the days of darkness that Malefor unleashed hundreds of years ago. The said dragon fought against the five, desperate to maintain his hold on the land of the living but soon he realized that he had lose, and from him came one last roar.

"Nooooo!" Purple dragon who had almost single handedly annihilated his own race was torn from life and dragged down into the very depths of misery and pain he had created. As he did so, the glowing chain that had bound the two dragons together throughout their arduous ordeal dissipated.

Hearing the rocks and crystals crashing around them Spyro and Cynder landed on the crystal that they had just fought above. The moment that the remaining purple dragon's feet touched the solid ground he slumped over, barely having the energy to stay on his feet. Slowly the black dragoness limped up to him, hanging her head in sorrow.

"Spyro, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." she whispered sadly, her emerald eyes glistening with moisture, the purple dragon turned to her, noticing her sorrow.

"Don't be. It's over now." Spyro comforted his friend as Cynder looked around at the burning core of the world as it broke apart.

"So this is it…"

Sorrow and depression weighed Spyro's tongue. Struggling to find his voice the young purple dragon found no way to responded to his companion in a positive way. Yet just as he was to speak, he heard a familiar voice speak in his head, closing his eyes Spyro shut himself of from the world as he listened to the voice of his lost father-figure and mentor, the guardian of fire. Ignitus.

"Spyro, when a dragon dies, he does not truly leave this world. His spirit lives on, binding itself with nature. Offering hope for the future."

As he heard these words, a look of pure determination spread itself over the face of the purple dragon like the sun's light washing over the earth.

"I know what I need to do. Just get out of here Cynder," Spyro ordered, swiftly drawing a response from the Shadow dragoness.

"Spyro, no… You don't have to do anything. Let's just go." She pleaded, worried for the dragon that seemed to her, too selfless for his own good.

"Where Cynder? There'll be nothing left! The world is breaking apart. But I think I can stop it. I think I'm meant to." The purple dragon responded, completely resolute. Knowing that she couldn't change his mind, Cynder set herself, she had come all this way with him there was no way she was going to abandon him now. Not to mention that she has one last thing to confess to him before they both died, a fate almost certain the way things were

"Then I'm with you…" The shadow dragoness said, her tone steady and strong

Accepting what she said with a nod. Spyro turned away from her before rearing up on his hind feet. Closing his eyes, power began to radiate from his form causing Cynder's scales to stand on end, her heart to flutter like a bird and the breath to catch in her throat Thinking of the dragoness besides him, gave the exhausted dragon both the strength and will needed to perform this impossible task. His body began to glow as he was obscured by a pure light. Light that symbolized hope and renewal. As the force within Spyro climbed to its peak, a shroud of purple energy wrapped itself around the young dragon transforming him into a majestic bird. Trapped within himself by the concentration he required to control such energy he was unable to hear his friend utter three simple words. Words that where the hardest she had ever said…

"I love you…" Cynder whispered, her heat skipping a beat with those words, whooping for joy that she had finally gathered the courage to say them, albeit with what would definitely seem to be her last breath. As she spoke, the purple dragon released all of the energy he had been gathering.

Roaring outwards at the speed of light the energy pulse expanded. creating, a purple field that soon encased the pieces of the world. Suspended in space the separate parts slowly floated around in space like a jigsaw puzzle. Fiery red magma coated the raw sharp edges of the inner planet, Earth giving the once peaceful planet the look of a hellish nightmare. Contained in the protective purple aura, the world started to piece itself together. Slowly and gently the cracked pieces merged together again once more, until the world was practically as good as new. Blue, green and tranquil.

Emerging from the deep underground cave where they had resided in order to ride out the storm, many beings looked upon a brand new landscape, free of the oppression of Darkness. Sparx, Terrador, Hunter, Volteer, Cyril and all the other survivors of Malefor's reign of blood and tyranny gazed upon the bright shining world, fresh and completely restored.

Dancing in between the islands of floating rocks – which were covered with lush emerald grass - where fireflies saying a farewell to the sun as it slowly drifted down below the horizon, ending the day as the powers of darkness and evil fled from the land. High in above them was a large regal looking dragon painted across the indigo sky by the stars themselves.

As they did so, a large, ancient blue dragon was reading a thick book that was floating in front of him. He was in cave illuminated with an eerie yet calming blue light cast by a magnificent structure behind him. That of a huge yet elegant hourglass which was set in the centre of the room, recording the ever moving passage of time. Lining the smooth curving walls were ancient shelves carved from the wood of the first tree that had ever grown. Some of the many books were finished, while others were just beginning their story. . These mystical and wondrous books were records of the lives of dragons and were known as The Books of Time, created with a powerful enchantment, they changed and wrote themselves as the dragon whose life they recorded grew and developed through life.

The large crystal pendant around the dragon's neck was only another clue to his identity, only known as the Chronicler he was the guardian of this library, the one that looked after the history of all dragon kind. Looking away from the book, the Chronicler smiled slightly.

"Be welcome friend. I have long been expecting you... A new age is beginning… With each new age. A worthy dragon is chosen to chronicle the many triumphs and failures of that age. This has been my duty for many millennia." Turning to fully address the dragon that had arrived, he spoke again. "And now, Ignitus, I pass this honor to you." As he spoke the old, but still mighty fire dragon walked up to stand by his side.

"And… what of Spyro?" The guardian of fire asked, both concern and wonder touching his voice. "Is he…?"

"Hmm, that is the question isn't it?" The Chronicler responded, having been pondering the question since the incident at the world's core. "You see…" The blue dragon began as the book in front of him closed and moved back to its shelf as another book took its place. Ancient was not a word that even came close to describing this legendary tome, and neither was thick. Thick yellow pages harbored obvious signs of age and wear. This book dated back to the very beginning of the Dragon Race, five billion years ago "Each time a dragon dies, a new page is written in this book." The Chronicler continued, Ignitus hanging on to his every word. "I've done my best, but I can't seem to find any trace of Spyro."

Pausing, the blue dragon closed his eyes, reflecting his time in this legendary place. Then he began to glow, transforming into blinding ball of bluish white light, vanishing into the shining light that engulfed the room. Even as the light began to fade, Ignitus had changed. His vivid orange scales were now a light blue colour while his horns glistened a metallic silver with a subtle hint of blue. Even his fire shaped fins and tail blade were now a magnificent royal blue. Resting over his heart was the crystal pendant that had once hung around the old chroniclers' neck. Now however, its power and guidance belonged to its new master. The book of Dead Dragons floated in front of Ignitus who began to pore over its pages with his kind sapphire eyes. Sighing the new Chronicler let a small smile touch his face as he asked a question that was a source of curiosity for both the old Chronicler, and him.

"Well young dragon … Where might you be?"

Bright glorious sunlight warmed the scales of Spyro and Cynder as the pair flew across the lush green landscape, dotted with golden cliffs and cascading waterfalls. Far below them, gentle breezes allowed the wildflower to dance and twirl as the saviors of the world flew happily above them. Spyro and Cynder stalled in the air and looked at each other, both happy that the other was alive and by their side. They only just escaped from the planet's core before it was sealed by the Spyro's powers and now the two young dragons were elated that they could now spend their lives in peace, together. One last time they weaved in and out of each other playfully before speeding off to the south allowing the midday sun to warm their wings and a southerly wind to carry them onwards.

Little did they know however, that their troubles where yet to truly begin. For even through Malefor was gone, the world was already on the brink of darkness once more. This time through, it threatened to plunge not just their planet, but the entire universe into chaos. Far, far below the surface of the newly repaired world. Miles bellow the deepest of the refilled ocean, an ancient foe stirred. Dormant for eons, the three years of chaos and destruction, coupled with the events that happened only yesterday at the very heart of the planet had re-awakened this mighty beast, and it was hungry…

Hungry for revenge against reality, itself.