A Journey of two Queens

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Chapter One

(A Turn of Events)

It was a warm day in late September. Sarah sat in the park as always. Ever since her trip through the Labyrinth she had felt even more out of place than before. Most girls grow out of fantasy but how can you grow out of something you know is real? Something you've experienced?

Sarah often thought of her time in the labyrinth. She still spoke to Hoggle, Ludo and Sir Didymus. They were here best friends. Best friends no one knew about. Sarah hadn't seen the Goblin King but thought of him often. She was both excited and terrified at the thought that she might one day see him again. If she did she wasn't sure what she'd say or even if she'd be able to talk. It had taken her time and many conversations with Sir Didymus before Sarah had decided the king wasn't evil and had simply done as she'd asked.

Sarah and Toby had become very close over the last two years. She had even developed a good relationship with her stepmother. It had pained her at first to have to admit it was all thanks to the goblin king. Now she somewhat hoped for the chance to tell the king thank you.

"Hey Sarah!" Sarah looked to her right surprised to hear her name. Seeing who had called her she was even more surprised. She watched as the captain of the girls basketball team approached her. Arianna Dawson was one of the most popular, if not the most popular, girl in school. She was beautiful, smart, and a total tomboy. The dark haired girl was somewhat surprised the girl knew her name.

"Hi Ari." Sarah said trying not to show the shock she felt.

"Sarah we do have three classes together." The blonde haired girl remarked. "It would be really stupid if I didn't know who you were." Sarah smiled and nodded. Apparently the popular girl had noticed her surprise. "You know you aren't the easiest person to find. I actually had to go to your house and ask your stepmom."

"You went to my house?" Sarah said surprised. "How did you know where I even lived?"

"Does it matter?"

"No. Just surprised me." Sarah said. "Why are you looking for me?"

"I noticed you were having trouble in gym today." Ari commented. Sarah suddenly looked embarrassed and drew her legs into her arms encircling them. "I also know you need a passing grade."

"I'll never pass gym," Sarah groaned. "I suck at sports." The dark haired girl lowered her head to her knees.
"I'd argue but you're right." The popular girl agreed.

"Thanks." Sarah said not even looking up.

Ari laughed. "That's why I'm here."

Sarah looked up at her. "To tell me I suck at sports and I'm going to fail gym?"

The blonde haired girl laughed again. "No. To help you pass gym."

"What? Why?" Sarah inquired. She knew there was no reason in the world for anyone to try to help her, especially someone as popular as Arianna. "What do you want in return?" Sarah asked suspiciously.

Ari raised an eyebrow at her. "People have tried to take advantage of you a lot haven't they?" Sarah shrugged. "I don't care your mom is an actress. In case you haven't noticed I'm not exactly girly." To make her point the girl gestured to the basketball uniform she was wearing.

"You mean you just want to help me?" Sarah said.

"Let's just say I think it's time you put a few people in their places." The blonde replied. "Just because you like fairytales doesn't mean you're a flake. I'm a jock but I'm far from stupid."

"How did you know..." Sarah stopped realizing she was currently reading a fairytale. "I guess it is a little obvious."

Ari shrugged. "My room is full of sports stuff. Come on." Sarah closed her book and getting up from the bench walked through the park to a basketball court on the other side. The blonde haired teenage girl put her sports bag down on the ground and Sarah put her book down beside it.

"Okay I think we should start off with something basic like dribbling." The popular girl announced as she took out two basketballs and handed one to the dark haired girl. Taking the other ball she began to bounce it with one hand. "I don't want to sound mean but, do you know what dribbling is?"

"Bouncing the ball?" Sarah said not completely sure. "At least I think that's what coach Peterson said it was.

"Yeah dribbling it is." Ari said smiling amused. "Just bounce the ball with one hand and try and keep control of it."

Over the next hour Sarah worked on dribbling with Arianna giving her encouragement. Sarah was surprised that while the popular girl was amused by a few of her mistakes she was never mean about it and never belittled her. It took a while before she could control it with one hand but by the end of the hour she could work the ball between both hands and run down the court with it.

"Alright Sarah that's enough for today." Ari announced. She put both balls in her bag and looked at the dark haired girl. "What are you doing tomorrow?"

"I have to watch my little brother tomorrow morning." Sarah replied. "My dad and stepmother are going to a wedding. They won't be back till around five."

"How old is your brother?" The blonde haired girl inquired.

"3 ½."

"So bring him here to the park. He can run around and we can work on your basketball some more." Ari suggested.

"Toby loves the park. I was going to bring him here anyway. What time?" The dark haired girl asked.

"How about 10?"

"Okay. Meet here?" Sarah asked.
"Yeah, see you tomorrow."

"Bye Ari."

Sarah stood there a moment and watched the popular girl walk away. She couldn't help but smile. The girls' basketball captain seemed to be willing to help without wanting anything in return. Sarah only hoped it wasn't some kind of trick. Either way she had learned from Ari and Sarah needed the help to pass gym.

Picking up her book the dark haired girl headed for home. If she had dared to look in the trees she'd have seen a white owl.

Sarah reached her home just in time as it began to rain.

"Sarah is that you?" She heard her stepmother call.

"Yes." Sarah called back.

"Good. A schoolmate of yours came by. Ari, I believe was her name. Did she find you?" Diane Williams asked as her stepdaughter entered the kitchen.

"Yes, she found me." Sarah replied. "She's going to help me pass gym."

"Really? That's….. nice of her." Sarah had to smile sensing the woman's concern.

"I was surprised too. Ari is the captain of the girls basketball team for heaven's sake. Not to mention one of the most popular girls in school. I asked her what she wanted in return but there doesn't seem to be anything."

Diane left the casserole on the stove and looked over at the teenage girl. "I hope your right."

"Me too. It would be nice to make a friend from school that wasn't trying to get something from me."

Diane gave the girl a sympathetic smile. "Your father is going to be late again so it's just the three of us for dinner."

"I'll get the plates." Sarah offered. Diane smiled and nodded. Five minutes later they were eating.

It was late as King Soren stood on the throne room balcony looking over his kingdom. He felt both anger and determination. It had only been recently he'd learned he had a daughter in the mortal realm. A daughter with a woman he had loved nearly 18 years ago that had suddenly disappeared. It wasn't until Samhain following Brianna's disappearance that he had learned the woman had died. Unfortunately had had not learned the woman had died in childbirth.

Hearing the sound of flapping wings he looked to see a white owl approach and suddenly turn into the goblin king. "Soren." Jareth said simply.

"Goblin King thank you for coming so quickly." The Dark Elf King replied.

"You did say it would be worth my while." The Goblin King drawled. "So what is it you want?" He added leaning on the banister.

"I offer you something you want in exchange for something I want." The Dark Elf King said enticingly.

"Do continue." Jareth said. He kept his tone and appearance casual. It was bordering on looking bored. The Goblin King was very interested in why the Dark Elf King had contacted him in truth, but did not want to easily reveal that.

"I want you to use your goblins and ability to cross realms to find something for me." Jareth raised his eyebrow at the man questioningly. "In return I will help you with your little …problem."

"Really? And what little problem might that be?" The Goblin King replied. "I don't need help with anything."

"Really?" Soren said sounding less than convinced. "Not even in reclaiming your little obsession? Sarah was it?" Jareth took on a steeled expression at the Dark King's words. "Did you think no one would find out you had been bested by a mortal girl? Or that you still brewed over her?"

"I'm losing my patience Soren." Jareth warned.

"Yes, well, patience has never been one of your strengths." Soren replied. Seeing the Goblin King was becoming angry he said, "You can't obtain that which you seek but I can."

The Goblin King suddenly took on a look of suspicion. "I trust you have a point?"

"You cannot force your little mortal into the underground but I can. You find what I want and I will get you Sarah in return."

"What is it you need me to find?" The Goblin King questioned.

"My daughter." The Dark Elf King almost laughed seeing the fellow king look more than a little surprised. "I recently learned of her existence. I'm sure you know of Brianna?"

"Yes. I thought she was dead." Jareth remarked.

"She is. I was not aware she had died in child birth until recently. I want you to find her. I can't cross realms except the months of Samhain and Beltane. You however have access at all times." The Goblin King nodded.

As collector of wished away children he was able to pass between realms at any time. Most Fae could only cross during the time of Samhain and Beltane. Jareth always found it amusing that mortals assumed it was only two nights a year a Fae could enter the mortal world. While in most cases it was during the month of each of those days.

"So I find your daughter and you bring me Sarah." Jareth summarized. Soren nodded in confirmation.

The Goblin King thought for a moment. While he was never one to allow anyone to ever use him as some servant to them, he still wanted Sarah. Unfortunately he had no power over her and therefore could not force her to return to the underground. Soren however was not powerless against her. If The Dark Elf King captured Sarah and gave her to him then he would regain power over her.

"You don't touch Sarah." The Goblin King said warningly. "You give her to me and no one else."

"I don't want a war with you Jareth. I give you my word as a King and Fae. Lead me to my daughter and I will give you your Sarah. Neither I, nor any of mine will harm your Sarah in any way. We will capture her but I will order my elves to be as gentle as possible."

"Agreed. Do you have any idea where the girl could be?" The Goblin King asked. "I will send my goblins to begin searching for the girl tonight but the mortal world is rather large."

"Here." Soren said and handed the Goblin King a small stone. "It will glow when you have found her. I can also tell you she is with Lady Evelyn."

Jareth practically growled. "Evelyn." He sneered. He hated the former Fae woman. She had caused him problems on more than one occasion in the past.

The Dark Elf King smirked before saying, "My sentiments exactly."

"Although the knowledge she has your daughter is also convenient." Jareth said as his eyes began to sparkle mischievously.

"I think trouble is more accurate." Soren warned.

The Goblin King shrugged. "Perhaps, but I can use my crystals to find Evelyn. She is not immune to my power."

"Evelyn might not be Fae anymore but she will still be sensitive to magic." The Dark Elf King warned.

"Yes but I only need to use a crystal once to find her. From there I will be able to find your daughter rather quickly."

"Excellent. You will of course inform me once you've found the girl." Soren stated. The Goblin King gave him a graceful nod to the side. "We can obtain both girls come Beltane."

"I will keep watch over them until then."

"Tell me what will you do once you have your little mortal?" Soren inquired. "Will you make her your bride immediately or do you plan to extract a little revenge first? She did reject you after all."

"I'm not sure but I will probably make her squirm at least a little bit. As you said, she did reject me and I am entitled to make her suffer a bit for it. I will be in contact." Soren nodded and watched as the Goblin king transformed into his owl form and flew away.