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SUMMARY: A failed proposal, a lost baby and a vampire having a mid-life crisis…yep that's the cirque. A series of one-shot stories for your enjoyment. :P Mix of Books and Film.

TITLE: Tales from the Cirque du Freak

Chapter four- Fatherly Role

"Mr Crepsley!" Darren shouted running into the tent and almost knocking over his mentor.

"Oh, Darren I was just umm…" Darren stared at the TV then at Mr Crepsley then back again.

"Seriously? The Animal Channel, giraffe week and bear week, okay well I'm not sure I wanna know so I'll just sit here and wait for you to… whoa okay why is that giraffe doing that? Surely that, that is for the nine o'clock cut off!" Darren's voice took an ever so masculine tone on as his eyes glued to the TV screen.

"She is attracted to the male giraffe so she is…" Darren pulled a disgusted face and cut the vampire off before he could finish.

"I can see what she's doing. So… have you ever been the male giraffe with Arra as the female giraffe because…?" This time it was the vampire's turn to cut him short and he did so by turning off the TV and shooting a challenging expression in Darren's direction.

"I can see that you are not going to leave so what is it that you want?" Darren smiled innocently and handed a small piece of paper over. "You have a dentist appointment? Everyone thinks you are dead how the… I do not want to know but yes I will assist you." He nodded and handed the paper back over.

"I'm going to a different dentist down the road." There was a long silence which was broken by Darren's small whisper. "I was going to say that I've heard you talk about her. I wasn't implying anything. Vampires and their euphemisms." Mr Crepsley's expression was enough to show Darren that he should leave before he resented his words forever so he left the tent and watched as Crepsley turned the TV back on and let a disappointed sigh escape as the adverts came on and portrayed the TV agenda.

"Hmm, I wonder what happened." He whispered to himself. Back in the tent Darren picked up the phone and dialled the number emblazoned on the slab of paper.

"Hello this Darren Shan I was just wondering when my appointment is with Mr Bone." Darren tried to keep the laugh from escaping his throat as he said the name. What unfortunate man had the name Mr. T. Bone? When the woman came back she told him the date and time as horror struck him and he seemed to be in his vision of clear hell. His appointment was in half an hour! "Mr Crepsley help, help, help!" He screamed as Mr Crepsley turned the television off and gave an innocent grin.

"Darren, I was not watching the Animal Channel at all, I was watching the… Geography Channel, what is wrong?"

"My dentist appointment's in half an hour and…" Mr Crepsley raised an eyebrow and felt his lips curl into a goofy grin.

"Yes…" His voice urged Darren to spill the truth and the words poured out of his mouth like a waterfall.

"I'm afraid." Mr Crepsley did the unexpected. He didn't place an arm around Darren and tell him it would all be okay no, an outburst of howling and cackling escaped his mouth as Darren stared in horror and watched the tears of pure humour pour out of his eyes.

"Oh that is classic it really is now seriously get your coat and tidy yourself up I cannot be seen in public with you like that. I will get my cape, the one with a hood."

"No Mr Crepsley, I am not going to the dentist I can't because I've seen the films. One minute I'm sat in the chair the next I have a dentist drill through my neck." Mr Crepsley rolled his eyes and tightly gripped the younger vampire's wrist then dragged him out of the tent, the cape draping over his face shielding him from the deceitful sun. When the appointment was due, he dragged him in and threw him onto the chair.

"Now Darren, let me see inside your mouth." Tightly holding his mouth shut, Darren shook his head and looked over at Crepsley.

"Do not be so stupid boy open your mouth. Darren!" He shouted, a smirk spreading on his lips.

"Larte…" The dentist peered inside his mouth and held it open as he did his dentist duties then mournfully sighed. "What?"

"You need… a filling." His voice held gloom as Darren went wide eyed and shook his head.


"Excuse me but what is a filling?" Mr Crepsley asked receiving a strange look from the dentist.

"A filling is when you have a small hole in your tooth so it needs filling in." A look of distaste washed over Crepsley as he shook his head and placed a hand on Darren's shoulder.

"I am not sure that I would like my assistant having a hole filled in with his tooth. I have a strong feeling of revulsion and I have to ask as his guardian and parental figure will it hurt him?" The dentist shook his head and looked back at Darren.

"No, it will not hurt at all Mr Shan it will be quick and painless." Mr Crepsley's eyes thinned as a deep hatred span in them.

"Oh, I am not Mr Shan… never mind just get on with it I am very busy." He slumped back in the chair and watched, flinching at the whirring sound of the tool. "Is he okay?" He asked peering over Darren's shoulder and intertwining himself with the dentist tools. As he landed on the floor, surrounded with the metal instruments, he smiled at the dentist and stood up, brushing off his cape and scratching the long scar down his face. "I will wait outside for you Darren and then can we please leave I am afraid of getting sunburn. It is only a light cotton fibre and it will not hold off the sun long." He stated and made his way outside. When Darren came out he found Crepsley staring at a small child who was giving him evil glares. "Excuse me ma'am but your child seems to have a certain dislike for me." The woman pulled his child back as Mr Crepsley gave a cynical look and followed Darren outside into the cold air. "I am not sure I like your dentist. He seems… like a Vampaneze member. He is quite strange do you not agree? Perhaps he is a vampet. It would not surprise me if I am honest." Darren nodded and followed him back to the cirque.

"Mr Crepsley, thanks for coming with me. I really needed that extra support when I was there because ya know, they are scary."

"I know Darren but I want you to know that I will no longer accompany you to the dentist. I fear I may lash out at him with one of his whirring tool like things. How is your filling?" He asked trying to see inside his mouth.

"Good, good it doesn't hurt. How's your… hair?"

"Oh you know, usual." He smiled and made his way back into his coffin. "Goodnight Darren." He called and closed the lid.

"Night old man." He replied, smiling to himself as he ran over to Evra and showed him the power ranger's sticker he had received at the dentist.

"Old man? He must misunderstand my youthful figure. Must be puberty." He muttered and slipped his eyes closed.

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