This is a Sequel to the Bubblegum Crisis 33 OVA´s. It ignores Bubblegum Crash. Not because I particularly dislike that series but because it don´t fit in Continuity with Crisis in the first place. So it will start in the year 2034. A few months after the end of the last Crisis OVA. I don´t own Bubblegum Crisis or anything connected to it. English is not my first language, so grammar-mistakes are possible.

Bubblegum Crisis 34

Part 1: First Strike

Chapter 1

January 2034

The town Youshihara, Okinawa Prefecture

09.00 o'clock AM

Five people made their way through the crowd on the market-place of the town Youshihara. The weekly market was in place and several merchants were offering their goods. Youshihara was a smaller town on the island Okinawa. A quite and peaceful place on the coast. It was in many ways the opposite of Mega-Tokyo. Things like mass-poverty and crime, that were flooding the large cities, were here an exception. And Boomer-crime was completely unknown. For this reason many people in the cities were emigrating to such smaller towns, if they had the chance. The five Newcomers were standing together in the middle of the place. They were just standing there and made no attempt to do anything to talk to anybody. A few people looked at them but nobody paid much attention. This men were obviously waiting for somebody they wanted to meet.

Without any warning the skin of all of them was bursting apart and showed blue´ ish steel underneath. Their underarms suddenly showed large guns, which were build into them. It were five Combat-Boomers. And without any warning, they were starting to shoot the people around them. Whoever is close to them is mercilessly cut down. The people are panicking and trying to run away. Everybody is trying to leave the place but at that time over dozens of other boomers come down from the sky. This ones have no human camouflage and are using their turbines to land directly in the town. They open fire in an instant. A young woman and her daughter, an old man, several teenagers and hundreds of others. They are all killed by machine-gun fire in the matter of a few minutes. And the boomers continue. Entire buildings were destroyed, one area after the other. Everybody.

11.35 o´clock AM

Nine helicopters of the of the Japanese army were nearing Youshihara.

"Mayor, can you tell us what exactly happened?" One of the soldiers asked.

"About an hour ago, we got an emergency call from this town, saying Boomers are attacking them. Then the connection was cut off"

"Boomers Sir?"

The soldiers are looking sceptical at the mayor. He can understand that. Boomers running amok is something usually happening in big Cities and not out here.

"We don´t know more either. We are here to investigate."

As they come close, the town before them is in ruins. Houses are burning. Nobody living can be seen. But then two boomers are blasting off from the ground. One of them is firing on one of the helicopters. It exploded.

"We are under attack!" The mayor was screaming.

The other helicopters were concentrating their fire on the boomer and destroyed it. It´s burning remains were falling to the ground. The second boomer was analysing the situation and decides to retreat.


January 2034, 13.00 o´clock PM

Macky Stingray was sitting on the couch in the living room and watching TV. Suddenly the normal program stopped and an announcer appeared on the monitor.

"Sis I think there is something going on", he called his sister.

"We have to under break the Program for breaking news from Okinawa. Today between 9 and 10 in the morning an attack happened in the town Youshihara. The small town seemed to be completely destroyed. So far were is no sign that anybody of the 30.073 inhabitants has survived. It seems to have been proofed so far that the attackers had been boomers…"

Sylia looked at the TV set. "Oh my god."

Bar "Hot Legs" at the same time

"Priss you have to see this." The singer was just preparing for her next performance. "What is it?" She asked her band members. "I hope for you that you are not bothering me for nothing." She took a look at the monitor and didn´t say anymore. On the other side of the bar sat Linna Yamazaki, who were not saying anything either.

"…The prime minister declared that the government will do everything possible to find the terrorists, who were responsible for this atrocity and he declared this day a national day of mourning."

After the report was finished, Priss, now sitting beside Linna, was the first to come to talk again. "Damn, I don´t believe it. Shit! Even the idiots from genom should be smarter than letting that happen."

"I think we should talk to Sylia about this", mentioned Linna.

AD Police-Office Mega-Tokyo

Leon Mc Nichols, Daley Wong, Nene Romanova, Jessica Kaneda and Chief Todo are starring at the news.

"God, that is terrible", Nene cried out. Leon puts an arm on her shoulder.

"I know."

Genom Tower, 13.10 o´clock PM

The chairman of the genom corporation Quincy was in his office. He was not happy. Quincy was one of the, if not the, most powerful man in the world. It rarely happened that he has a really bad day. This was a exception. Today over 30.000 people, innocent civilians were killed by boomers, boomers probably made by genom. He heard the bad news before they even appeared in the news. As if the image of his company wasn´t already bad enough. Good, even Quincy had to admit, some of that bad image was for good reasons. But something like that.

The only other person in the room was Kate Madigan, genom´s Information VP. She had right now the task to give the chairman the details of the latest disaster.

Quincy finally addressed her.

"What can you tell me Madigan? Is it sure that our products were responsible?"

"Unfortunately yes. We have examined the boomer, the military has shot down. It was a 55C Combat-Boomer." A Boomer build by genom. But she didn´t need to tell him that.

"It is a tragedy", the chairman said. "More than 30.000 innocent people died, who had done nothing and were no threat to anybody", he said in a sad tone. In the next moment his expression turned to steel. "This people had nothing to do with us. But we will still be blamed only because our products were involved. This is a disaster for genom."

"I am aware of that."

"We have to limit the damage and try to improve our image in public. You know that some of our executives have in the past ordered boomers to go loose in public to, let us say, get certain people out of their way and press their own ends."

Kate was surprised. Never spoke anybody in genom openly over things like that.

"I know Sir." She herself had done many things she was not exactly proud of. But so were things in genom.

"That has to end. We can no longer afford to let something like that happen."

"Sir?" Madigan knew that many executives, in first line Brian J. Mason, made their carrier in that way.

"We have to change our business policy. Madigan, we should always do what is the best for genom. Morals, Madigan, are always a matter of perspective. Our priority should be the well-being of the company."

Madigan stared at him. "Of course Sir."

"Search were the shot down Boomer came from. Madigan, find the one who is responsible for this."

"Yes Sir."