The characters and events they talk about aren't mine, they belong to BVE. The following snippets all relate, heavily, to the episode Undercover Rangers and to chapter 17 of Identity.


Who Does She Think She's Fooling? -- Lucas

Jen's been distracted all day, which is unusual for her, but the minute I walked into the odd jobs shop and saw Wes sitting behind the counter, the light bulb went on.

She's nervous.

Who does she think she's fooling?

We know she's in love with him. I think he knows she's in love with him (unless he's as oblivious as a plank of wood -- and somehow I just can't imagine he is). I suppose the real question is does she know she is?

I'd say Alex's little visit here hasn't helped on that count -- but maybe it has. He spent two days pushing her away after spending three months being 'dead'...I don't know what he wanted, but if he wanted to alienate her, I'd say he'd succeeded, and maybe -- just maybe -- that's the wake up call Jen needed.

Now, if only she can figure out what to say...


Will She Say It? -- Katie

You know that feeling you get...the mix of anticipation and nerves that comes right before you do something or hear something or see something really momentous? Well I think we...Lucas, Trip and me...have been leaving on that feeling for the last month.

Every since Contemptra put the guys under that love spell.

That's when it got to be blindingly obvious, at any rate. I think I first noticed it way back when the Silver Guardians first showed up and we first met Eric, but it was easy to ignore it then. Her reactions could be credited to worry over a teammate...or guilt at letting a 'civilian' get badly hurt... But as time's gone on, I've run out of excuses for her to use. And since Contemptra...well. There is only one answer: Jen is head over heals, madly and truly in love with Wes.

I finally got her to 'fess up about it a couple of days before Alex came back in time.

"Katie, I shouldn't love him," she told me.

"Why not?" I replied.

"What if...what if I'm just transferring my feelings for Alex?"

"Let me tell you something," I answered. "I've known you a long time, and I don't think I ever saw you like this over Alex."

"But I loved Alex..." And then she had trailed off as she realised what she'd just admitted. Her feelings for Alex were gone. Not forgotten, not lost just...gone.

And you know, I really thought she'd take the plunge that night and admit her feelings to Wes -- but what with Steelix and everything, I guess she got side tracked.

Then Alex showed up and threw a wrench in the works. I could have killed him. But when he was saying goodbye to us on the beach there was...something about the way Jen said goodbye and told him it was OK.

For a week, I've been on the edge of my seat waiting for her to say it. But now -- crouched on the clock tower steps, I really think she's going to do it. Looking at Lucas and Trip, so do they.

She has to. She's got to.

"What I was trying to say..." she begins.

And then that DAMN door chime sounds. Some people's timing stinks so bad. Well, I've had enough of waiting for Jen to come to her senses. Lucas, Trip and I rush down the stairs and into the odd jobs shop to find the little guy from the gym demonstration yesterday.

"Hi," he says.

"Can we help you?" I ask, trying to be polite and wanting to wring the guy's scrawny neck.

"Uh yes. I'm looking to hire a personal trainer -- you know to lift some weights and stuff?"

Lucas glances at me. "We have just the people right here," he says.

Good boy, Lucas. "Absolutely," I agree.

"Not me!" Jen replies as she suddenly realises everyone else is looking at her.

"Me either!" Wes adds, putting his hands up to protest. "I've had enough weight lifting for one day."

Lucas gets round behind them both and starts pushing them forward. "But you guys love working out."


"I hate working out!"

"No... Lucas..."

It takes some doing, but between the three of us, we manage to get them both out of the door, along with the guy -- who looks a bit confused by the whole thing.

"You think they knew we were listening in?" Trip asks.

I shake my head. "I doubt it."

And we slowly trail back up to the attic knowing she's still not said it.