When you write purely from one point of view, you're limiting yourself to writing about the thoughts, feelings and life of that one character. Unfortunately, just occasionally, another point of view cries out for a voice… Which is where these 'out takes' come in. The following snippets relate to chapter six of my story Identity, and/or World's Apart and have been written first person POV for the character named beside the title. The characters aren't mine, the events they talk about aren't mine either – all belong to Saban et al. No money made – written because the ideas just wouldn't leave me alone.


The Bravest Thing – Mr Collins

I'm still not sure if it was the bravest thing I've ever seen anyone do, or the stupidest.

He was already injured – I'd seen him go down, and go down hard, thanks to a blow to the head from the mutant. Yet when the mutant was lining up to kill the commander of the Silver Guardians, he found the will to save Porter's life…almost at the cost of his own.

In fact, for a few moments, I think everyone thought it had cost him his life. The laser fire hit him and he went down and he was not moving. I heard someone screaming – I think it was one of the other rangers – and I could see a couple of the Guardians creeping forward to cover the body. The other rangers distracted the mutant away from the body while one of the Guardians leaned forward to try and check on him.

I'm not sure at which point it was that I left the comparative safety of the limo, but I found myself on the fringe of the battle, anxiously watching as Guardian Myers reached out to look for a pulse. His hand stilled as we both heard an audible groan. Amazingly, he was still alive.

"Are…are you all right?" Myers asked.

Slowly – agonisingly – he moved to look at Myers, and that was when I realised that at some point, the visor of his helmet had shattered. I wasn't close enough to see much more than that, but Myers had a good view. I wasn't expecting Myers to recognise him. But he did.

I heard Myers gasp and then exclaim, "Wes?!"

And for a few long seconds I thought I'd imagined it. It couldn't be. It shouldn't be. My son?! That was Wesley? I found myself moving towards him almost in a daze. I couldn't believe it. When had this happened…how had this happened? Why hadn't I noticed?

We talked…argued and he walked away, to help his friends and I don't think I've ever felt so far apart from him. And nor do I think I've ever felt as proud.


Just Like Alex - Jen

When I first met Wes, I thought he was nothing like Alex.

Alex was a hero. He put himself last and everyone else first. He was kind and considerate. He was honourable and brave.

As far as I could see Wes was none of those things. If anything, as far as I could see he was the direct opposite of Alex. I didn't want him on the team. I knew, in my head, that we needed a fifth member, but I didn't want it to be him. Anyone but him. Of course, I didn't have a choice – and like it or not, I was stuck with Wes.

I know I wasn't fair to him in those first couple of weeks and instead of reacting like Alex would have done – instead of calling me on it – Wes accepted it. At first that just made me more scornful of him. Then there was the mess with Tentaclaw, Nadira and the ransom money and in four hours, and without saying anything to me, he demonstrated how unreasonable and how unfair I'd been.

I started to see him in a new light, particularly when I realised that he'd given up his home and family for us, but at the back of my mind I was still comparing him to Alex. And he was still coming up short.

None of what Wes had done was really significant. Sure it took guts but it still felt like Wes was playing. In fact he admitted that the idea behind the manoeuvre he pulled to free the kidnapped kids was based on a stunt he'd done for a bet when he'd been in school.

And then there was this afternoon…against Univolt.

Alex would have taken that shot because it was his duty to – because that was what he had been trained to do. Wes doesn't have that training. He's only a ranger because he wants to be. At the end of the day, he's still a civilian.

And he still took that shot.

He put himself last and put those Univolt would have fired on first.

It was like watching Alex all over again and for a moment the fear that Wes was going to end up like Alex was so strong I couldn't do anything. But then Univolt started towards Wes' unconscious body and I knew what I had to do. I couldn't let what Wes had just done be in vain. Just like I couldn't let Alex's sacrifice be in vain.

The four of us…Katie, Lucas, Trip and myself…managed to drag Univolt away but the four of us couldn't take him down on our own, and for a few seconds I thought that we would fail. Thought that we would fail Alex…and Wes.

Against all odds…all my fears – Wes came through for us. Just like Alex would have done.

But just when I thought he was OK, just when we finally beat Univolt, he collapsed.

Now here I am. It's nearly three a.m. and I can't go to sleep. I close my eyes and I see him lying there. So instead I find things to do and I keep an eye on him as he sleeps.

Because just like Alex, he's crept into my heart and I can't stand the thought of losing him like I lost Alex.